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Workforce Services provides programs for industry certifications, professional development and continuing education, youth career education and learning.

PVCC Workforce Services Winter Class Schedule
Winter Class Schedule

Upcoming Workforce Classes

Class Start Date End Date

Information Technology

CompTIA Security+ Jan. 16 Mar. 6
CompTIA A+ Feb. 15 Apr. 24
CompTIA Network+ May 5 July 10


EKG Technician (Hybrid Evening Class) Jan. 4 Feb. 24
Nurse Aide (English Language Learners - Hybrid Class) Jan. 19 May 10
Nurse Aide (Evening Class) Jan. 25 Apr. 9
Nurse Aide (Day Class) Jan. 26 Mar. 26
Phlebotomy Technician Feb. 15 Mar. 29
Clinical Medical Assistant (Hybrid Evening Class) Mar. 1 May 10


Commercial Driver's License  Mar. 01 Mar. 26
Commercial Driver's License  Mar. 29 Apr. 23
Commercial Driver's License  Apr. 26 May 21
Commercial Driver's License  May 24 June 18
Solar Technician Associate Boot Camp Feb. 15 Feb. 19
Solar Technician Associate Boot Camp May 3 May 7
Heavy Equipment Operator Level 1 Jan. 23 Mar. 14
Heavy Equipment Operator Level 1 Mar. 6 Apr. 18
Heavy Equipment Operator Level 2 Apr. 22 June 24
Introduction to Air Conditioning (Evening Class) Jan. 20 Mar. 4
Introduction to Air Conditioning (Day Class) Jan. 18 Mar. 2
Air Conditioning & Electrical Systems Troubleshooting Mar. 8 Apr. 27
Air Conditioning & Electrical Systems Troubleshooting Mar. 10 Apr. 29
Power Equipment Electrical Systems Mar. 2 Apr. 6
4-Stroke Engine Repair Certification Jan. 25 Feb. 17
2-Stroke Engine Repair Certification Feb. 22 Mar. 10
Compact Diesel Engine Repair Mar. 15 Apr. 21
Basic Certified Welder Jan. 5 Feb. 3
Basic Certified Welder (Weekend Classes) Jan. 9 Apr. 4
Basic Certified Welder Feb. 9 Mar. 10
Certified Pipe Welding Jan. 2 June 27
GMAW Welding Certification Jan. 5 Jan. 26
GMAW Welding Certification Feb. 2 Feb. 23
GMAW Welding Certification (Weekend Classes) Jan. 6 Apr. 4

Financial Assistance 


To register for Commerical Driver's License (CDL) classes, call 434.987.5369 to set up an interview. 

All prospective Healthcare Program class students are required to attend a Healthcare Pre-Enrollment Information Session prior to class enrollment. 

For all other programs, register online. 

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 UAS Conference has been cancelled. 
The dates for the 2022 conference will be announced on this website in April 2021.

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