F1 International Students

The International Club is just one of over 40 clubs at PVCC.

You will quickly feel at home in the multicultural student community at PVCC, and our International Club offers opportunities for academic and social interaction with fellow students from many different countries. PVCC is approved to enroll international students. F-1 students at PVCC are eligible to apply to most Associate Degree programs offered at the college. Students are eligible to apply if:
          ~They are in good academic standing at their current or previous college
          ~They are in good standing with their F1 visa
          ~They do not already have an Associate Degree or higher

How to Enroll as an International Student at PVCC (F-1 Visa)

If you are applying for an F-1 student visa, you will need a form I-20 from PVCC. To request an I-20, submit the following application materials by the deadlines listed below:

  1. Complete the online application. There is no fee. You will be given a student ID number at the end of the application. Write this student ID number on all your admission documents. 
  2. Complete and submit the F-1 Supplemental Application for I-20.
  3. Submit a notarized or certified statement verifying financial support. If you have a sponsor, please have the sponsor(s) complete and sign the second page of the F-1 Financial Statement Form.
  4. Submit bank statements verifying your financial support. Provide recent bank statements (dated no more than six months before the start of the semester for which you are applying) for yourself and/or your sponsor(s).  
  5. Submit qualifying scores for the TOEFL or IELTS if English is not your native language. See the 
    F-1 Supplemental Application for I-20 for other ways to meet this English proficiency requirement.
  6. Submit proof of completion of secondary education by providing evidence that you have completed the equivalent of a U.S. high school education. Please do not submit original documents, as those will not be returned to you. If your documentation is not in English, you need to submit an official English translation.
  7. Provide a copy of your passport ID page.
  8. Sign and submit the F1 Student Agreement Form.
  9. F-1 Transfer Students ONLY: Include a copy of your current I-20, the visa page from your passport, your latest I-94, unofficial copies of all college transcripts, and the Authorization of Release of Information for International Students filled out by your current college. Students must be in good academic standing with their current institution, and in good standing with their F1 visa to be considered. 
  10. Change of Status Students ONLY: Submit a copy of your current visa, current I-94 and any immigration documentation you have for your current status (ex. DS-2019 for J-1 status, I-797 for a previous change of status).

Process for Submitting Documents

Please submit documents by email to Shelley Smith at ssmith@pvcc.edu, or Vicky Stow at vstow@pvcc.edu. All documents must be submitted directly by the student. We are unable to accept documents from a third party such as a family member or sponsor.

Application Deadline:

We accept F1 students only in the Fall semester. June 1 is the deadline for both new and transfer students. 

The F1 office will begin processing applications for Fall 2025 in February, 2025. Please contact us then for more information.

PVCC will notify you of your acceptance to the College after we receive all your materials. After your documents are reviewed and you are determined to meet all the requirements, the I-20 will be issued. We will email your I-20 to you. 

If you are accepted and PVCC issues you a form I-20, you must maintain full-time student status by taking at least 12 credit hours each semester. English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework is considered supplemental instruction and will not count toward the required 12 credits needed for full-time.

If you come to the United States on a temporary or student visa, you are considered a non-resident for tuition purposes, regardless of your length of stay, payment of taxes or ownership of property. F-1 students are not eligible to establish in-state tuition rates.

PVCC is not a residential campus and students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. 

PVCC is located several miles outside the city of Charlottesville and served by limited public transportation. You will need to provide your own daily transportation.

If you have questions about studying at PVCC on an F-1 visa, please contact:

     Shelley Smith 
     (434) 961-5224

     Vicky Stow
     (434) 961-5450

Students with Other Visas

Any person with a visa other than an F-1 should follow the appropriate adult or high school student steps to enrollment. Students need to submit a copy of the visa to the Admissions & Advising Center. If the visa has expired, a copy of the receipt notice or a new visa must be submitted. If you have questions about studying at PVCC on another type of visa, please email the Admissions & Advising Center or call 434.961.6581.

Undocumented Students

It is the policy of PVCC to admit applicants even if they are not able to document their legal presence. Please contact the Admissions and Advising Office for guidance.  

International Transcripts

For international college credits to be considered as transfer credits to PVCC, first meet with an academic advisor. To proceed with the process, please refer to How to Have International Transcripts Evaluated.