Academic Support Jobs

Academic Support Services employs part-time academic coaches, receptionists, and tutors in the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center. Part-time employees work 29 hours or less a week and earn a competitive wage. Federal Work Study employees work 20 hours or less a week and earn $15 an hour.

Academic Coaches and Tutors
Part-time coaches and tutors may work with students individually or in groups. Their responsibilities are customized to suit the unique needs of their student(s), but typically involve helping students comprehend complex concepts; offering guidance on assignments, projects, and homework; and fostering confidence in the subject(s) they are studying. Coaches and tutors encourage students to complete academic tasks by utilizing a range of resources, such as instructors, notes, peers, textbooks, and other materials. Coaching and tutoring services also aid students in prioritizing tasks, preparing for exams, and setting goals. In addition, these services facilitate deep learning and equip students with the skills they need to achieve success both during and after their college years.

  • Click here to apply (ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2023-2024 ACADEMIC YEAR).

Administrative Assistants and Receptionists 
Part-time administrative assistant and receptionists staff the front desk in the Tutoring Center or Writing Center. As the first point of contact for anyone entering the Tutoring Center or Writing Center, they greet and assists students, faculty, staff, and others. They complete office tasks; assist with special projects; and interact with students, faculty, and staff in person and online; and they use Chrome, Navigate, Outlook, Zoom, and other applications to complete daily tasks. Seeking administrative assistants and receptionists for fall 2023 and spring 2024. Priority given to Federal Work Study (FWS) recipients.

  • PVCC students click here to apply (ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2023-2024 ACADEMIC YEAR).

Writing Tutors
Part-time tutors offer writing assistance in any course as well as assistance with speech courses and presentations. Seeking tutors for the 2024-25 academic year.

Prospective communications, speech, and writing tutors:

  • Current PVCC students can apply at this link.
  • Click here to apply (ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2024-2025 ACADEMIC YEAR).

PVCC welcomes volunteers in the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center. Before volunteering as an academic coach or tutor, volunteers complete an application, interview, and one-day training program in late July or early August.

  • Contact Renee Eves to volunteer in the Tutoring Center.
  • Contact Jenny Koster to volunteer in the Writing Center.