New Books List

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Griggs, Richard A. Psychology: a concise introduction BF121 .G72 2017
Livio, Mario Why?: what makes us curious BF323.C8 L58 2017
Zuckerman, Phil Living the secular life: new answers to old questions BL2747.8 .Z83 2014
Torrey, E. Fuller Evolving brains, emerging gods: early humans and the origins of religion BL51 .T6155 2017
Amore, Roy C. World religions: Eastern traditions BL80.3 .W65 2014
De Bellaigue, Christopher The Islamic enlightenment: the struggle between faith and reason: 1798 to modern times BP166.14.M63 D4 2017
Moghul, Haroon How to be a Muslim: an American story BP80.M6155 A3 2017
Wright, Robert Why Buddhism is true: the science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment BQ4050 .W75 2017
Manseau, Peter Objects of devotion: religion in early America BR520 .M3628 2017
McDannell, Colleen Heaven: a history BT846.2 .M37 2001
Erzen, Tanya God in captivity: the rise of faith-based prison ministries in the age of mass incarceration BV4340 .E745 2017
Bowler, G. Q. Christmas in the crosshairs: two thousand years of denouncing and defending the world's most celebrated holiday BV45 .B684 2017
Gidley, Jennifer The future: a very short introduction CB161 .G53 2017
Mortimer, Ian Millennium: from religion to revolution : how civilization has changed over a thousand years CB245 .M65 2016
Jones, Dan The Templars: the rise and spectacular fall of God's holy warriors CR4743 .J66 2017
Wickham, Chris Medieval Europe D117 .W53 2016
Gristwood, Sarah Game of queens: the women who made sixteenth-century Europe D226.7 .G75 2016
Aleksievich, Svetlana The unwomanly face of war: an oral history of women in World War II D810.W7 A5313 2017
Norton, Elizabeth The hidden lives of Tudor women: a social history DA317.3 .N67 2017
Ullrich, Volker Hitler: ascent, 1889-1939 DD247.H5 U4513 2016
Gordis, Daniel Israel: a concise history of a nation reborn DS126.5 .G6525 2016
Bacevich, Andrew J. America's war for the greater Middle East: a military history DS63.2.U5 B3214 2016
James, Lawrence Empires in the sun: the struggle for the mastery of Africa DT31 .J37 2017
Andersen, Kurt Fantasyland: how America went haywire: a 500-year history E169.1 .A543 2017
Williams, Juan We the people: the modern-day figures who have reshaped and affirmed the Founding Fathers' vision of America E169.12 .W535 2016
Bass, S. Jonathan He calls me by lightning: the life of Caliph Washington and the forgotten saga of Jim Crow, southern justice, and the death penalty E185.93.A3 B37 2017
Lineberry, Cate Be free or die: the amazing story of Robert Smalls' escape from slavery to Union hero E185.97.S6 L56 2017
Taylor, Alan American revolutions: a continental history, 1750-1804 E208 .T36 2016
Hoock, Holger Scars of independence: America's violent birth E209 .H657 2017
Hinderaker, Eric Boston's massacre E215.4 .H66 2017
Ekirch, A. Roger American sanctuary: mutiny, martyrdom, and national identity in the age of revolution E321 .E38 2017
Gordon-Reed, Annette Most blessed of the patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the empire of the imagination E332.2 .G669 2016
Guardino, Peter The dead march: a history of the Mexican-American War E404 .G83 2017
Hogeland, William Autumn of the Black Snake: the creation of the U.S. Army and the invasion that opened the West E83.794 .H64 2017
Olsen, Henry The working class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the return of blue-collar conservatism E877.2 .O46 2017
Franken, Al Al Franken, giant of the Senate E901.1.F73 A3 2017
Garrow, David J. Rising star: the making of Barack Obama E908 .G36 2017
Carlsen, William Jungle of stone: the true story of two men, their extraordinary journey, and the discovery of the lost civilization of the Maya F1435 .C31585 2016
Kelso, William M. Jamestown, the truth revealed F234.J3 K47 2017
Knowlton, Christopher Cattle kingdom: the hidden history of the cowboy West F596 .K58 2017
Allitt, Patrick A climate of crisis: America in the age of environmentalism GE197 .A55 2014
