New Books List

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Bryan W. Van Norden Taking back philosophy: a multicultural manifesto B53 .V28 2017
Brian Rogers Perception: a very short introduction BF241 .R628 2017
John Bargh Before you know it: the unconscious reasons we do what we do BF315 .B37 2017
Terri Apter Passing judgment: praise and blame in everyday life BF447 .A68 2018
Michael Hyatt Your best year ever: a 5-step plan for achieving your most important goals BF619.5 .H93 2018
Sarah Knight You do you: how to be who you are and use what you've got to get what you want  BF637.S4 K574 2017
Christian B. Miller The character gap: how good are we? BF818 .M435 2018
Derek K. Wilson A magical world: superstition and science from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment BL245 .W68 2018
James T. Houk The illusion of certainty: how the flawed beliefs of religion harm our culture BL2775.3 .H68 2017
Yujin Nagasawa Miracles: a very short introduction  BL487 .N34 2017
Cantor Matt Axelrod Your guide to the Jewish holidays: from shofar to Seder  BM690 .A84 2015
Tariq Ramadan Introduction to Islam BP161.3 .R36 2017
Zeki Saritoprak Islamic spirituality: theology and practice for the modern world BP161.3 .S374 2018
Mohammad Hassan Khalil Jihad, radicalism, and the new atheism BP182 .K455 2018
Dominique DuBois Gilliard Rethinking incarceration: advocating for justice that restores BR115.J8 G55 2018
R. Marie Griffith Moral combat: how sex divided American Christians and fractured American politics BR516 .G75 2017
  The Bible book BS417 .B435 2018
Timothy Keller Hidden Christmas: the surprising truth behind the birth of Christ BV45 .K43 2016
Peter Hayes Why?: explaining the Holocaust D804.3 .H387 2018
Thomas Suárez State of terror: how terrorism created modern Israel DS149 .S73 2017
Craig Jeffrey Modern India: a very short introduction DS423 .J425 2017
James L. Gelvin The new Middle East: what everyone needs to know  DS63.123 .G45 2018
Paul-Alain Beaulieu A history of Babylon, 2200 BC-AD 75 DS70.5.B3 B43 2018
Jessica Harrison-Hall China: a history in objects DS706 .H373 2018
Martin Bossenbroek  The Boer War DT1896 .B6713 2018
Kathryn A. Bard An introduction to the archaeology of Ancient Egypt DT60 .B373 2015
Diana Preston Paradise in chains: the Bounty Mutiny and the founding of Australia DU20 .P74 2017
Jenn Brandt and Callie Clare An introduction to popular culture in the US: people, politics, and power E169.12 .B6915 2018
A.G. Hopkins American empire: a global history E183.7 .H67 2018
Elizabeth Gillespie McRae Mothers of massive resistance: white women and the politics of white supremacy E184.A1 M354 2018
Ilan Stavans Latinos in the United States: what everyone needs to know E184.S75 S763 2018
Keisha N. Blain Set the world on fire: black nationalist women and the global struggle for freedom  E185.6 .B65 2018
Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir E185.97.K43 A3 2018
Jeffrey C. Stewart The new Negro: the life of Alain Locke E185.97.L79 S83 2018
Rosalind Rosenberg Jane Crow: the life of Pauli Murray E185.97.M95 R67 2017
Michael Kazin The populist persuasion: an American history E661 .K25 2017
Kayleigh McEnany The new American revolution: the making of a populist movement E893 .M34 2018
Caitlin Fitz Our sister republics: the United States in an age of American revolutions F1418 .F58 2016
Elizabeth Catte What you are getting wrong about Appalachia F217.A65 C39 2018
Keri Leigh Merritt Masterless men: poor whites and slavery in the antebellum South F220.A1 M37 2017
Judith Flanders Christmas: a biography GT4985 .F58 2017
Steven Johnson Wonderland: how play made the modern world GV1200 .J64 2016
Alex Honnold Alone on the wall GV199.92.H67 A3 2016b
Lydia Reeder Dust bowl girls: the inspiring story of the team that barnstormed its way to basketball glory  GV885.43.O46 R44 2017
