New Books List

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Lazari-Radek, Katarzyna de Utilitarianism: a very short introduction B843 .L39 2017
Kotler, Steven Stealing fire: how Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALS, and maverick scientists are revolutionizing the way we live and work BF1045.A48 K68 2017
Gasser, Erika Vexed with devils: manhood and witchcraft in Old and New England BF1555 .G37 2017
Davies, Owen The Oxford illustrated history of witchcraft and magic BF1566 .O94 2017
Prothero, Donald R. UFOs, chemtrails, and aliens: what science says BF2050 .P76 2017
Gunatillake, Rohan Modern mindfulness: how to be more relaxed, focused, and kind while living in a fast, digital, always-on world BF321 .G86 2017
Wilson, Edward O. The origins of creativity BF408 .W554 2017
Flanders, Cait The year of less: how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life is worth more than anything you can buy in a store BF503 .F53 2018
Rankin, Lissa The fear cure: cultivating courage as medicine for the body, mind, and soul BF575.F2 R36 2015
Sukel, Kayt The art of risk: the new science of courage, caution, & chance BF637.R57 S85 2016
Sharot, Tali The influential mind: what the brain reveals about our power to change others BF774 .S53 2017
Lombard, Jay The mind of God: neuroscience, faith, and a search for the soul BL255 .L66 2017
Berry, Damon T. Blood and faith: Christianity in American white nationalism BR516 .B397 2017
Greenblatt, Stephen The rise and fall of Adam and Eve BS1237 .G74 2017
Barnstone, Willis Poets of the Bible: from Solomon's Song of Songs to John's Book of Revelation BS391.3 .B38 2017
Römer, Thomas The invention of God BS680.G57 R6613 2015
Smith, Gary Scott Heaven in the American imagination BT846.3 .S65 2011
Hollinger, David A. Protestants abroad: how missionaries tried to change the world but changed America BV2410 .H65 2017
Silverblatt, Irene Modern Inquisitions: Peru and the colonial origins of the civilized world BX1740.P5 S55 2004
Emling, Shelley Setting the world on fire: the brief, astonishing life of St. Catherine of Siena BX4700.C4 E45 2016
Gates, Henry Louis 100 amazing facts about the Negro CB235 .G39 2017
Crofton, Ian The little book of big history: the story of the universe, human civilization, and everything in between D23 .C76 2017
Fagone, Jason The woman who smashed codes: a true story of love, spies, and the unlikely heroine who outwitted America's enemies D639.C75 F34 2017
Nagorski, Andrew The Nazi hunters D803 .N34 2016
Matloff, Judith No friends but the mountains: dispatches from the world's violent highlands D862.5 .M38 2017
Rady, Martyn C. The Habsburg empire: a very short introduction DB36.3.H3 R33 2017
Engel, Barbara Alpern Russia in world history DK40 .E58 2015
Halperin, Charles J. Russia and the Golden Horde: the Mongol impact on medieval Russian history DK90 .H28 1985
Fernández-Morera, Darío The myth of the Andalusian paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic rule in medieval Spain DP302.A5 F47 2016
Herzog, Tamar Frontiers of possession: Spain and Portugal in Europe and the Americas DP84 .H47 2015
Myers, David N. Jewish history: a very short introduction DS117 .M94 2017
Weitzman, Steven The origin of the Jews: the quest for roots in a rootless age DS121 .W46 2017
Coll, Steve Directorate S: the C.I.A. and America's secret wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan DS371.412 .C64 2018
Jones, Howard My Lai: Vietnam, 1968, and the descent into darkness DS557.8.M9 J77 2017
Solomon, Jay The Iran wars: spy games, bank battles, and the secret deals that reshaped the Middle East DS63.2.I68 S65 2016
Pearlman, Wendy We crossed a bridge and it trembled: voices from Syria DS98.6 .P43 2017
Romer, John A history of ancient Egypt. Volume 1: from the first farmers to the Great Pyramid DT83 .R66 2013 vol. 1
Romer, John A history of ancient Egypt. Volume 2: from the Great Pyramid to the fall of the Middle Kingdom DT83 .R66 2017 vol. 2
Finder, Henry The 50s: the story of a decade E169.12 .A187 2015
