Financial Aid Course Audit (FACA)

What is FACA?

FACA is a federal regulation stating that financial aid can only be used towards courses that are a part of a student's degree or certificate program. Courses outside of a student's program cannot be covered by financial aid. 

How do I check for FACA issues?

  1. Log in to your MyPVCC Student Account here:
  2. Enter the Student Information System (SIS)
  3. Select My Student Information. 
    • If you are on a mobile device, select Student Center after Step 3.
  4. Under the Finances section, select View Financial Aid
  5. Choose the current Aid Year. 
  6. Select View Course Eligibility for the current semester. 
  7. You should see something that looks like this:
    • Classes with a green check mark are eligible.
    • Classes with a red x are ineligible.

FACA Example






What do I do if one of my classes is ineligible?

First, you should make sure the class is a part of your degree or certificate program. Find your program here: and make sure the class is listed. 

If the class is not listed as a degree requirement, you should contact an academic advisor here: to go over your options. This may involve changing or adding a program, swapping the ineligible class for a required class, or choosing to pay for the ineligible class out of pocket. 

Sometimes, the system will not correctly recognize pre-requisite, Writing Intensive, Civic Engagement, or other required courses. If you believe this is the case, contact an academic advisor.