Employer Services

PVCC provides a number of services to help area employers recruit qualified staff from among PVCC's many talented students / alumni. If you have questions about any of the services summarized below, contact PVCC's Career Services Office.

Job and Internship Postings

Use College Central Network, a FREE online recruiting service for employers to post job and internship opportunities. Students and community members have 24/7 access to your postings.  Or visit College Central Network's Consortium of Virginia Community Colleges to reach ten colleges with a single posting.  If interested in recruiting at multiple Virginia Community Colleges, visit HERE to find career services' contacts and the job listing services each use.  If you're interested in learning which community colleges might be best for you to recruit at considering the programs of study they offer, check out the Virginia Community College System program search. Visit HERE (with scrolling down to the College Locator) to find the community college in the geographic region of interest.

Another way to advertise at PVCC is through the job board, located in the Main Building near the Financial Aid Office. This space includes announcements about job fairs and regional recruiting events. If you want to post information on the job board and social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), email detailed information to the Career Services Office (a colorful flyer draws more attention on these resources). Students are emailed about local jobs and hiring events in the weekly eNewsletter

Virtual & On-Campus Recruiting

Prior to COVID, employers were welcome to recruit on-campus; until students can safely return to the classroom (anticipated for Fall 2021), PVCC's Career Services Office is happy to facilitate a virtual information session via Zoom or whatever tool you use.  Visit our YouTube channel if you would like to see some examples of these.  To arrange this, contact PVCC's Career Services Office. If you give us at least a week's notice, we can include your recruitment session in the weekly eNewsletter which all students receive.

Job Fairs 

Since 1983, PVCC has hosted an annual job fair on-campus every spring semester for all industries in Central Virginia. Check our Web site for dates and times.   

Internship Program 

Host an intern! Employers benefit from a pool of skilled applicants, lower recruitment costs and a structured career development program. Through PVCC's Internship Program, students integrate classroom study with related work experience in business, industry, government, nonprofits or professional associations.

PVCC promotes internships to all students. If your organization can afford to host a paid internship, you will receive a larger response as students tend to need the financial support.

If you would like to learn more about the internship program where students receive college credit, visit the internship page. College Central Network (CCN) internship postings are cross-posted to the internship page if they are cyclical. Email careers@pvcc.edu if you have questions.

Additional Community Resources

Network2Work @ PVCC is a program that works with community members to get the training and support to be successful in obtaining a full-time, self-sustaining career.  The staff can provide direct job seeker referrals for your openings.
UVA-based Resources:  Current Students, Alumni, Affiliates of UVA  

Career Services eNewsletter 

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