New Books List

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Sloman, Steven A. The knowledge illusion: why we never think alone B105.T54 S56 2017
Connor, Steven The Cambridge companion to postmodernism B831.2 .C36 2004
Belsey, Catherine Post-structuralism: a very short introduction B841.4 .B45 2002
Fuentes, Agustin The creative spark: how imagination made humans exceptional BD450 .F79456 2017
Crews, Frederick C. Freud: the making of an illusion BF109.F74 C74 2017
Hutton, Ronald The witch: a history of fear, from ancient times to the present BF1566 .H88 2017
Kagan, Jerome On being human: why mind matters BF38 .K34 2016
Christian, Brian Algorithms to live by: the computer science of human decisions BF39 .C4885 2016
Evans, Jonathan St. B. T. Thinking and reasoning: a very short introduction BF441 .E925 2017
Jacobs, Alan How to think: a survival guide for a world at odds BF441 .J275 2017
Schaefer, Kayleen Text me when you get home: the evolution and triumph of modern female friendship BF575.F66 S32 2018
Sandberg, Sheryl Option B: facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy BF575.G7 S256 2017
Lustig, Robert H. The hacking of the American mind: the science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies and brains BF575.H27 L83 2017
Amichai-Hamburger, Yair Internet psychology: the basics BF637.C45 A525 2017
Aslan, Reza God: a human history BL473 .A85 2017
Shermer, Michael Heavens on earth: the scientific search for the afterlife, immortality, and utopia BL530 .S53 2018
Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho The book of joy: lasting happiness in a changing world BL65.H36 B78 2016
Man, John Searching for the Amazons: the real warrior women of the ancient world BL820.A6 M37 2018
Pogrebin, Abigail My Jewish year: 18 holidays, one wondering Jew BM690 .P645 2017
Wills, Garry What the Qurʼan meant and why it matters BP130 .W55 2017
Feiler, Bruce S. The first love story: Adam, Eve, and us BS680.L64 F45 2017
Wigger, John H. PTL: the rise and fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's evangelical empire BV656.3 .W54 2017
Mishra, Pankaj Age of anger: a history of the present D217 .M45 2017
Mundy, Liza Code girls: the untold story of the American women code breakers of World War II D810.C88 M86 2017
Weber, Thomas Becoming Hitler: the making of a Nazi DD247.H5 W366 2017
Dabrowski, Patrice M. Poland: the first thousand years DK4140 .D33 2016
Kent, Neil A concise history of Sweden DL649 .K46 2008
Hitchins, Keith A concise history of Romania DR217 .H579 2014
Chandler, David P. A history of Cambodia DS554.5 .C46 2008
Baker, Christopher John A history of Thailand DS571 .P26 2014
Lynch, Marc The new Arab wars: uprisings and anarchy in the Middle East DS63.123 .L96 2016
Van Schaik, Sam Tibet: a history DS786 .V35 2011
Quinn, Josephine Crawley In search of the Phoenicians DS81 .Q56 2018
Cummins, Antony Samurai and Ninja: the real story behind the Japanese warrior myth that shatters the Bushido mystique DS827.S3 C87 2015
Mandela, Nelson Dare not linger: the presidential years DT1974 .M327 2017
Freund, Bill The making of contemporary Africa: the development of African society since 1800 DT28 .F73 2016
Matras, Yaron The Romani Gypsies DX115 .M1948 2015
Oluo, Ijeoma So you want to talk about race E184.A1 O454 2018
Ortiz, Paul An African American and Latinx history of the United States E184.S75 O79 2018
Ifill, Sherrilyn A. A perilous path: talking race, inequality, and the law E185.61 .I35 2018
Theoharis, Jeanne A more beautiful and terrible history: the uses and misuses of civil rights history E185.61 .T44 2018
Franklin, Sekou M. After the rebellion: black youth, social movement activism, and the post-civil rights generation E185.615 .F723 2014
Riley, Rochelle The burden: African Americans and the enduring impact of slavery E185.86 .B864 2018