Carl J. Schramm Burn the business plan: what great entrepreneurs really do HB615 .S367 2018
Brink Lindsey and Steven M. Teles The captured economy: how the powerful enrich themselves, slow down growth, and increase inequality HC110.I5 L563 2017
Steven Stoll Ramp Hollow: the ordeal of Appalachia  HD210.A66 S76 2017
Joshua B. Freeman Behemoth: a history of the factory and the making of the modern world HD2351 .F68 2018
Emily Chang Brotopia: breaking up the boys' club of Silicon Valley HD6060.5.U5 C52 2018
Stan Hutton and Frances N. Phillips Nonprofit kit for dummies  HD62.6 .H88 2017
David Pilling The growth delusion: wealth, poverty, and the well-being of nations HD82 .P495 2018
Billy Gallagher How to turn down a billion dollars: the Snapchat story HD9696.8.U64 S6343 2018
  The Netflix effect: technology and entertainment in the 21st century HD9697.V544 N847 2016
Tim Fernholz Rocket billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the new space race  HD9711.75.U62 F47 2018
Mike Lewis When to jump: if the job you have isn't the life you want HF5384 .L495 2018
Christine Porath Mastering civility: a manifesto for the workplace HF5549.5.M6 P67 2016
Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake Capitalism without capital: the rise of the intangible economy HF5681.I55 H37 2018
Jesse Mecham You need a budget: the proven system for breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, getting out of debt, and living the life you want HG179 .M394 2017
Meir Statman Finance for normal people: how investors and markets behave HG179 .S8117 2017
Eric Tyson Personal finance in your 20s & 30s for dummies HG179 .T982 2018
James Ledbetter One nation under gold: how one precious metal has dominated the American imagination for four centuries HG295.U6 L43 2017
Ashesh Mukherjee The internet trap: five costs of living online  HM1017 .M85 2018
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler Crucial accountability: tools for resolving violated expectations, broken commitments, and bad behavior HM1121 .C78 2013
Kevin Allocca Videocracy: how YouTube is changing the world-- with double rainbows, singing foxes, and other trends we can't stop watching HM742 .A46 2018
Steven Pinker Enlightenment now: the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress HM891 .P56 2018
David L. Bahnsen Crisis of responsibility: our cultural addiction to blame and how you can cure it HN65 .B264 2018
Darel E. Paul From tolerance to equality: how elites brought America to same-sex marriage HQ1034.U5 P38 2018
Mary Beard Women & power: a manifesto HQ1121 .B363 2017
Bonnie J. Morris and D-M Withers The feminist revolution: the struggle for women's liberation  HQ1121 .M867 2018
Katie Watson Scarlet A: the ethics, law, and politics of ordinary abortion HQ767.5.U5 W38 2018
Sarah McBride Tomorrow will be different: love, loss, and the fight for trans equality HQ77.8.M387 A3 2018
Andreas Onnerfors Freemasonry: a very short introduction HS395 .O63 2017
Vanda Felbab-Brown The extinction market: wildlife trafficking and how to counter it HV6410 .F45 2017
Souad Mekhennet I was told to come alone: my journey behind the lines of jihad HV6433.I722 I8562 2017
Michael L. Benson and Sally S. Simpson White-collar crime: an opportunity perspective HV6768 .B465 2018
Tim Maurer Cyber mercenaries: the state, hackers, and power HV6773.15.C97 M383 2018
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Loaded: a disarming history of the Second Amendment  HV7436 .D86 2018
Andrew Guthrie Ferguson The rise of big data policing: surveillance, race, and the future of law enforcement  HV8141 .F47 2017
Jonathan Kahn Race on the brain: what implicit bias gets wrong about the struggle for racial justice HV9950 .K34 2018
Peter Kropotkin The conquest of bread HX630 .K767 2015
Daniel Golden Spy schools: how the CIA, FBI, and foreign intelligence secretly exploit America's universities JK468.I6 G625 2017
