One stop financial aid and scholarships

PVCC offers a one-stop financial aid and scholarship assistance process. To be considered for any financial aid, grants or scholarships, you must complete a FAFSA application. Scholarships, along with financial aid and grants, will be selected through the financial aid office to meet each student's tuition, fees and book needs. There is no separate scholarship application.
The FAFSA application opened October 1, 2020. The application is located at  On your FAFSA, indicate "PVCC" as the institution you plan to attend for 2021-2022.

Financial Aid

Stay in contact with the Financial Aid Office during COVID-19

For questions and concerns view the Financial Aid Help Center page, send an email to, or call 434.961.6545.  

To schedule a Zoom video/voice call with a financial aid staff member for assistance with completing the FAFSA application, verification forms or summer aid application, email us at Please provide three dates and times you are available in your appointment request and an advisor will email you confirmation of the time of your appointment and link to your Zoom meeting.

Experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19 or other circumstances? You may be eligible for additional financial aid. Learn more.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid Refunds are processed after the last day to drop your latest starting class with a refund has passed. You can see this date (Last day to drop a course with a refund) on your class syllabus and on the PVCC Academic Calendar. This date is a starting date for the financial aid refund process. 

  1. Review and validate financial aid-eligible enrollment. 
  2. Send reports to the Department of Education for authorization.
  3. Department of Education sends funds to the PVCC Business Office.
  4. The Business Office applies funds to student accounts (to pay for tuition, fees, and books).
  5. Remaining funds (the refunds) are sent to the Tuition Management System (TMS).
  6. Refunds are disbursed by TMS to the student.