Twitty, Michael The cooking gene: a journey through African American culinary history in the Old South E185.89.F66 T95 2017
Taylor, Elizabeth Dowling The original Black elite: Daniel Murray and the story of a forgotten era E185.93.D6 T39 2017
Hammon, Neal O. Virginia's western war: 1775-1786 E263.V8 H36 2002
Kerrison, Catherine Jefferson's daughters: three sisters, white and black, in a young America E332.25 .K47 2018
Dilbeck, D. H. Frederick Douglass: America's prophet E449.D75 D55 2018
Leigh, Philip Southern Reconstruction E668 .L45 2017
Simpson, Brooks D. Reconstruction: voices from America's first great struggle for racial equality E668 .R4245 2018
King, Thomas The inconvenient Indian: a curious account of native people in North America E77 .K566 2013
Meltzer, David J. First peoples in a new world: colonizing ice age America E77.9 .M45 2009
Levin, Yuval The fractured republic: renewing America's social contract in the age of individualism E893 .L48 2016
Jackson, Joe Black Elk: the life of an American visionary E99.O3 J33 2016
Smith, Michael Ernest The Aztecs F1219.73 .S58 2012
Restall, Matthew When Montezuma met Cortés: the true story of the meeting that changed history F1230 .R47 2018
Whitaker, Mark Smoketown: the untold story of the other great Black Renaissance F159.P69 N487 2018
Fraser, Rebecca The Mayflower: the families, the voyage, and the founding of America F68 .F83 2017
Cox, Stan How the world breaks: life in catastrophe's path, from the Caribbean to Siberia GB5014 .C69 2016
Goodell, Jeff The water will come: rising seas, sinking cities, and the remaking of the civilized world GC89 .G66 2017
Gates, Henry Louis The annotated African American folktales GR111.A47 A55 2018
Passan, Jeff, The arm: inside the billion-dollar mystery of the most valuable commodity in sports GV871 .P29 2016
Conn, David The fall of the house of FIFA: the multimillion-dollar corruption at the heart of global soccer GV943.3 .C663 2017
West, Geoffrey B. Scale: the universal laws of growth, innovation, sustainability, and the pace of life in organisms, cities, economies, and companies H61.27 .W47 2017
Tirole, Jean Economics for the common good HB173 .T5713 2017
Wills, Shomari Black fortunes: the story of the first six African Americans who escaped slavery and became millionaires HC102.5.A2 W55 2018
Orleck, Annelise We are all fast-food workers now: the global uprising against poverty wages HD4901 .O75 2018
Harris, Maxine Lessons for nonprofit and start-up leaders: tales from a reluctant CEO HD57.7 .H3694 2017
Hawken, Paul The ecology of commerce: a declaration of sustainability HD60 .H393 1993
Besen-Cassino, Yasemin The cost of being a girl: working teens and the origins of the gender wage gap HD6061.2.U6 B47 2018
Zahidi, Saadia Fifty million rising: the new generation of working women transforming the Muslim world HD6206.5 .Z34 2018
Wartzman, Rick The end of loyalty: the rise and fall of good jobs in America HD8072.5 .W37 2017
Jacobs, Meg Panic at the pump: the energy crisis and the transformation of American politics in the 1970s HD9502.U52 J33 2016
Lenzer, Jeanne The danger within us: America's untested, unregulated medical device industry and one man's battle to survive it HD9994.U52 L46 2017
Steib, Mike The career manifesto: discover your calling and create an extraordinary life HF5381 .S7465 2018
Angulo, Roberto Getting your first job for dummies HF5382.7 .A5595 2018
Holiday, Ryan Perennial seller: the art of making and marketing work that lasts HF5415 .H74155 2017
Ariely, Dan Dollars and sense: how we misthink money and how to spend smarter HG179 .A69 2017
Fagan, Chelsea The financial diet: a total beginner's guide to getting good with money HG179 .F324 2018
Davenport, Anthony Your score: an insider's secrets to understanding, controlling, and protecting your credit score HG3756.U54 D38 2018
Errett, Benjamin Elements of taste: understanding what we like and why HM621 .E749 2017
