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New Ebooks
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Author Title
Arruzza, Cinzia Feminism for the 99 percent : a manifesto /
Baig, Edward C. IPad and IPad Pro for Dummies
Belew, Shannon Starting an online business all-in-one /
Blee, Kathleen M. & Sandra McGee Deutsch Women of the right : comparisons and interplay across borders /
Caparros, Martin Hunger: The Oldest Problem
Con Diaz, Gerardo Software Rights : How Patent Law Transformed Software Development in America /
Edim, Glory Well-Read Black Girl : finding our stories, discovering ourselves : an anthology
Emre, Merve Once and future feminist /
Eyal, Nir Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life /
Gilger, Kristin There's no crying in newsrooms : what women have learned about what it takes to lead /
Goodman, Adam The deportation machine : America's long history of expelling immigrants /
Gookin, Dan Android for Dummies
Gregory, Peter H. Chromebook For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Harper, Joanna Sporting gender : the history, science, and stories of transgender and intersex athletes /
Hauser, Fran The myth of the nice girl : achieving a career you love without becoming a person you hate /
Hensel, Nancy Course-based undergraduate research : educational equity and high-impact practice /
Hickey, Matthew & Jennifer Arcuri Hands on Hacking
Hosseini, Khaled A Thousand Splendid Suns
Hurwitz, Judith S. Cloud Computing for Dummies
Johnson, Matt & Prince Ghuman Blindsight
Jordan, June Directed by desire : the collected poems of June Jordan /
Kaufman, Gayle Fixing parental leave : the six month solution /
Keller, John M. Motivational Design for Learning and Performance The ARCS Model Approach /
Lowe, Doug Networking for dummies /
Mason, Bobbie Ann Patchwork A Bobbie Ann Mason Reader /
McFedries, Paul Windows 10 /
Mercier, Hugo Not Born Yesterday : The Science of Who We Trust and What We Believe /
Muller-Roterberg, Christian Design Thinking For Dummies
Murray, Michelle Labor and delivery nursing : a guide to evidence-based practice /
Nemat, Marina Prisoner of Tehran : A Memoir
Odell, Jennifer How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy
Olivas, Michael A. Perchance to dream : a legal and political history of the DREAM act and DACA /
Peters, Rebecca Todd Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice
Posner, Sarah Unholy: Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Altar of Donald Trump
Redulla, Rhoda Fast facts for making the most of your career in nursing /
Reichental, Jonathan Smart Cities for Dummies
Rogers, Ryan Understanding esports : an introduction to the global phenomenon /
Roy, Arundhati The God of Small Things
Sepulveda, J. J. Mulligan No Human Is Illegal: An Attorney on the Front Lines of the Immigration War
Simon, Phil Zoom For Dummies
Singh, Shiv Social media marketing /
Spooner, Alecia M. Geology /
Sundstrom, Beth L. Birth Control : What Everyone Needs to Know®
Tyson, Eric Paying for college /
Updike, John Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories
Walker, Rheeda The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health : Navigate an Unequal System, Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness, and Get the Help You Deserve
White, Geoff Crime Dot Com

New Print Books

Author Title Call Number
  Philosophers : their lives and works / B104 .P53 2019
Gertz, Nolen Nihilism / B828.3 .G47 2019
Chechile, Richard A. Analyzing memory : the formation, retention, and measurement of memory / BF371 .C458 2018
Boghossian, Peter G. How to have impossible conversations : a very practical guide / BF637.C45 B64 2019