Mercier, Laurie Using oral history in community history projects E180.5 .L38 2007
Gregory, Dick Defining moments in Black history: reading between the lies E185 .G759 2017
Kukla, Jon Patrick Henry: champion of liberty E302.6.H5 K86 2017
Dunbar, Erica Armstrong Never caught: the Washingtons' relentless pursuit of their runaway slave, Ona Judge E444 .D86 2017
Peck, Graham A. Making an antislavery nation: Lincoln, Douglas, and the battle over freedom E449 .P39 2017
Ayers, Edward L. The thin light of freedom: the Civil War and emancipation in the heart of America E470.3 .A94 2017
White, Richard The Republic for which it stands: the United States during Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865-1896 E668 .W58 2017
Merry, Robert W. President McKinley: architect of the American century E711.6 .M54 2017
Wolff, Michael Fire and fury: inside the Trump White House E913 .W65 2018
Sherman, Sean The Sioux Chef's indigenous kitchen E98.F7 S54 2017
Colwell, Chip Plundered skulls and stolen spirits: inside the fight to reclaim native America's culture E98.M34 C65 2017
Lockhart, James The Nahuas after the conquest: a social and cultural history of the Indians of central Mexico, sixteenth through eighteenth centuries F1221.N3 L63 1992
Hamnett, Brian R. Roots of insurgency: Mexican regions, 1750-1824 F1229 .H36 2002
Clendinnen, Inga Ambivalent conquests: Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570 F1376 .C55 2003
Chasteen, John Charles Americanos: Latin America's struggle for independence F1412 .C48 2009
Rappaport, Joanne The disappearing mestizo: configuring difference in the colonial new kingdom of Granada F1412 .R37 2014
Matthew, Laura E. Memories of conquest: becoming Mexicano in colonial Guatemala F1465.1.C57 M37 2012
Fuente, Alejandro de la Havana and the Atlantic in the sixteenth century F1799.H357 F84 2008
Mills, Kenneth Idolatry and its enemies: colonial Andean religion and extirpation, 1640-1750 F2230.2.K4 M56 1997
Davis, Jack E. The Gulf: the making of an American sea F296 .D38 2017
Scott, Heidi V. Contested territory: mapping Peru in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries F3442 .S36 2009
Wernke, Steven A. Negotiated settlements: Andean communities and landscapes under Inka and Spanish colonialism F3451.A5 W47 2013
Hamilton, Mary Trials of the earth: the true story of a pioneer woman F347.M6 H36 2016
Berlin, Leslie Troublemakers: Silicon Valley's coming of age F868.S25 B47 2017
Mack, Doug The Not-Quite States of America: dispatches from the territories and other far-flung outposts of the USA F965 .M33 2017
Stow, D. A. V. Oceans: a very short introduction GC11.2 .S758 2017
Montillo, Roseanne Fire on the track: Betty Robinson and the triumph of the early Olympic women GV1061.15.R62 M66 2017
Verducci, Tom The Cubs way: the zen of building the best team in baseball and breaking the curse GV875.C6 V47 2017
Abrams, Jonathan P. D. Boys among men: how the prep-to-pro generation redefined the NBA and sparked a basketball revolution GV885.514 .A37 2016
King, Mervyn A. The end of alchemy: money, banking, and the future of the global economy HB501 .K46888 2016
Goldstein, Amy Janesville: an American story HC108.J36 G65 2018
Larson, Brooke Cochabamba, 1550-1900: colonialism and agrarian transformation in Bolivia HD1870.C62 L37 1998
Rogers, David L. The digital transformation playbook: rethink your business for the digital age HD45 .R6335 2016
Jones, Robert Branding: a very short introduction HD69.B7 J66 2017
Millstone, Erik The atlas of food: who eats what, where, and why HD9000.5 .M52 2013
Schwartz, Stuart B. Sugar plantations in the formation of Brazilian society: Bahia, 1550-1835 HD9114.B7 B347 1985
Knight, Philip H. Shoe dog: a memoir by the creator of Nike HD9992.U52 K555 2016
Galloway, Scott The four: the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google HD9999.I492 G35 2017
Flaum, Sander A. Boost your career: how to make an impact, get recognized, and build the career you want HF5381 .F5948 2017