Keen, Andrew How to fix the future HM851 .K4437 2018
Siegler, Bonnie Signs of resistance: a visual history of protest in America HN57 .S524 2018
Falconer, Erin How to get sh*t done: why women need to stop doing everything so they can achieve anything HQ1206 .F173 2018
Hall, Donald E. The Routledge queer studies reader HQ75.15 .R68 2013
Berry, Mike Confessions of an adoptive parent: hope and help from the trenches of foster care and adoption HQ759.7 .B47 2017
Anderson, Ryan T. When Harry became Sally: responding to the transgender moment HQ77.9 .A556 2018
Kamenetz, Anya The art of screen time: how your family can balance digital media and real life HQ784.I58 K36 2018
Brown, Neil D. Ending the parent-teen control battle: resolve the power struggle & build trust, responsibility, and respect HQ799.15 .B76 2016
Conner, Jerusha Osberg Contemporary youth activism: advancing social justice in the United States HQ799.2.P6 C664 2016
Sharkey, Patrick Uneasy peace: the great crime decline, the renewal of city life, and the next war on violence HT123 .S535 2018
Neumann, Vanessa Blood profits: how American consumers unwittingly fund terrorists HV6431 .N48 2017
Picciolini, Christian White American youth: my descent into America's most violent hate movement -- and how I got out HV6439.U5 P53 2017
Miller, T. Christian A false report: a true story of rape in America HV6561 .M554 2018
Elnoury, Tamer American radical: inside the world of an undercover Muslim FBI agent HV7911.E42 A3 2017
Vitale, Alex S. The end of policing HV8139 .V58 2017
Edelman, Peter B. Not a crime to be poor: the criminalization of poverty in America HV95 .E27 2017
Hattery, Angela Policing Black bodies: how Black lives are surveilled and how to work for change HV9950 .H395 2018
Williams, Raymond Marxism and literature HX531 .W47 1977
Flake, Jeff Conscience of a conservative JC573.2.U6 F53 2017
Woodard, Colin American character: a history of the epic struggle between individual liberty and the common good JC599.U5 W65 2016
Page, Benjamin I. Democracy in America?: what has gone wrong and what we can do about it JK275 .P344 2017
Edwards, George C. Presidential leadership: politics and policy making JK516 .E32 2018
Sexton, Jared The people are going to rise like the waters upon your shore: a story of American rage JK526 2016 .S48 2017
Ashcroft, Bill Postcolonial studies: the key concepts JV22 .A84 2013
McCoy, Alfred W. In the shadows of the American century: the rise and decline of US global power JZ1312 .M33 2017
Vagle, Jeffrey L. Being watched: legal challenges to government surveillance KF5399 .V44 2017
Lawlor, Bruce M. When deadly force is involved: a look at the legal side of stand your ground, duty to retreat, and other questions of self-defense  KF9246 .L39 2017
Berman, Greg Start here: a road map to reducing mass incarceration KF9730 .B47 2018
Bowen, William G. Lesson plan: an agenda for change in American higher education LA227.4 .B685 2016
Levin, Samuel A school of our own: the story of the first student-run high school and a new vision for American education LA306.G74 L48 2016
Thorpe, Helen The newcomers: finding refuge, friendship, and hope in an American classroom LC3732.C6 T56 2017
Torgoff, Martin Bop apocalypse: jazz, race, the beats, and drugs ML3508 .T66 2016
Dylan, Bob Chronicles ML420.D98 A3 2004
Kennedy, Gerrick Parental discretion is advised: the rise of N.W.A and the dawn of gangsta rap ML421.N25 K46 2017
Hodge, Susie Modern art in detail: 75 masterpieces N6350 .H634 2017
Stein, Judith E. Eye of the sixties: Richard Bellamy and the transformation of modern art N8660.B38 S74 2016
Perl, Jed Calder: the conquest of time: the early years, 1898-1940 NB237.C28 P47 2017
Elderfield, John Cézanne portraits ND553.C33 A4 2017c
Bagge, Peter Fire!!: the Zora Neale Hurston story Nook Bagge
  Green Lantern: a celebration of 75 years Nook Finger
