For Faculty & Staff



PVCC's librarians are academic professionals with graduate degrees in library and information science as well as other disciplines (such as English, art, political science, history, etc.); as such, they are fully qualified to teach all aspects of research and information literacy. If you would like to partner with one of these professionals, the PVCC library offers two options: face-to-face instruction and embedded librarians. Please use the forms linked below to request these services. For procedures and guidelines, please see the Library Instruction playbook. 


Fair Use: Although the Jessup Library cannot provide legal advice, staff will assist you with understanding copyright and fair use and provide you with materials to make a fair use justification.  Please see our Copyright Playbook for more information.  Contact Library Services Director Crystal Newell with questions.

Open Educational Resources (OERs): If you wish to include OERs in your courses, visit the Open Educational Resources playbook for links to collections and information on licensing and attribution.  Contact Crystal Newell with any questions; she offers professional development and assistance with OERs.

Zero- and Low-Cost Course Designations Guidelines: Learn more about useful definitions and guidelines for faculty members interested in incorporating free material into their courses.  


Research Assistance: The Jessup Library extends the same research assistance to faculty that it does to students.  If you are working on a committee and need assistance with a literature review, or if you are working to have something published, library staff are available to help.

Customized Playbooks: The Jessup Playbooks offer targeted, customized support to students and faculty.  Playbooks can be tailored to a course, or preferably, to an assignment.  These playbooks serve as step-by-step guides to students as they work through reading, interpreting, and completing an assignment.  Contact Laura Skinner to find out how these guides can help your students.

Personal Librarian: Students often need consistent support throughout a semester as they progress from introductory material to mastery.  With a personal librarian, students in developmental, capstone, or "killer" courses work with a librarian throughout the semester on all aspects of information literacy and research.  Contact Laura Skinner for more information.


Reserves:  Faculty members may place books, folders, study guides, and videos on reserve for their classes.  Reserve items are kept at the circulation desk and may be checked out for use in the library.  There is a two-hour time limit on reserve items. The library does not renew or accept hold requests for reserve items.  Contact Rachael Huber for additional information. 

Collections: Bring your PVCC Employee ID to check out materials.  Most materials are checked out for 28 days with infinite renewals, provided no one else requests the item.  For more information, visit the Library Policies page.

Interlibrary Loan: If the library does not provide access to an item you need such as a book or article, then request it through Interlibrary Loan, a free service.  Submit your request online through our Interlibrary Loan Request form.


Purchase Requests: You are encouraged to recommend purchases for both print and electronic resources in your subject areas.  Submit your request online through our Library Resource Purchase Request Form.  Please obtain approval from your academic dean prior to submitting purchase requests.  Contact Crystal Newell for additional information.

Delivery via Courier: Faculty/staff members may request to have materials, including books owned by the library and Interlibrary Loan books, sent to another campus via courier.

UPS/Shipping: Work-related items can be shipped via UPS on your behalf.  FedEx shipping is the responsibility of the sender; the library does not ship or provide packaging for FedEx shipping. USPS packages may be taken by the sender to PVCC's mail center in the Business Office area.  For UPS shipping, please follow the guidelines below.


  • All materials that need to be shipped through UPS must be brought to the library by 2 p.m. to ensure that the package will be picked up for delivery.
  • If packages are brought to the library after 2 p.m. and must go out overnight, library staff will prepare a pouch and shipping label. The sender is responsible for taking the package to the UPS store.
  • There is no UPS pick-up on Friday while the College is on summer schedule. Any packages dropped off after 2 p.m. on Thursday or on Friday will be sent the following Monday.
  • The sender is responsible for filling out a shipping request form which provides details on how the package should be sent.

Packaging and Shipping:

  • The library only supplies 14.75" by 11" padded pouches for shipping. The library staff will ship items that require larger packaging, but will not locate larger pouches or boxes. This is the responsibility of the sender.
  • The library can ship packages ground service or overnight depending on the request of the sender. If the senders do not specify how they would like their materials shipped, the library staff will ship the package ground service.

Records and Delivery Receipts:

  • The library will retain records of UPS deliveries for three years. Neither the library nor UPS can retrieve records older than three years. For questions about records, contact Crystal Newell.
  • UPS only provides electronic delivery receipts. At the sender's request, the library can send an electronic delivery confirmation receipt.
  • Senders must include their phone number and email address when they leave a package with the library.

Incorrect Deliveries, Service Delays, and Package Damage:

  • To ensure that packages arrive correctly and without service delays, the sender should provide as much shipping information as possible, including: company name, name of a company contact, street address (UPS will not deliver to a PO Box), city, state, and a zip code. Including an email address and phone number for a company contact is not required by UPS, but is helpful to the UPS driver in case any issues with delivery occur.
  • If any service delays occur because a sender relays incorrect shipping information to library staff, it is the responsibility of that individual to contact UPS and ensure that the package is delivered to the correct address.
  • If any service delays occur because the library staff gave incorrect shipping information to UPS, then the library staff will work to correct the error by contacting UPS and ensuring that the package is delivered correctly.
  • Any service delays that occur due to circumstances beyond the library or UPS's control (inclement weather, etc.) should be handled by the sender contacting UPS.
  • UPS does not provide insurance for its packages, and the company's liability is limited to $100.00. If a package is damaged during delivery, it is the responsibility of the sender to contact UPS with complaints or concerns.