Parker, Geoffrey Platform revolution: how networked markets are transforming the economy and how to make them work for you HF5415.1265 .P3674 2016
Einstein, Mara Advertising: what everyone needs to know HF5821 .E395 2017
Essex, Andrew The end of advertising: why it had to die, and the creative resurrection to come HF5823 .E88 2017
Abramsky, Sasha Jumping at shadows: the triumph of fear and the end of the American dream HM1041 .A27 2017
Tashiro, Ty Awkward: the science of why we're socially awkward and why that's awesome HM1111 .T37 2017
Harrison, Guy P. Think before you like: social media's effect on the brain and the tools you need to navigate your newsfeed HM742 .H378 2017
Colier, Nancy The power of off: the mindful way to stay sane in a virtual world HM851 .C635 2017
Cowen, Tyler The complacent class: the self-defeating quest for the American dream HN90.S65 C69 2017
Hagerty, Barbara Bradley Life reimagined: the science, art, and opportunity of midlife HQ1059.4 .H324 2017
Sciacca, Christine Illuminating women in the medieval world HQ1143 .S35 2017
Lieberman, Hallie Buzz: the stimulating history of the sex toy HQ31.5.D55 L54 2017
Donath, Orna Regretting motherhood: a study HQ759 .D63813 2017
Sengupta, Somini The end of karma: hope and fury among India's young HQ799.I5 S46 2016
Ferrer, Ada Freedom's mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the age of revolution HT1076 .F47 2014
Pacelle, Wayne The humane economy: how innovators and enlightened consumers are transforming the lives of animals HV4708 .P33 2016
Habila, Helon The Chibok Girls: the Boko Haram kidnappings and Islamic militancy in Nigeria HV6433.N6 H33 2016
Pitch, Anthony The last lynching: how a gruesome mass murder rocked a small Georgia town HV6465.G4 P58 2016
Hesse, Monica American fire: love, arson, and life in a vanishing land HV6638.5.U6 H47 2017
Campisi, Charles Blue on blue: an insider's story of good cops catching bad cops HV7936.C85 C36 2017
Enss, Chris The Pinks: the first women detectives, operatives, and spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency HV8083.A3 E57 2017
Butler, Paul Chokehold: policing black men HV8141 .B88 2017
Jackson, Thomas Policing Ferguson, policing America: what really happened -- and what the country can learn from it HV8148.F47 J33 2017
Taibbi, Matt I can't breathe: a killing on Bay Street HV8148.N52 T35 2017
Burton, Susan Becoming Ms. Burton: from prison to recovery to leading the fight for incarcerated women HV9468.B87 A3 2017
Rice, Condoleezza Democracy: stories from the long road to freedom JC421 .R49 2017
Levitsky, Steven How democracies die JC423 .L4855 2018
Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri We know all about you: the story of surveillance in Britain and America JK468.I6 J4545 2017
Green, Joshua Devil's bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the storming of the presidency JK526 2016 .G74 2017
Francis, Leslie Privacy: what everyone needs to know KF1262 .F73 2017
Neuenschwander, John A. A guide to oral history and the law KF390.O7 N48 2014
Spiro, Peter J. At home in two countries: the past and future of dual citizenship KF4719 .S65 2016
Barron, David J. Waging war: the clash between presidents and Congress, 1776 to ISIS KF5060 .B37 2016
Sunstein, Cass R. Impeachment: a citizen's guide KF5075 .S84 2017
Bray, Chris Court-martial: how military justice has shaped America from the revolution to 9/11 and beyond KF7625 .B73 2016
Stone, Geoffrey R. Sex and the constitution: sex, religion, and law from America's origins to the twenty-first century KF9325 .S76 2017
Godsey, Mark Blind injustice: a former prosecutor exposes the psychology and politics of wrongful convictions KF9756 .G63 2017
Fisher, Douglas Engagement by design: creating learning environments where students thrive LB1033 .F53 2018
Grigoriadis, Vanessa Blurred lines: rethinking sex, power, and consent on campus LB2345.3.R37 G75 2017
Baker, Colin Foundations of bilingual education and bilingualism LC3715 .B35 2017