  Green Arrow: a celebration of 75 years Nook Grell
Ishida, Sui Tokyo ghoul Nook Ishida
  Batman: a celebration of 75 years Nook Kane
Kataoka, Jinsei Deadman Wonderland Nook Kataoka
  Wonder Woman: a celebration of 75 years Nook Marston
Mizushiro, Setona After school nightmare Nook Mizushiro
  Superman: a celebration of 75 years Nook Siegel
Suekane, Kumiko Afterschool charisma Nook Suekane
Wasserman, Robin Girls on fire: a novel Nook Wasserman
Way, Daniel Deadpool: the complete collection. Vol. 2 Nook Way vol. 2
Byrne, Emma Swear!ng is g*od f*r you: the amaz!ng sc!ence of bad language P410.O27 B97 2018
Décharné, Max Vulgar tongues: an alternative history of English slang PE3711 .D43 2017
Favilla, Emmy A world without "whom": the essential guide to language in the BuzzFeed age PN147 .F38 2017
Hirshey, Gerri Not pretty enough: the unlikely triumph of Helen Gurley Brown PN4874.B768 H57 2016
West, Lindy Shrill: notes from a loud woman PN4874.W425 A3 2016
Atkins, Larry Skewed: a critical thinker's guide to media bias PN4888.O25 A875 2016
Moore, Tara The Valancourt book of Victorian Christmas ghost stories PN6071.G45 V35 2016
Moore, Tara The Valancourt book of Victorian Christmas ghost stories: volume two PN6071.G45 V35 2017
Batchelor, Bob Stan Lee: the man behind Marvel PN6727.L39 Z54 2017
Culler, Jonathan D. Literary theory : a very short introduction PN81 .C857 2011
Goulimari, Pelagia Literary criticism and theory: from Plato to postcolonialism PN86 .G684 2015
Norris, Christopher Deconstruction : theory and practice PN98.D43 N6 2002
Bennett, Tony Formalism and Marxism PN98.F6 B46 2003
Davis, Todd F. Formalist criticism and reader-response theory PN98.F6 D38 2002
McHale, Brian The Cambridge introduction to postmodernism PN98.P67 M38 2015
Tompkins, Jane P. Reader-response criticism: from formalism to post-structuralism PN98.R38 R4
Culler, Jonathan D. Structuralist poetics: structuralism, linguistics and the study of literature PN98.S7 C8 2002
Rooney, Ellen The Cambridge companion to feminist literary theory PN98.W64 C35 2006
Connelly, Michael Two kinds of truth Popular Connelly
Hannah, Kristin The great alone Popular Hannah
Miller, Madeline Circe: a novel Popular Miller
Roy, Arundhati The ministry of utmost happiness Popular Roy
Boström, Mattias From Holmes to Sherlock: the story of the men and women who created an icon PR4624 .B67513 2017
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn Gothic tales PR4710 .A4 2000
Shiach, Morag The Cambridge companion to the modernist novel PR478.M6 C36 2007
Potter, Rachel Modernist literature PR478.M6 P68 2012
Ashcroft, Bill The empire writes back: theory and practice in post-colonial literatures PR9080 .A85 2002
Cohen, Leonard Leonard Cohen: poems and songs PR9199.3.C57 A6 2011
Ginsberg, Allen The best minds of my generation: a literary history of the Beats PS228.B6 G56 2017
Wilder, Laura Ingalls The selected letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder PS3545.I342 Z48 2016
Maxwell, William J. James Baldwin: the FBI file PS3552.A45 Z822 2017
Simic, Charles Scribbled in the dark: poems PS3569.I4725 A6 2017
Sterling, Mary Jane Algebra II for dummies QA159.2 .S753 2015
Ullman, Ellen Life in code: a personal history of technology QA76.2.U43 A3 2017
Eremenko, Kirill Confident data skills: master the fundamentals of working with data and supercharge your career QA76.9.D343 E74 2018
Mitton, Jacqueline The astronomy book QB15 .H87 2017
Garfield, Simon Timekeepers QB213 .G378 2016
Kaku, Michio The future of humanity: terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, immortality, and our destiny beyond Earth QB461 .K343 2018
Tasker, Elizabeth The planet factory: exoplanets and the search for a second Earth QB820 .T373 2017
Norman, David Dinosaurs: a very short introduction QE861.4 .N675 2017