Grinspoon, David Harry Earth in human hands: shaping our planet's future GF47 .G75 2016
Biello, David The unnatural world: the race to remake civilization in Earth's newest age GF75 .B54 2016
Kress, W. John Living in the Anthropocene: Earth in the age of humans GF75 .L575 2017
Sundeen, Mark The unsettlers: in search of the good life in today's America GF78 .S86 2016
Eig, Jonathan Ali: a life GV1132.A44 E427 2017
Barbarisi, Daniel Dueling with kings: high stakes, killer sharks, and the get-rich promise of daily fantasy sports GV1202.F35 B37 2017
Donovan, Tristan It's all a game: the history of board games from Monopoly to Settlers of Catan GV1312 .D66 2017
Williams, Walt Significant zero: heroes, villains, and the fight for art and soul in video games GV1469.3 .W57 2017
Quinn, Zoë Crash override: how Gamergate (nearly) destroyed my life, and how we can win the fight against online hate GV1469.34.A97 Q56 2017
Burak, Asi Power play: how video games can save the world GV1469.34.S52 B86 2017
Isserman, Maurice Continental divide: a history of American mountaineering GV199.4 .I77 2016
Atwood, Gretchen Lost champions: four men, two teams, and the breaking of pro football's color line GV954 .A78 2016
Srinivasan, Bhu Americana: a 400-year history of American capitalism HC103 .S728 2017
Hacker, Jacob S. American amnesia: how the war on government led us to forget what made America prosper HC106.84 .H33 2017
Shapiro, Thomas M. Toxic inequality: how America's wealth gap destroys mobility, deepens the racial divide, & threatens our future HC110.P6 S43 2017
Genoways, Ted This blessed earth: a year in the life of an American family farm HD1476.U62 N25 2017
Webb, Amy The signals are talking: why today's fringe is tomorrow's mainstream HD30.27 .W39 2016
Williams, Joan White working class: overcoming class cluelessness in America HD4901 .W517 2017
Bruder, Jessica Nomadland: surviving America in the twenty-first century HD6280 .B77 2017
Shaw, Robert Bruce Extreme teams: why Pixar, Netflix, AirBnB, and other cutting-edge companies succeed where most fail HD66 .S4849 2017
Ocejo, Richard E. Masters of craft: old jobs in the new urban economy HD8066 .O24 2017
Fine, Doug Too high to fail: cannabis and the new green economic revolution HD9019.M38 F56 2013
Ruhlman, Michael Grocery: the buying and selling of food in America HD9321.5 .R83 2017b
Uchitelle, Louis Making it: why manufacturing still matters HD9725 .U24 2017
Harvill, Stephen J. 21 secrets of million-dollar sellers: America's top earners reveal the keys to sales success HF5438.25 .H385 2017
Lauer, Josh Creditworthy: a history of consumer surveillance and financial identity in America HG3701 .L35 2017
Prinstein, Mitchell J. Popular: the power of likability in a status-obsessed world HM1111 .P75 2017
Hobsbawm, Julia Fully connected: surviving and thriving in an age of overload HM851 .H62 2017
MacLean, Nancy Democracy in chains: the deep history of the radical right's stealth plan for America HN49.R33 M23 2017
Haugen, David M. American values HN90.M6 A446 2014
Rorty, Richard Achieving our country: leftist thought in twentieth-century America HN90.R3 R636 1998
O'Mahony, Seamus The way we die now HQ1073 .O43 2017
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Dear Ijeawele, or, A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions HQ1155 .A35 2017
Hunt, Helen And the spirit moved them: the lost radical history of America's first feminists HQ1418 .H86 2017
Friend, David The naughty nineties: the triumph of the American libido HQ18.U5 F745 2017
Dyhouse, Carol Heartthrobs: a history of women and desire HQ29 .D946 2017
Lythcott-Haims, Julie How to raise an adult: break free of the overparenting trap and prepare your kid for success HQ755.8 .L97 2015
Polonchek, Maria In good faith: secular parenting in a religious world HQ755.8 .P65 2017
Davis, Heath Fogg Beyond trans: does gender matter? HQ77.95.U6 D39 2017
Gordon, Linda The second coming of the KKK: the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s and the American political tradition HS2330.K63 G63 2017