Powers, Ann Good booty: love and sex, black & white, body and soul in American music ML3477 .P69 2017
Springsteen, Bruce Born to run ML420.S77 A3 2016
Barringer, Judith M. The art and archaeology of ancient Greece N5630 .B27 2014
Taylor, John Russell Exactitude: hyperrealist art today N6494.P42 T39 2009
Isaacson, Walter Leonardo da Vinci N6923.L33 I827 2017
Aciman, André Call me by your name Nook Aciman
Black, Holly The cruel prince Nook Black vol. 1
Cass, Kiera The Selection Nook Cass vol. 1
Cass, Kiera The Elite Nook Cass vol. 2
Cass, Kiera The one Nook Cass vol. 3
Cass, Kiera The heir Nook Cass vol. 4
Cass, Kiera The crown Nook Cass vol. 5
Clare, Cassandra Lady midnight Nook Clare vol. 1
Guillory, Jasmine The wedding date Nook Guillory
Pierce, Tamora Tempests and slaughter: a Tortall legend  Nook Pierce vol. 1
Weber, Carl The family business Nook Weber vol. 1
Weber, Carl The family business 2 Nook Weber vol. 2
Weber, Carl The family business 3 Nook Weber vol. 3
Weber, Carl The family business 4 Nook Weber vol. 4
Baker, Colin A parents' and teachers' guide to bilingualism P115 .B346 2014
Brown, Laura How to write anything: a complete guide PE1408 .B8573 2014
Lyons, M. C. Tales of the marvellous and news of the strange PJ7694.E8 T35 2015
Gooch, Brad Rumi's secret: the life of the Sufi poet of love PK6482 .G66 2017
Kyncl, Robert Streampunks: YouTube and the rebels remaking media PN1992.927.Y68 K96 2017
Alderman, Naomi The power: a novel Popular Alderman
Benjamin, Chloe The immortalists Popular Benjamin
Brooks, A.J. Mendez Crazy is my superpower:  how I triumphed by breaking bones, breaking hearts, and breaking the rules Popular Brooks
Gyasi, Yaa Homegoing Popular Gyasi
Evanovich, Janet Hardcore twenty-four: a Stephanie Plum novel Popular J. Evanovich vol. 24
Jones, Tayari An American marriage: a novel Popular Jones
Koontz, Dean R. The silent corner: a novel of suspense Popular Koontz vol. 1
Koontz, Dean R. The whispering room: a Jane Hawk novel Popular Koontz vol. 2
Moyes, Jojo Still me Popular Moyes
Roberts, Nora Year one Popular Roberts vol. 1
Shakespeare, William Hamlet PR2807 .A25 2003
Lambert, Andrew Crusoe's island: a rich and curious history of pirates, castaways and madness PR3403.L363 2017
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Frankenstein, or, the modern Prometheus: annotated for scientists, engineers, and creators of all kinds PR5397 .F7 2017
Walls, Laura Dassow Henry David Thoreau: a life PS3053 .W28 2017
Caldwell, Erskine Tobacco road PS3505.A322 T6 2014
Brown, David S. Paradise lost: a life of F. Scott Fitzgerald PS3511.I9 Z5589 2017
Stegner, Wallace Joe Hill: a biographical novel PS3537.T316 P7 2018
McCarthy, Cormac Suttree PS3563.A258 S9 1992
Tan, Amy Where the past begins: a writer's memoir PS3570.A48 Z46 2017
Morrison, Toni The origin of others PS374.R32 M67 2017
Vonnegut, Kurt Jailbird: a novel PZ4.V948 Jai
Morus, Iwan Rhys The Oxford illustrated history of science Q125 .O94 2017
Schillace, Brandy Clockwork futures: the science of steampunk and the reinvention of the modern world Q126 .S35 2017
Baron, David American eclipse: a nation's epic race to catch the shadow of the moon and win the glory of the world Q127.U6 B2755 2017
Dawkins, Richard Science in the soul: selected writings of a passionate rationalist Q175 .D325 2017
St. Laurent, Simon Introducing Elixir: getting started in functional programming QA76.73.E44 S82 2017
Ornbo, George Sams teach yourself Go in 24 hours: next generation systems programming with Golang QA76.73.G63 O76 2018
Miles, Rob S. Begin to code with Python QA76.73.P98 M51 2018
Mueller, John Beginning programming with Python / QA76.73.P98 M839 2018
Feiler, Jesse Swift for dummies QA76.73.S95 F45 2015
Bloch, Joshua Effective Java QA76.76.B5634 2018
Dooley, John F. Software development, design and coding: with patterns, debugging, unit testing, and refactoring QA76.76.D665 2017
Sobell, Mark G. A practical guide to Linux commands, editors, and shell programming QA76.76.O63 S59483 2018
Taylor, Dave Sams teach yourself Unix in 24 hours QA76.76.O63 T39 2016
