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7th Grade Explore Careers Day

March, 2020

2019 KidsCollege Summer STEM & Arts Academies 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and Arts Enrichment Academies
offered at:

PVCC (rising 3rd-9th Grade) JUNE 10–AUGUST 9, 2019
CATEC (rising 7th-10th Grade) CATEC Summer Academies will begin again in June 2020.
Fluvanna (rising 1st-9th Grade) KidsCollege @ Fluvanna Summer 2020 dates: June 1-12, 2020.

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More than 30% of the students who attend Kids College receive scholarships. Our goal is that every child who wants to attend KidsCollege can without a financial burden. Your donation, in any amount, will benefit all of the children in our community.

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