Berlatsky, Noah Slavery and human trafficking HT861 .S375 2016
Shea, Gerald The language of light: a history of silent voices HV2367 .S443 2017
Finan, Christopher M. Drunks: an American history HV5292 .F555 2017
Fox, Steve Marijuana is safer: so why are we driving people to drink? HV5822.M3 F69 2013
Bilton, Nick American kingpin: the epic hunt for the criminal mastermind behind the Silk Road HV6248.U45 B55 2017
Cannell, Michael Incendiary: the psychiatrist, the mad bomber, and the invention of criminal profiling HV6640 .C36 2017
Haerens, Margaret Gambling HV6710 .G31416 2012
Unterman, Katherine Uncle Sam's policemen: the pursuit of fugitives across borders HV6791 .U57 2015
Zimring, Franklin E. When police kill HV8031 .Z56 2017
Evola, Alley So you want to be a cop: what everyone should know before entering a law enforcement career HV8143 .E96 2017
Pitzer, Andrea One long night: a global history of concentration camps HV8963 .P58 2017
Hayes, Christopher A colony in a nation HV9950 .H396 2017
Davis, Angela J. Policing the Black man: arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment HV9950 .P64 2017
Epstein, Edward Jay How America lost its secrets: Edward Snowden, the man and the theft JF1525.W45 E67 2017
Thurber, James A. Campaigns and elections American style JK2281 .C353 2014
Klimburg, Alexander The darkening web: the war for cyberspace JZ1254 .K56 2017
Chemerinsky, Erwin Free speech on campus KF4772 .C54 2017
Mitchell, Donald Wampum: how Indian tribes, the Mafia, and an inattentive Congress invented Indian gaming and created a $28 billion gambling empire KF8218.42 .M58 2016
Merino, Noël Criminal justice KF9223 .C748 2013
Merino, Noël Education LA21 .E29 2014
Blum, Susan Debra I love learning ; I hate school: an anthropology of college LB1065 .B56 2016
Berlatsky, Noah School safety LB2864.5 .S35 2016
Jones, Dylan David Bowie: a life ML420.B754 J66 2017
Elger, Dietmar Modern art N447 .M64613 2016
Salle, David How to see : looking, talking, and thinking about art N6490 .S178 2016
Kowaleski-Wallace, Elizabeth Garth Williams, American illustrator: a life NC975.5.W52 K685 2016
Strand, Mark Hopper ND237.H75 S76 2011
Sergy, Lauren The handy communication answer book P211 .S455 2017
Zinoman, Jason Letterman: the last giant of late night PN1992.4.L39 Z56 2017
Wells, Stanley W. Shakespeare's tragedies: a very short introduction PR2976 .W3665 2017
Sims, Michael Arthur and Sherlock: Conan Doyle and the creation of Holmes PR4623 .S36 2017
Rich, Adrienne Collected poems: 1950-2012 PS3535.I233 A6 2016b
Vonnegut, Kurt Welcome to the monkey house: a collection of short works PS3572.O5 We
Bailey, Blake A tragic honesty: the life and work of Richard Yates PS3575.A83 Z56 2003
Safranski, Rüdiger Goethe: life as a work of art PT2051 .S2413 2017
Tegmark, Max Life 3.0: being human in the age of artificial intelligence Q334.7 .T44 2017
Stewart, Ian Significant figures: the lives and work of great mathematicians QA28 .S74 2017
Merchant, Brian The one device: the secret history of the iPhone QA76.8.I64 M47 2017
Al-Khalili, Jim Aliens: the world's leading scientists on the search for extraterrestrial life QB54 .A395 2017
Spudis, Paul D. The value of the Moon: how to explore, live, and prosper in space using the Moon's resources QB582.5 .S68 2016
Cham, Jorge We have no idea: a guide to the unknown universe QB982 .C43 2017
Kakalios, James The physics of everyday things: the extraordinary science behind an ordinary day QC75 .K175 2017
Prothero, Donald R. The Princeton field guide to prehistoric mammals QE881 .P767 2017
Cohen, Claudine The fate of the mammoth: fossils, myth, and history QE882.P8 C6413 2002
Doudna, Jennifer A. A crack in creation: gene editing and the unthinkable power to control evolution QH440 .D68 2017
Rutherford, Adam A brief history of everyone who ever lived: the human story retold through our genes QH445.2 .R88 2017
Grasset, Léo How the zebra got its stripes: Darwinian stories told through evolutionary biology QL336 .G6713 2017
Fallon, Katie Vulture: the private life of an unloved bird QL696.C53 F35 2017
