Work Study

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Work study allows students to work part-time at PVCC and nonprofit organizations while attending college. Participating in the work study program provides you with:

  1. A regular paycheck for college expenses and extra spending money
  2. The convenience of working on campus where you take classes
  3. Practical job experience to enhance your resume and marketability
  4. A unique behind-the-scenes look at the operations of a community college

Types of Jobs and Pay

Work-study students typically work 10 to 20 hours per week at PVCC. The current wage is $15 an hour, which is paid through federal funds earmarked for the program. Job placement depends upon available jobs at the College and student qualifications. Some approved off-campus jobs in area nonprofits are available for reading and math tutors. The rate of pay for these off-campus positions are a little higher.

How to Qualify

When you apply for financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will automatically determine if you qualify for work-study and if you do, this will be noted in the award letter that you receive from PVCC. You are not required to participate in work-study, although is it highly encouraged to help offset your college expenses and to enhance your resume and marketability in the future.

For Students

Students must complete the following:

  1. View work study positions on College Central Network.
  2. Prepare your resume and contact departments to schedule an interview. View sample resume.
  3. Complete Work Study Packet after you have obtained the position.  Coordinate your work study position with Lindy Mayo located in room M132 near the Student Success Office.

For Supervisors

Supervisors should read the guidelines below.

  1. Post work study positions on College Central Network or notify Career Services.
  2. The student must be awarded Federal Work Study and have received an official notification from the Financial Aid Office.
  3. The student and supervisor will complete the Student Appointment Form and have the student return the form to the Financial Aid Office for signature.
  4. The student will take the Student Appointment Form to Human Resources and receive the necessary forms to begin the payroll process.
  5. Prepare the student by suggesting they have several forms of identification as well as a form for setting up direct deposit. They must complete all forms from Human Resources before starting work.
  6. Due to the confidential nature, work study students will not have access to the PVCC Student Information System (SIS).