Voices of Adult Learners

27th annual Voices program cover

27th Annual Voices of Adult Learners (2023)

March 23, 2023, 6 p.m., at the V. Earl Dickinson building on the main PVCC campus. 

26th Annual Voices of Adult Learners (2022)

Hosted by: TJACE@PVCC 

Held March 17, 2022 at 6:30 pm at PVCC’s V. Earl Dickinson building. 

Voices of Adult Learners is a celebration bringing together adults from literacy, GED, and ESL education programs to share their compelling stories. Students enrolled in literacy and adult education programs have composed a variety of writings about everyday life, traditions, childhood and personal stories. This is an annual Virginia Festival of the Book  event. 

Please click on the links to read the stories and watch the videos (subtitles/closed caption available) of the winners for 2021. 

Dogwood Blooms

A Water Well
Written by Nang Lao, TJACE@PVCC student


Far From the Hotel
Written by Luke Dravo, TJACE@PVCC student


Like Mother Like Daughter
Written by Eun Young Cha, TJACE@PVCC student


My Second Hometown
Written by Gary Geng, TJACE@PVCC student


Dogwood Blooms

The Orange Life Vest
Written by Wendy, TJACE@PVCC student



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Crazy Animals 
Written by Eva Quezada, TJACE@PVCC student


How I Get Creative in My Hobby
Written by Inna Kostiuchyk, TJACE@PVCC student


My Karenni New Year's Tradition
Written by Cecilia Pomeh, TJACE@PVCC student


Dogwood Blooms

Shabe Yalda
Written by Fariba Paknejad, TJACE@PVCC student


What Is the Meaning of Country
Written by George Abudeeb, TJACE@PVCC student