Flores, Dan L. Coyote America: a natural and supernatural history QL737.C22 F63 2016
Peterson, Brenda Wolf nation: the life, death, and return of wild American wolves QL737.C22 P467 2017
Wild, Paula The cougar: beautiful, wild and dangerous QL737.C23 W54 2013
Brown, Gary The bear almanac: a comprehensive guide to the bears of the world QL737.C27 B765 2009
Petter, Jean-Jacques Primates of the world: an illustrated guide QL737.P9 P4813 2013
Shivik, John A. The predator paradox: ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes QL758 .S54 2014
Lymbery, Philip Dead zone: where the wild things were QL82 .L96 2017
Sigman, Mariano The secret life of the mind: how your brain thinks, feels, and decides QP376 .S58713 2017
Richards, Paul Ebola: how a people's science helped end an epidemic QR201.E16 R53 2016
Parker, Willie Life's work: from the trenches, a moral argument for choice R154.P258 A3 2017
Sumner, L. W. Physician-assisted death: what everyone needs to know R726 .S86 2017
Feemster, Kristen A. Vaccines: what everyone needs to know RA638 .F44 2018
Osterholm, Michael T. Deadliest enemy: our war against killer germs RA651 .O87 2017
Dietert, Rodney R. The human superorganism: how the microbiome is revolutionizing the pursuit of a healthy life RA776.9 .D553 2016
Levine, Art Mental Health, Inc.: how corruption, lax oversight and failed reforms endanger our most vulnerable citizens RA790.5 .L46 2017
Espejo, Roman Performance-enhancing drugs RC1230 .P4762 2015
Bryfonski, Dedria Breast cancer RC280.B8 B6642 2016
Ruddy, Kathleen T. The end of breast cancer: a virus and the hope for a vaccine RC280.B8 R83 2017
Lougheed, Kathryn Catching breath: the making and unmaking of tuberculosis RC310 .L68 2017
Searls, Damion The inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, his iconic test, and the power of seeing RC438.6.R667 S43 2017
Grossberg, Blythe N. Asperger's and adulthood: a guide to working, loving, and living with Asperger's syndrome RC553.A88 G758 2017
Espejo, Roman AIDS RC606.65 .A33 2012
Serani, Deborah Depression and your child: a guide for parents and caregivers RJ506.D4 S46 2013
Rosen, William Miracle cure: the creation of antibiotics and the birth of modern medicine RM409 .R67 2017
Ignatavicius, Donna D. Teaching and learning in a concept-based nursing curriculum: a how-to best practice approach RT73 .I36 2019
Hecht, Susanna B. The fate of the forest: developers, destroyers, and defenders of the Amazon SD418.3.A53 H43 2010
Forrest, Susanna The age of the horse: an equine journey through human history SF283 .F67 2017
Dodman, Nicholas H. Pets on the couch: neurotic dogs, compulsive cats, anxious birds, and the new science of animal psychiatry SF412.5 .D63 2016
McNamee, Thomas The inner life of cats: the science and secrets of our mysterious feline companions SF447 .M36 2017
Foer, Franklin World without mind: the existential threat of big tech T14.5 .F63 2017
Kluger, Jeffrey Apollo 8: the thrilling story of the first mission to the Moon TL789.8.U6 A54325 2017
Shaw, John John Shaw's guide to digital nature photography TR721 .S5155 2015
Sodha, Meera Made in India: recipes from an Indian family kitchen TX724.5.I4 S593 2015
Latiff, Robert H. Future war: preparing for the new global battlefield U43.U4 L37 2017
Contosta, David R. America's needless wars: cautionary tales of US involvement in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq UA23 .C672135 2017
Kitfield, James Twilight warriors: the soldiers, spies, and special agents who are revolutionizing the American way of war UA23 .K5263 2016
Budiansky, Stephen Code warriors: NSA's codebreakers and the secret intelligence war against the Soviet Union UB256.U6 B83 2016
Hughes-Wilson, John The secret state: a history of intelligence and espionage UB270 .H85 2017
Dolin, Eric Jay Brilliant beacons: a history of the American lighthouse VK1023 .D65 2016
Kluger, Richard Indelible ink: the trials of John Peter Zenger and the birth of America's free press Z232.Z5 K58 2016
Crawford, Alice The meaning of the library: a cultural history Z721 .M43 2015