Gookin, Dan Android phones & tablets QA76.774.A53 G66 2018
McFedries, Paul Teach yourself visually macOS High Sierra QA76.774.M33 M33 2018
Pogue, David MacOS High Sierra: the missing manual QA76.774.M33 P56 2018
Neuburg, Matt Programming iOS 11 QA76.774.N483 2018
Nemeth, Evi UNIX and Linux system administration handbook QA76.774.U64 N46 2018
Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth Everybody lies: big data, new data, and what the Internet can tell us about who we really are QA76.9.D343 S68515 2017
Stewart, Ian Infinity: a very short introduction QA9 .S756 2017
Lanza, R. P. Beyond biocentrism: rethinking time, space, consciousness, and the illusion of death QB209 .L36 2016
Nataraj, Nirmala The planets: photographs from the archives of NASA QB501.2 .N38 2017
Aveni, Anthony F. In the shadow of the moon: the science, magic, and mystery of solar eclipses QB541 .A84 2017
Raymer, Michael G. Quantum physics: what everyone needs to know QC174.12 .R387 2017
Chown, Marcus The ascent of gravity: the quest to understand the force that explains everything QC178 .C458 2017
Palmer, Paul I. The atmosphere: a very short introduction QC861.3 .P35 2017
Brannen, Peter The ends of the world: volcanic apocalypses, lethal oceans, and our quest to understand Earth's past mass extinctions QE721.2.E97 B73 2017
McKay, John J. Discovering the mammoth: a tale of giants, unicorns, ivory, and the birth of a new science QE882.P8 M394 2017
Carroll, Sean B. The Serengeti rules: the quest to discover how life works and why it matters QH501 .C376 2016
Chandar, Nalini Cell and molecular biology QH581.2 .C47 2019
Wilcox, Christie Venomous: how earth's deadliest creatures mastered biochemistry QL100 .W55 2016
Prum, Richard O. The evolution of beauty: how Darwin's forgotten theory of mate choice shapes the animal world-- and us QL761 .P744 2017
Verdolin, Jennifer L. Raised by animals: the surprising new science of animal family dynamics QL762 .V47 2017
Katz, Jon Talking to animals: how you can understand animals and they can understand you QL776 .K38 2017
Berns, Gregory What it's like to be a dog: and other adventures in animal neuroscience QL785 .B414 2017
Hansen, John T. Netter's clinical anatomy QM31 .N48 2018
Levy, Joel How food works QP141 .H67 2017
Dolnick, Edward Seeds of life: from Aristotle to Da Vinci, from sharks' teeth to frogs' pants, the long and strange quest to discover where babies come from QP251 .D59 2017
Sacks, Oliver The river of consciousness QP411 .S23 2017
Ryan, Kenneth J. Sherris medical microbiology QR46 .M473 2018
Woodruff, David W. Medical terminology made incredibly easy! R123.M394 2018
Wachter, Robert M. Understanding patient safety  R729.8 .W335 2018
Olson, Kent R. Poisoning & drug overdose RA1215 .P64 2018
Gorman, Sara E. Denying to the grave: why we ignore the facts that will save us RA418 .G64 2017
Lemery, Jay Enviromedics: the impact of climate change on human health RA566 .L46 2017
Silbergeld, Ellen K. Chickenizing farms & food: how industrial meat production endangers workers, animals, and consumers RA601 .S58 2016
Oshinsky, David M. Bellevue: three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America's most storied hospital RA982.N5 B525 2016
Boddice, Rob Pain: a very short introduction RB127 .B62 2017
Orchard, Guy Histopathology RB25 .H57 2018
Larsen, Pamala D. Lubkin's chronic illness: impact and intervention RC108 .C458 2019
Hayes, Teresa G. Handbook of prostate cancer and other genitourinary malignancies RC280.P7 2017
Armitage, Alex A practical guide to Parkinson's disease: diagnosis and management RC382 .P73 2018
Dittrich, Luke Patient H.M.: a story of memory, madness and family secrets RC394.A5 D57 2016
Boyd, M. Psychiatric nursing: contemporary practice RC440 .P749 2018
Neighbors, Marianne Human diseases RC46 .N44 2019
Allison, Helen Stay, breathe with me: the gift of compassionate medicine RC48 .A46 2016
Jebelli, Joseph In pursuit of memory: the fight against Alzheimer's RC523.2 .J43 2017
Begley, Sharon Can't just stop: an investigation of compulsions RC533 .B446 2017