Siegel, Daniel J.  The developing mind : how relationships and the brain interact to shape who we are / BF713 .S525 2020
Churchland, Patricia Smith Conscience : the origins of moral intuition / BJ1471 .C475 2019
Thupten Jinpa Tsongkhapa : a Buddha in the Land of Snows / BQ7950.T757 T585 2019
Jones, Robert P.  White too long : the legacy of white supremacy in American Christianity / BR515 .J66 2020
Blois, Lukas de An introduction to the ancient world / CB311 .B5813 2019
Hogan, Jackie  Roots quest : inside America's genealogy boom / CS9 .H64 2019
Tames, Richard England's forgotten past : the unsung heroes & heroines, valiant kings, great battles & other generally overlooked episodes in our nation's glorious history / DA30 .T3647 2018
Amanat, Abbas Iran : a modern history / DS272 .A435 2017
Akbarnia, Ladan The Islamic world : a history in objects / DS36.85 .A337 2018
McEachern, Patrick  North Korea : what everyone needs to know / DS935.5 .M36 2019
Fauvelle-Aymar, François-Xavier The golden rhinoceros : histories of the African Middle Ages / DT25 .F3813 2018
Ratner-Rosenhagen, Jennifer The ideas that made America : a brief history / E169.1 .R35 2019
Hagerman, Margaret A. White kids : growing up with privilege in a racially divided America / E184.A1 H185 2018
Kendi, Ibram X. How to be an antiracist / E184.A1 K344 2019
Jackson, Lauren Michele  White Negroes : when cornrows were in vogue ... and other thoughts on cultural appropriation / E185.625 .J328 2019
Taylor, Alan  Thomas Jefferson's education / E332.2 .T39 2019
Blight, David W. Frederick Douglass : prophet of freedom / E449.D75 B557 2018
Levin, Kevin M.  Searching for black Confederates : the Civil War's most persistent myth / E585.A35 L48 2019
Gaetz, Matt Firebrand : dispatches from the front lines of the MAGA revolution / E840.8 .G348 2020
Biden, Joseph R., Jr. Promises to keep : on life and politics / E840.8.B54 A3 2007
Witcover, Jules Joe Biden : a life of trial and redemption / E840.8.B54 W58 2019
Lewis, John Across that bridge : a vision for change and the future of America / E840.8.L43 A3 2017
Ball, Molly Pelosi / E840.8.P37 B35 2020
Haley, Nikki  With all due respect : defending America with grit and grace / E901.1.H35 A3 2019
Karl, Jonathan  Front row at the Trump show / E912 .K37 2020
Sanders, Sarah Huckabee Speaking for myself : faith, freedom, and the fight of our lives inside the Trump White House / E912 .S265 2020
Woodward, Bob  Rage / E912 .W67 2020
Hamnett, Brian R. A concise history of Mexico / F1226 .H36 2019
Potter, Jennifer  The Jamestown brides : the story of England's "Maids for Virginia" / F229 .P88 2019
Ceruzzi, Paul E. GPS / G109.5 .C47 2018
Juniper, Tony What's really happening to our planet? / GF75 .J86 2016
Wood, Bernard A. Human evolution : a very short introduction / GN281 .W674 2019
  The Penguin book of mermaids / GR910 .P34 2019
  Violent video games and society / GV1469.34 .V56 2018
Browar, Ken The art of movement / GV1588.3.B76 A78 2016
Snow, Richard  Disney's land : Walt Disney and the invention of the amusement park that changed the world / GV1853.3.C22 S66 2019
Way, Gerard The Umbrella Academy. Graphic G. Way vol. 1
Way, Gerard The Umbrella Academy. Graphic G. Way vol. 2
Way, Gerard The Umbrella Academy. Graphic G. Way vol. 3
Inglis, David An invitation to social theory / H61 .I5326 2019
Field, Jacob Is capitalism working? : a primer for the 21st century / HB501 .F54 2018
Greenwood, Jeremy  Evolving households : the imprint of technology on life / HC110.T4 G694 2018
  The wealth gap / HC79.I5 W43 2017
Skidelsky, Robert  Money and government : the past and future of economics / HD82 .S5593 2018
Hyman, Mark  Food fix : how to save our health, our economy, our communities, and our planet-one bite at a time / HD9000.5 .H96 2020