Loretta J. Ross and Rickie Solinger Reproductive justice: an introduction KF3760 .R67 2017
Patrick J. Charles Armed in America: a history of gun rights from colonial militias to concealed carry KF3941 .C425 2018
Gerard N. Magliocca The heart of the Constitution: how the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights KF4749 .M325 2018
Karen J. Greenberg Rogue justice: the making of the security state KF9223 .G74 2016
Frank R. Baumgartner Deadly justice: a statistical portrait of the death penalty KF9227.C2 B39 2017
Noliwe Rooks Cutting school: privatization, segregation, and the end of public education LB2806.36 .R76 2017
Julie Jaffee Nagel Managing stage fright: a guide for musicians and music teachers ML3830 .N333 2017
Bill Manley Egyptian art N5350 .M28 2017
  Basquiat: boom for real  N6537.B233 A4 2017
Mark Godfrey and Zoé Whitley Soul of a nation: art in the age of Black power N6538.N5 S63 2017
Marco Livingstone David Hockney N6797.H57 L58 2017
Christiane Weidemann, Petra Larass and Melanie Klier 50 women artists you should know N8354 .W45 2016
Selwyn Leamy Read this if you want to be great at drawing NC890 .L43 2017
Barbara Ehrlich White Renoir: an intimate biography ND553.R45 W4518 2017
Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls Mastering calligraphy: the complete guide to hand lettering NK3600 .G62 2013
N.J. Enfield How we talk: the inner workings of conversation P302.8 .E54 2017
Noam Chomsky Global discontents: conversations on the rising threats to democracy P85.C47 A5 2017
Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph A thousand cuts: the bizarre underground world of collectors and dealers who saved the movies PN1995.9.C54 B37 2016
Sam Wasson Improv nation: how we made a great American art PN2071.I5 W37 2017
Richard Cohen How to write like Tolstoy: a journey into the minds of our greatest writers PN3355 .C583 2016
  Internet journalism and fake news PN4784.F27 I58 2018
Martin Puchner The written world: the power of stories to shape people, history, civilization PN51 .P79 2017
Jonathan F.S. Post Shakespeare's sonnets and poems: a very short introduction PR2984 .P67 2017
Lester D. Friedman and Allison B. Kavey Monstrous progeny: a history of the Frankenstein narratives PR5397.F73 F785 2016
Douglas Adams The ultimate hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy  PR6051.D3352 A6 2002
Salman Rushdie The golden house: a novel  PR6068.U757 G65 2017
Margaret Atwood Stone mattress: nine tales PR9199.3.A8 S86 2014
Sean Teuton Native American literature: a very short introduction PS153.I52 T465 2018
Caroline Fraser Prairie fires: the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder PS3545.I342 Z6455 2017
Ursula K. Le Guin No time to spare: thinking about what matters  PS3562.E42 A6 2017
Brian Jacques Redwall PZ7.J15317 Re 1986
  How science works: the facts visually explained  Q173 .H69 2018
Andrew Shtulman Scienceblind: why our intuitive theories about the world are so often wrong  Q175.32.R45 S48 2017
Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman A mind at play: how Claude Shannon invented the information age QA29.S423 S66 2017
Jaron Lanier Dawn of the new everything: encounters with reality and virtual reality QA76.2 .L36 A3 2017
Dawn E. Holmes Big data: a very short introduction QA76.9.B45 H66 2017
Jeremy Bailenson Experience on demand: what virtual reality is, how it works, and what it can do QA76.9.C65 B343 2018
Lara Alcock Mathematics rebooted: a fresh approach to understanding QA93 .A43 2017
  Universe: exploring the astronomical world QB43.3 .U566 2017
John Dvorak Mask of the sun: the science, history, and forgotten lore of eclipses QB541 .D846 2017
Helen Czerski Storm in a teacup: the physics of everyday life QC75 .C94 2017
Jon Butterworth Atom land: a guided tour through the strange (and impossibly small) world of particle physics  QC793.26 .B747 2018