Wyss, Bob The man who built the Sierra Club: a life of David Brower QH31.B859 W97 2016
Waller, John Heredity: a very short introduction QH430 .W346 2017
Dawson, Ashley Extreme cities: the peril and promise of urban life in the age of climate change QH541.5.C6 D38 2017
Drew, Liam I, mammal: the story of what makes us mammals QL703 .D74 2017
Tye, Michael Tense bees and shell-shocked crabs: are animals conscious? QL785.25 .T94 2017
Banich, Marie T. Cognitive neuroscience QP360.5 .B359 2018
Carver, Catherine A. Immune: how your body defends and protects you QR181.7 .C37 2017
Anton, Ted Planet of microbes: the perils and potential of Earth's essential life forms QR56 .A58 2017
Blume, Stuart S. Immunization: how vaccines became controversial RA638 .B58 2017
Foresman-Capuzzi, Joyce ER facts made incredibly quick! RA975.5.E5 E7 2018
Hutchinson, Alex Endure: mind, body, and the curiously elastic limits of human performance RC1235 .H88 2018
Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen A. Women's mental health across the lifespan: challenges, vulnerabilities, and strengths RC451.4.W6 W644 2017
Hari, Johann Lost connections: uncovering the real causes of depression-- and the unexpected solutions RC537 .H346 2018
Criscitelli, Theresa Fast facts for the operating room nurse: an orientation and care guide RD32.3 .C7573 2018
Boggs, Belle The art of waiting--: on fertility, medicine, and motherhood RG201 .B553 2016
Tuteur, Amy B. Push back: guilt in the age of natural parenting RG661 .T883 2016
Oberman, Michelle Her body, our laws: on the front lines of the abortion war, from El Salvador to Oklahoma RG734 .O34 2018
Khosrova, Elaine Butter: a rich history SF263 .K46 2016
Simmons, Paula Storey's guide to raising sheep: breeding, care, facilities SF375 .S56 2009
Belanger, Jerome D. Storey's guide to raising dairy goats: breeds, care, dairying, marketing SF383 .B44 2010
Klober, Kelly, Storey's guide to raising pigs: care, facilities, management, breeds SF395 .K54 2009
Drowns, Glenn Storey's guide to raising poultry: chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, game birds SF487 .D76 2012
Rude, Emelyn Tastes like chicken: a history of America's favorite bird SF487.7 .R83 2016
McKenna, Maryn Big chicken: the incredible story of how antibiotics created modern agriculture and changed the way the world eats SF98.A5 M35 2017
Van der Voo, Lee The fish market: inside the big-money battle for the ocean and your dinner plate SH328 .V36 2016
Arbesman, Samuel Overcomplicated: technology at the limits of comprehension T14.5 .A69 2016
Mahaffey, James A. Atomic adventures: secret islands, forgotten N-rays, and isotopic murder--a journey into the wild world of nuclear science TK9145 .M329 2017
Kelly, Scott Endurance: a year in space, a lifetime of discovery TL789.85.K45 A3 2017
Sloma, Kat Art with an iPhone: a photographer's guide to creating altered realities TR267.3 .S56 2018
Adam, Rhiannon Polaroid: the missing manual: the complete creative guide TR269 .A336 2017
Rogers, Fiona Firecrackers: female photographers now TR655 .R643 2017
Redwood, Ben The 3D printing handbook: technologies, design and applications TS171.95 .R43 2017
White, Constance C. R How to slay: inspiration from the queens & kings of Black style TT504.4 .W495 2018
Patterson, Daniel The art of flavor: practices and principles for creating delicious food TX714 .P388 2017
Drummond, Ree The pioneer woman cooks: a year of holidays: 140 step-by-step recipes for simple, scrumptious celebrations TX739 .D78 2013
Shapiro, Paul Clean meat: how growing meat without animals will revolutionize dinner and the world TX838 .S53 2018
Kilcullen, David Out of the mountains: the coming age of the urban guerrilla U210 .K553 2015
Stavridis, James Sea power: the history and geopolitics of the world's oceans V25 .S73 2017
Tigay, Chanan The lost book of Moses: the hunt for the world's oldest Bible Z115.4 .T54 2016