Milov, Sarah  The cigarette : a political history / HD9149.C43 U663 2019
Yost, Jeffrey R. Making IT work : a history of the computer services industry / HD9696.2.A2 Y67 2017
Cunningham, Stuart Social media entertainment : the new intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley / HD9696.8.U62 C86 2019
Smale, Bob Manage your money / HG179 .S63 2019
Gladwell, Malcolm  Talking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know / HM1106 .G585 2019
  Witch hunt or justice? : accusations against public figures / HM1236 .W58 2019
Moffett, Mark W. The human swarm : how our societies arise, thrive, and fall / HM585 .M64 2019
Jackson, Matthew O. The human network : how your social position determines your power, beliefs, and behaviors / HM741 .J329 2019
Phillips, Whitney  The ambivalent Internet : mischief, oddity, and antagonism online / HM851 .P52 2017
McDonald, Kevin  Radicalization / HN49.R33 M432 2018
Crenshaw, Dan  Fortitude : American resilience in the era of outrage / HN59.2 .C74 2020
Sasse, Benjamin E. Them : why we hate each other--and how to heal / HN90.S62 S37 2018
Hines, Sally Is gender fluid? : a primer for the 21st century / HQ1075 .H54 2018
Ringdal, Nils Johan Love for sale : a world history of prostitution / HQ111 .R5613 2004
Steinhauer, Jennifer The firsts : the inside story of the women reshaping Congress / HQ1236.5.U6 S732 2020
Criado-Perez, Caroline Invisible women : data bias in a world designed for men / HQ1237 .C75 2019
Cooper, Brittney C.  Eloquent rage : a black feminist discovers her superpower / HQ1413.C67 C67 2019
Blau, Francine D. The economics of women, men, and work / HQ1421 .B56 2018
Brown, Erin Women in America / HQ1421 .B76 2018
Purkayastha, Bandana  Human trafficking : trade for sex, labor, and organs / HQ281 .P87 2019
Popova, Milena Sexual consent / HQ32 .P66 2019
Doepke, Matthias Love, money & parenting : how economics explains the way we raise our kids / HQ755.8 .D63 2019
Sasser, Jade On infertile ground : population control and women's rights in the era of climate change / HQ766 .S373 2018
Albright, Julie M.  Left to their own devices : how digital natives are reshaping the American dream / HQ799.2.M352 U63 2019
Margolin, Jamie  Youth to power : your voice and how to use it / HQ799.2.P6 M362 2020
Penilla, Adan R. American Sign Language for dummies / HV2474 .P46 2017
Inglis, Lucy Milk of paradise : a history of opium / HV5816 .I48 2019
Rafter, Nicole Hahn  The criminal brain : understanding biological theories of crime / HV6047 .R334 2016
Hall, Jacquelyn Dowd Revolt against chivalry : Jessie Daniel Ames and the women's campaign against lynching / HV6457 .H34 1993
Hattery, Angela Gender, power, and violence : responding to sexual and intimate partner violence in society today / HV6626 .H3249 2019
Snyder, Rachel Louise No visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us / HV6626.2 .S59 2019
Wolff, Josephine You'll see this message when it is too late : the legal and economic aftermath of cybersecurity breaches / HV6773 .W655 2018
Clarke, Richard A. The fifth domain : defending our country, our companies, and ourselves in the age of cyber threats / HV6773.2 .C585 2019
White, Michael D. Stop and frisk : the use and abuse of a controversial policing tactic / HV8080.P2 W45 2016
Brundage, W. Fitzhugh Civilizing torture : an American tradition / HV8599.U6 B78 2018
Stone, Dan  Concentration camps : a very short introduction / HV8963 .S76 2019
Surprenant, Chris W.  Injustice for all : how financial incentives corrupted and can fix the US criminal justice system / HV9950 .S86 2020
Paul, Rand The case against socialism / HX73 .P3836 2019
  Global politics : a new introduction / JC319 .G595 2019
