High School Flex—High School Your Way! (GED or NEDP)

How Can I Get My High School Diploma If I Didn't Graduate From High School?

In Virginia, an adult who did not complete high school can earn a diploma in two ways: by passing the GED® test or completing the National External Diploma Program (NEDP).

How do I get started?


Sign up for an Assessment session. Assessments are required for new students. Call 434.961.5461 to schedule an assessment.

Registration for summer 2024 will open June 10, at 8:30 a.m. Students must register in person at the Adult Learning Center (ALC) at IX Art Park. All summer session classes are FREE, except the National External Diploma Program (NEDP), which is $50. Students must register in person at the Adult Learning Center (ALC) at IX Art Park. 

GED® Classes for Free

High School Flex gives you options to complete high school your way. You can choose the subjects you need: math, social studies, science, and reasoning through language arts. Choose your subject:  Math, Science, Social Studies or English/Language Arts. Math, Reading/Language Arts and Science have both in-person and online scheduled zoom class options. Social Studies is offered as online scheduled Zoom classes. The Learning Labs for Science and Social Studies are open to all GED students. GED to Go! Self-study allows you to set your own schedule and work at your own pace. You must attend an onboarding session to enroll in GED to Go! Students must have a computer or laptop, reliable internet access, and the ability to log in several times a week to complete the course work and attend class. 

Zoom classes are held in multiple locations in order to make them accessible to adults across the region. Face-to-face classes may be available in Fluvanna and Louisa Counties. Check the current catalog for classes near you. If you have questions about where a specific class is held, contact us at 434.961.5461 or tjace@pvcc.edu.

Self-Study with GED® to Go!

What Is GED® To Go?

If you need help earning your GED®, and cannot attend classes, then the GED® to Go! Program is for you.

GED® to Go! is a flexible online learning option that fits your busy schedule, providing online access to GED® classes that will prepare you to successfully take—and pass—the GED® test.

A GraduateNational External Diploma Program (NEDP) Online Classes

What Is The NEDP?

The NEDP is an online, self-paced program that allows you to use the skills you have gained from life and work experience to demonstrate your reading, writing, and math skills at the high school level. This online program for adults offers the flexibility to earn a diploma even if you’re employed full-time or in job training. Students must be self-motivated and learn independently, as there is no instructional component. Student work is reviewed through one-to-one appointments with trained assessment staff. There is a minimum score needed to qualify for this program. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is $50 to participate. Partial scholarships are available.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Diploma?

The time needed for students to prepare for the external diploma program will vary according to skill level, motivation, and commitment. On average, it takes six to 12 months to complete the NEDP Program.

How Do I Register?

Contact Debbie Tuler at 434.961.5467 or dtuler@pvcc.edu.

Preparing For The GED®

What Is The GED® Test?

The GED® test measures a student’s educational level on a variety of core subjects in a computer-based assessment. By passing the GED® test, students are demonstrating that they have the same academic knowledge as a typical high school graduate.

Adult EducationWhat Is The GED® Test Like?

The computer-based GED® test has four subject areas: mathematics, reasoning through language arts, science, and social studies. Each subject tests your skills and knowledge in these four areas. Questions are a combination of multiple-choice, “drag and drop,” fill in the blank, short answer, and extended response. 

A minimum score of 145 must be earned on each section to earn a GED® Certificate. The cost is $30 per section or all four parts of the test for $120. Each section is scheduled separately at an official state testing center and paid for on the www.ged.com website. TJACE@PVCC students can earn free GED® test vouchers after meeting attendance requirements and passing the GED® Ready tests.

What Types Of GED® Classes Are Offered At TJACE@PVCC?

TJACE@PVCC offers GED®/Core Skills Training classes online through your computer. These classes help students focus on improving skills in reading, writing, and math as they prepare for success on the GED® test. Instruction includes the GED® subject areas—math, science, social studies, and language arts, as well as computer and job skills. Check the catalog for current classes.

What Do I Need To Do To Take Part In GED® Classes?

You will need to have access to a computer and the Internet, basic computer skills, and be able to devote a minimum of six hours per week to the program.

How Much Does It Cost?

GED classes are free.

How Do I Register?

Call at 434.961.5461 to get started.

Ready to take the GED® Test?

Once you have completed your GED® and Core Skills Preparation Classes at TJACE@PVCC, you are ready to take the GED® test Visit www.ged.com

“I came into the classroom not knowing a thing about polynomials or quadratic equations, but I was determined to further my education and get a better job. I am here before you as a GED® Graduate.” — Briana Crispin, 2016

4Work LogoWe are excited to announce a new career pathways class designed to help adult learners gain skills and experience sought by employers. The free 4Work class is for adults who are seeking employment and need to develop the following four skills required for work: customer service, work communications, core academic skills (reading, writing, math), and basic computer skills. Students can also earn the industry-recognized Retail Fundamentals certification from the National Retail Federation. English language learners and those seeking a GED are encouraged to enroll. For more information and enrollment requirements for 4Work, contact Rebecca "Becky" Payton, Adult Career Coach, at rpayton@pvcc.edu.



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