Get Started

Steps to Career Success

1) Learn more about yourself via Career Assessments:

2) Learn more about career options that match your interests through watching career videos, taking related classes, participating in PVCC clubs or meet-ups, networking, finding a mentor and/or job shadowing experiences. Here are some good career/labor market resources:

3) Create your introduction/professional documents (resume, cover/thank you letters, LinkedIn, etc.) to help you land interviews/jobs.

4) Get experience through volunteering, interning or even temporary employment. These are easier ways to gain access to employers which often lead to long term employment.

  • Volunteering - search by area of interest on United Way
  • Interning - check out PVCC's site for listings and tips.
  • Temporary employment - check out UVA's listing of local agencies.
  • Job Searching - check out PVCC's site for listings and tips.

5) Decide whether your career target is a good fit. If not, consider repeating these steps since finding a great career path is often a process.