Report a Barrier

PVCC is committed to equal access and the civil rights of people with disabilities. Barriers to this access may include:

  • an inaccessible website
  • an inoperative elevator
  • a blocked access ramp
  • video without captions
  • other lack of access to an event or program

If you have encountered a barrier to access that is weather related or involves maintenance in a PVCC facility, please contact the Office Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services at (434) 961-5208 or complete the "Report a Barrier" online form.

For all other barriers, complete the form linked below. You may submit this form anonymously. If you do anonymously submit, you will not receive a confirmation of submission or subsequent follow-up information regarding the remediation efforts to remove the barrier.

We will confirm receipt of your report, route the information provided to the appropriate department based on the type of barrier selected, and send remediation information to your email address.

Submission of this form does not constitute a formal complaint, grievance, or request for academic or workplace accommodation. It intends to assist in identifying and addressing barriers to access. Thank you for helping in this endeavor.

Report a Barrier