Tuition Refund

Refunds are processed only for classes that are canceled or classes that are dropped within the refund period as noted in PVCC's Academic Calendar. Refunds are processed the day after the posted refund date.

  • If you paid your tuition by credit card online, your refund will be credited back to the appropriate credit card.
  • If you paid your tuition by cash, check or credit card in person at the Cashier's Office, or are a financial aid student eligible for a refund, tuition refunds will be issued electronically to either by direct deposit (ACH) to a bank account or a paper check. A refund in the form of a paper check will only be issued if direct deposit is not selected.   
  • To set up your refund preference:
    • Go to
    • Log in to MyPVCC and click on SIS (Student Information System)
    • Select "My Student Information" tile
    • Under Finances, click Manage Refunds (You will be directed to Nelnet to complete your registration and refund preference).

Refunds are payable to the enrolled student and not the person who originally paid, if different from the student. The college is not responsible if a refund is seized by the state debt set-off program.  

Student Status Information for Award Year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019

  • Total number of students with a prepaid account that were enrolled during the award year--56
  • Mean amount of fees charged to students during the award year--$7.92
  • Median amount of fees charged to students during the award year--$6.00
  • Total invoice amount paid to TMS for the Refund program--$2,496.45

Please ensure that your student address is accurate and up to date. You can update it in the Student Information System (SIS) accessible through MyPVCC.

Refund for Special Circumstances

Requests for a refund/forgiveness of debt after the drop deadline (Census date) are exceptions to the VCCS policy. There is no refund after the Census date has passed except in special circumstances. Please review the PVCC Refund Policy for more information. 

Where is My Financial Aid Refund?

After the latest last day to drop a course with a refund, the PVCC Financial Aid Office begins a multi-step process to process aid and refunds for the semester. Listed below is a quick summary of those steps:

  1. Review and validate enrollment and confirm financial aid eligibility
  2. Send reports for authorization to the Department of Education
  3. Department of Education sends funds to the PVCC Business Office
  4. The Business Office applies funds to student accounts (to pay for tuition, fees, and books)
  5. Any remaining funds (the refunds) are sent to Nelnet
  6. Refunds are disbursed by Nelnet to students

This process repeats several times during the semester depending on the Last Day to Drop a Course With a Refund.