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Complete your 19-20 FAFSA today!
Need help? Attend our next Super Saturday Event on May 25. More details below.
The 19-20 FAFSA is valid for Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020.

Complete bookstore authorization SIS To-Do List item to charge books and supplies to financial aid

Financial Aid News



Do you need help completing the 2019-2020 FAFSA? The Financial Aid Office at Piedmont Virginia Community College hosts Super Saturdays, a bi-monthly workshop series that provides hands-on assistance completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Completing the FAFSA is the first step for students interested in obtaining federal student financial aid as well as many scholarships, especially those interested in attending college between August 2019 and August 2020. The 2019-2020 FAFSA is valid for Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020.


Bookstore Charges 

Use packaged Financial Aid to pay for books. Plan to purchase all books and supplies for late starting classes during this time. Visit your SIS Student Center or the Financial Aid Office for details. Complete and submit the PVCC Book Authorization To-Do List item via SIS Student Center before visiting the bookstore.

How To Apply For Financial Aid

  1. Apply to PVCC & choose a program of study.
  2. Create an FSA ID.
  3. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  4. Verify your Student Aid Report (SAR).
  5. Check the status of your FAFSA in 5-7 days of confirmation.
  6. Respond quickly.
  7. Review your award letter (sent via SIS Student Center).
  8. Enroll in classes.
  9. Purchase books. Books can be charged to your financial aid for Summer 2019 from May 14 - June 7, 2019. The last day to return books is June 7, 2019.
  10. For the summer semester, complete the Summer 2019 Financial Aid Form.
  11. Prepare for the next academic year.

How to Submit Financial Aid Forms

There are many ways to submit financial aid forms. 

  1. Submit forms directly to the financial aid office. We can give them a once over and you can ask us any questions about your account.
  2. Upload them online through the PVCC Support Website. Help is available 24/7. Log in using your PVCC credentials. Create Case to upload documents.
  3. Upload them via SIS Student Center. Not all documents can be uploaded using this method. Select the To Do List item in your SIS Student Center for more information.
  4. Scan forms to This may require additional equipment. We cannot accept pictures of documents.  
  5. Fax forms to 434.961.6557.


Federal Student Aid (FSA) announced last week that starting March 31, 2019, it will be implementing changes to the Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) process. Currently, students or their parents must enter the username attached to their FSA ID to log into their account.

  • Warn users who enter an email address domain type of .edu, .k12, .pvt, .tec, or .cc that they should include an email address to which they will not lose access (after graduation, etc.).

  • Remove the 18-month password update requirement. A password change will be required only after a security event.

  • Remove the requirement for special characters in an FSA ID password. However, we will allow additional special characters in the password field for users who wish to use special characters.

  • Warn users when their account is about to be locked. The warning will indicate how many log-in attempts remain.

Request a 2017 Tax Return Transcript for 19-20

Correction made: Mar. 12, 2019 Effective: Jan. 9, 2019 During the government furlough, we accepted signed copies of 2016 Tax Returns to process financial aid. To reduce the burden on students and families that have difficulty in obtaining documentation needed to verify their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information, PVCC financial aid office will continue to accept signed copies of 2016 and 2017 tax returns.  If you didn’t use the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT), used the IRS DRT and reported rollovers, or used the IRS DRT but also amended your tax return, PVCC may require you to submit an IRS tax return transcript or a signed copy of your income tax return as part of the verification process.  

  • Not everyone is eligible to use the IRS DRT, and the IRS DRT does not input all the financial information required on the FAFSA form. Therefore, you should have your 2016 or 2017 tax return and 2016 or 2017 IRS W-2 available for reference.
  • If you filed your taxes electronically (i.e., TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt or H&R Block), you may be required to pay to access your previous tax returns. Please contact them for more details.

PRO TIP: Sign, date and include your Student ID number on all documents that you submit to the financial aid office.