Miller, Merry Noel Finding your emotional balance: a guide for women RC537 .M545 2015
Baldwin, Robert C. Depression in later life RC537.5 .B36 2014
Senator, Susan Autism adulthood: strategies and insights for a fulfilling life RC553.A88 S46 2016
Fagan, Kate What made Maddy run: the secret struggles and tragic death of an all-American teen RC569 .F34 2017
Lamb, Jonathan Scurvy: the disease of discovery RC627.S36 L36 2017
Collins, R. Douglas Differential diagnosis and treatment in primary care RC71.5 .C62 2018
Bickley, Lynn S. Bates' guide to physical examination and history taking RC76 .B378 2017
Campo, Theresa M. Medical imaging for the health care provider: practical radiograph interpretation RC78.7.D53 C35 2017
Lerma, Edgar V. Current diagnosis & treatment: nephrology & hypertension RC902 .C87 2018
Slachta, Patricia A. Wound care facts made incredibly quick! RD93.95 .S5334 2018
Abramowicz, Jacques S. Fleischer's sonography in obstetrics and gynecology RG527.5.U48 S66 2018
Hadaway, Lynn C. Infusion therapy made incredibly easy! RM170 .I25 2018
Brenner, George M. Pharmacology RM300 .B7466 2018
Kamienski, Mary Pharmacology demystified  RM301.12 .K36 2017
Katzung, Bertram G. Basic & clinical pharmacology RM301.28 .B38 2018
Fine, Aubrey H. Handbook on animal-assisted therapy: foundations and guidelines for animal-assisted interventions RM931.A65 H36 2015
Hinkle, Janice L. Brunner & Suddarth's textbook of medical-surgical nursing RT41 .T46 2018
Weber, Janet Health assessment in nursing RT48 .W43 2018
Taylor, Tracy A. Nursing facts made incredibly quick! RT51 .N87 2018
LaCharity, Linda A. Prioritization, delegation, and assignment: practice exercises for the NCLEX examination RT55 .L3443 2019
Nugent, Patricia Mary Test success: test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students RT55 .N77 2018
Kantor, Debra Lippincott visual nursing: a guide to diseases, skills, and treatments RT57 .L57 2019
Schmidt, Nola A. Evidence-based practice for nurses: appraisal and application of research RT81.5 .E95 2019
Marrelli, T. M. Hospice and palliative care handbook: quality, compliance, and reimbursement RT87 .M374 2018
Tucker, Abigail The lion in the living room: how house cats tamed us and took over the world SF442.6 .T83 2016
Weinersmith, Kelly Soonish: ten emerging technologies that'll improve and/or ruin everything T174 .W543 2017
Baker, Kevin America the ingenious: how a nation of dreamers, immigrants, and tinkerers changed the world T21 .B35 2016
Bauer, Peter Adobe Photoshop CC for dummies T385.B3847 2018
Wachter-Boettcher, Sara Technically wrong: sexist apps, biased algorithms, and other threats of toxic tech TA169.5 .W33 2017
Dumouchel, Paul Living with robots TJ211 .D85513 2017
Melvin, Leland Chasing space: an astronaut's story of grit, grace, and second chances TL789.85.M46 A3 2017
Schramm, Ken The compleat meadmaker: home production of honey wine from your first batch to award-winning fruit and herb variations TP588.M4 S35 2003
Andrae, Monika The film photography handbook TR146 .A548 2016
Sartore, Joel The photo ark: one man's quest to document the world's animals TR727 .S37 2017
Faerm, Steven Fashion: design course TT507 .F235 2017
Jay, Francine The joy of less: a minimalist guide to declutter, organize, and simplify TX309 .J39 2016
Zaraska, Marta Meathooked: the history and science of our 2.5-million-year obsession with meat TX371 .Z37 2016
Myhrvold, Nathan Modernist cuisine: the art and science of cooking TX651 .M94 2011
Volger, Lukas Bowl: vegetarian recipes for ramen, pho, bibimbap, dumplings, and other one-dish meals TX757 .V648 2016
Caldicott, Helen Sleepwalking to Armageddon: the threat of nuclear annihilation U263 .S595 2017
Graff, Garrett M. Raven Rock: the story of the U.S. government's secret plan to save itself -- while the rest of us die UA927 .G73 2017
Cox, Caroline Boy soldiers of the American Revolution UB418.C45 C69 2016
Craig, James Designing with type: the essential guide to typography Z246 .C69 2006