Department of Public Safety & Campus Police

Police car and PVCC main buildingPiedmont Virginia Community College considers the safety of the college community to be of paramount importance. The college is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and visitors. The PVCC police department employs a combination of police officers and security officers.

Campus police are sworn police officers employed by the college. The officers protect the campus community, which includes the faculty, students, and visitors to PVCC. Campus police officers function as enforcers of the law. Each officer meets the requirements of the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which grants police officers certification in the Commonwealth of Virginia. PVCC officers have the same authority as any police officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mission Statement

The mission of the PVCC Department of Public Safety and Campus Police is to provide for the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff, and the general public while on or in any property or facility owned or operated by the college. 

The department acts to prevent crime, protect property, preserve the peace, and enforce all federal, state, and local laws within its jurisdiction. In accomplishing this mission, department employees shall apply the law and policy in an equitable and consistent manner, maintain a customer-service orientation, and treat everyone with respect.


PVCC security officers are certified through the Department of Criminal Justice Services. These officers have the responsibility of enforcing campus parking regulations and assisting faculty, students, staff, and visitors with minor problems. The Security Office also acts as additional eyes and ears of the Police Department and is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment on the PVCC campus. This office is also the location for lost and found items. Students, faculty and staff may also obtain their IDs and parking permits inside the Security Office.

The office is located in the:
Main Building, Room 218
non-emergency number: 434.961.5300

Incident Report

For accidents, injuries, or incidents, please fill out a Maxient - Incident Report.

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