Donald R. Prothero The story of the Earth in 25 rocks: tales of important geological puzzles and the people who solved them  QE31 .P76 2018
David Reich Who we are and how we got here: ancient DNA and the new science of the human past QH431 .R37 2018
T.S. Kemp Mammals: a very short introduction QL703 .K46 2017
Britt Wray Rise of the necrofauna: the science, ethics, and risks of de-extinction  QL88 .W73 2017
Rachel Herz Why you eat what you eat: the science behind our relationship with food QP136 .H47 2018
Aaron Carroll The bad food bible: how and why to eat sinfully QP141 .C315 2017
Michael McGirr Snooze: the lost art of sleep QP425 .M3946 2017
Paul Klenerman The immune system: a very short introduction QR181.7 .K54 2017
Philip J. Landrigan and Mary M. Landrigan Children and environmental toxins: what everyone needs to know RA1225 .L35 2018
Michele Lent Hirsch Invisible: how young women with serious health issues navigate work, relationships, and the pressure to seem just fine RA418.3.U6 H57 2018
Jonathan D. Quick The end of epidemics: the looming threat to humanity and how to stop it  RA651 .Q53 2018
  The reducetarian solution: how the surprisingly simple act of reducing the amount of meat in your diet can transform your health and the planet RA784 .R435 2017
Steven R. Sabat Alzheimer's disease and dementia: what everyone needs to know RC523 .S22 2018
Greg O'Brien On Pluto: inside the mind of Alzheimer's RC523.2 .O375 2018
Judson Brewer The craving mind: from cigarettes to smartphones to love--why we get hooked and how we can break bad habits  RC533 .B738 2017
Catherine Price How to break up with your phone  RC569.5.I54 P75 2018
Thomas Morris The matter of the heart: a history of the heart in eleven operations RD598 .M5795 2017
Kate Cole-Adams Anesthesia: the gift of oblivion and the mystery of consciousness RD81 .C597 2017
Thomas Armstrong The myth of the ADHD child: 101 ways to improve your child's behavior and attention span without drugs, labels, or coercion RJ506.H9 A76 2017
Joel T. Nigg Getting ahead of ADHD: what next-generation science says about treatments that work-- and how you can make them work for your child  RJ506.H9 N5175 2017
Thomas W. Phelan All about ADHD: a family resource for helping your child succeed with ADHD RJ506.H9 P524 2017
Thomas D. Seeley Following the wild bees: the craft and science of bee hunting SF537 .S44 2016
Les Johnson and Joseph Meany Graphene: the superstrong, superthin, and superversatile material that will revolutionize the world TA455.G65 J66 2018
Roma Agrawal Built: the hidden stories behind our structures TA633 .A36 2018
Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha Life without plastic: the practical step-by-step guide to avoiding plastic to keep your family and the planet healthy TD171.7 .P595 2017
Daniel Raimi The fracking debate: the risks, benefits, and uncertainties of the shale revolution TD195.G3 R34 2018
Randolph Lewis Under surveillance: being watched in modern America TK7882.E2 L49 2017
  Food science and technology TP370 .C367 2018
Peter Stepan 50 photographers you should know TR139 .S74 2016
Mark Kurlansky Paper: paging through history TS1090 .K87 2017
Rob Dunn Never out of season: how having the food we want when we want it threatens our food supply and our future  TX353 .D86 2017
Julia Child My life in France TX649.C47 A3 2007
Gabrielle Langholtz America: the cookbook TX715 .L277535 2017
  The perfect cake: your ultimate guide to classic, modern, and whimsical cakes TX771 .P43 2018
Isa Chandra Moskowitz The superfun times vegan holiday cookbook: entertaining for absolutely every occasion  TX837 .M67 2016
Meathead Goldwyn Meathead: the science of great barbecue and grilling TX840.B3 G63 2016
Sharon Weinberger The imagineers of war: the untold history of DARPA, the Pentagon agency that changed the world  U394.A75 W45 2017