Types of Financial Aid


Financial Aid for Credit Programs


Generally, grants do not have to be repaid. They are awarded according to financial need. After you apply for financial aid and file the FAFSA or VASA, PVCC's Financial Aid Office will automatically determine if you qualify for grants and will indicate this in your financial aid award letter.

Commonwealth Grant (COMA)

State-funded grant that provides assistance if you are enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester, a resident of Virginia and demonstrate financial need. These funds are limited. You are automatically considered when we receive your FAFSA or VASA application. The maximum amount is the cost of tuition and fees. No additional application is needed.

Federal Pell Grant

Pell Grants are need-based federal student aid. Only undergraduate students who have not yet earned a bachelor's degree are eligible for this grant. The Pell Grant is awarded using your family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the FAFSA. Awards are also based on the number of credit hours you take. A minimum of 12 credit hours each semester is required to receive full eligibility, with prorated awards going to students with less than 12 credit hours. 

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

If you are enrolled in at least six credit hours per semester and demonstrate extreme financial need, you may be eligible for this grant. Preference is given to Pell Grant recipients with the lowest Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Part-time Tuition Assistance Program Grant (PTAP)

State-funded grant, which provides assistance if you enroll between one to eight credit hours per semester, a resident of Virginia and demonstrate financial need. The maximum award is the cost of tuition. This grant is normally awarded during the repackaging process that takes place after the end of the add/drop period when aid is based on actual enrollment. Initial aid packaging is based on projected full-time enrollment.

Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP)

VGAP awards range from $500 up to tuition, fees, and books available to undergraduate Virginia residents who graduated from high school with at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average. VGAP also has specific renewal requirements:

  • Completion of a FAFSA or VASA application and have financial need
  • Continued enrollment in a program leading to a degree or certificate 
  • Continued domiciliary residency in Virginia
  • Academic achievement of at least 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Maintain full-time status (at least 12 credit hours) each semester of the academic year
  • Maintain continuous enrollment (not counting summer sessions)
  • Remain a dependent student according to current federal regulations.

Other Types of Aid

In addition to Federal and State grants, completing the FAFSA allows us to determine your eligibility for several other financial aid programs. 

G3:Get Skilled, Get a Job, Get Ahead

The G3 initiative is designed to change lives! With G3, PVCC offers a variety of programs that “stack” to in-demand degrees, and prepare students for high-demand jobs. Through the program, eligible students pursuing jobs in high-demand fields can have tuition, fees, and books fully covered.

Find more information on the G3 program here: www.pvcc.edu/financialaid/G3 

PVCC4U100% Tuition Assistance

PVCC4U covers up to the full cost of tuition and fees for qualifying students. You may be covered...100%!

Find more information on the PVCC4U100% program here: www.pvcc.edu/pvcc4u100


The PVCC Educational Foundation offers over 100 scholarships each year. Scholarships come from a variety of sources, and unlike loans, do not have to be repaid. 

Effective December 1, 2020, there is no separate scholarship application. PVCC offers a one-step financial aid and scholarship assistance process. To be considered for any scholarship, financial aid or grants, you must complete a FAFSA application. Scholarships, along with financial aid and grants, will be awarded through the financial aid office to meet each student's tuition, fees and book needs.

Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program allows students to work part-time at PVCC and nonprofit organizations while attending college.

Learn more about the Work Study program here: www.pvcc.edu/work-study

Federal Student Loans

PVCC participates in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. Federal student loans may be a way to address a shortfall between the funds that you have and the funds that you will need. 

Learn more about the Federal Student Loan Program here: www.pvcc.edu/pay-for-pvcc/financial-aid/applying-loans

Virginia Alternative State Aid (VASA)

Students ineligible to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may now be eligible to complete the Virginia Alternative State Aid (VASA) application. The VASA aims to increase access and opportunity by extending eligibility to state-based aid to those ineligible for federal student aid. Examples of students who are ineligible for the FAFSA, but may qualify for the VASA are:

  • Nonimmigrants
  • Undocumented
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Financial Aid for Non-Credit Programs

Non-credit and workforce training classes are offered through the Workforce Services division: www.pvcc.edu/workforce


FastForward is a program helping Virginians get the high-demand jobs they want and the salaries they need. FastForward programs are short-term training courses offered through Virginia’s Community Colleges to help you fast-track your career. 

Learn more about the FastForward program here: www.pvcc.edu/workforce/funding

Financial Assistance for Noncredit Training that leads to Industry Credentials (FANTIC)

Financial Assistance for Noncredit Training that leads to Industry Credentials (FANTIC) provides funding for students who meet the eligibility requirements and are not eligible for other financial assistance. This financial assistance will pay for the first one-third of FastForward programs for qualified students.

Learn more about FANTIC here: www.pvcc.edu/fantic_2

VA Ready

VA Ready provides registered VA Ready Scholars a $1,000 Credential Achievement Award upon obtaining the final credential in selected training programs in the following sectors: computer and cyber, healthcare and manufacturing/skilled trades.

Learn more about VA Ready here: www.pvcc.edu/virginia-ready

Senior Citizen Tuition and Fee Waivers

You are entitled to a waiver of tuition for credit or noncredit classes at PVCC if you meet the following criteria:

  • Age 60 or older
  • Have been a legal Virginia resident for at least one year
  • If your income for the past taxable year did not exceed $23,850 as indicated on your state income tax form (applicable only for students taking a class on a graded basis)

This waiver does not cover expenses for instructional materials, including books and lab fees and other college costs. More information is available here: www.pvcc.edu/senior-citizens