Dasandi, Niheer Is democracy failing? : a primer for the 21st century / JC423 .D287 2018
Snowden, Edward J.  Permanent record / JF1525.W45 S655 2019
Robert, Henry M. Robert's rules of order : newly revised / JF515 .R692 2020
Jardina, Ashley White identity politics / JK1764 .J37 2019
  Party politics / JK2265 .P36 2021
Johnson, Dennis W. Campaigns and elections : what everyone needs to know / JK2281 .J622 2020
Cohen, Michael A.  Clear and present safety : the world has never been better and why that matters to Americans / JK275 .C645 2019
Kendzior, Sarah The view from flyover country : dispatches from the forgotten America / JK275 .K45 2018
Dickerson, John  The hardest job in the world : the American presidency / JK516 .D49 2020
Wegman, Jesse Let the people pick the president : the case for abolishing the Electoral College / JK528 .W39 2020
Holzer, Harold The presidents vs. the press : the endless battle between the White House and the media -- from the Founding Fathers to fake news / JK554 .H65 2020
Brown, Erin Legal and illegal immigration / JV6456 .I55564 2017
  Deporting immigrants / JV6483 .D46 2018
LeMay, Michael C.  Immigration reform : a reference handbook / JV6483 .L466 2019
Jones, Meg Leta Ctrl + Z : the right to be forgotten / K3264.C65 J66 2016
  Juvenile justice in global perspective / K5575 .J86 2017
Wilentz, Sean No property in man : slavery and antislavery at the nation's founding / KF4545.S5 W59 2018
Hulse, Carl Confirmation bias : inside Washington's war over the Supreme Court, from Scalia's death to Justice Kavanaugh / KF8742 .H85 2019
Garcia, David R. School choice / LB1027.9 .G37 2018
Cooper, Mark Garrett Media U : how the need to win audiences has shaped higher education / LB2342.82 .C67 2018
Baratta, Alex Read critically / LB2395 .B37388 2020
  Making an impact on school bullying : interventions and recommendations / LB3013.3 .M247 2019
Pondiscio, Robert How the other half learns : equality, excellence, and the battle over school choice / LC213.2 .P66 2019
Baer, Ulrich What snowflakes get right : free speech, truth, and equality on campus / LC72.2 .B34 2019
Cheshire, Lee Key moments in art / N5300 .C535 2018
Elsner, Jás The art of the Roman Empire AD 100-450 / N5760 .E484 2018
Anfam, David Abstract expressionism / N6512.5.A25 A89 2015
De Salvo, Donna M. Andy Warhol : from A to B and back again / N6537.W28 A4 2018
Warhol, Andy Contact Warhol : photography without end / N6537.W28 A4 2018b
Marsh, Jan  Pre-Raphaelite sisters / N6767.5.P7 M37 2019
  Josef Albers : interaction / N6888.A5 A4 2018
Zöllner, Frank Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519 : the complete paintings and drawings / N6923.L33 A4 2019
Woodford, Susan Looking at pictures / N7475 .W66 2018
  Communist posters / NC1806.8 .C66 2017
Wolf, Norbert  Expressionism / ND1482.E9 .W64 2015
Hess, Barbara  Abstract expressionism / ND212.5.A25 H47 2016
  Vincent van Gogh : his life in art / ND653.G7 A4 2019
Bomford, David Rembrandt / ND653.R4 A4 2006c
Knausgård, Karl Ove  So much longing in so little space : the art of Edvard Munch / ND773.M8 K6313 2019
López-Rey, José Velázquez : the complete works / ND813.V4 A4 2014
Giles, L. R. Not so pure and simple / Nook Giles
Nazemian, Abdi Like a love story / Nook Nazemian
Stone, Nic Dear Martin / Nook Stone
Watson, Renée Watch us rise / Nook Watson
Battistella, Edwin L. Dangerous crooked scoundrels : insulting the president, from Washington to Trump / P410.I58 B38 2020
Taibbi, Matt Hate Inc. : why today's media makes us despise one another / P95.82.U6 T353 2019
Bregstein, Barbara Complete Spanish step-by-step : the fastest way to achieve Spanish mastery / PC4121 .B7447 2020
Evans, Harold  Do I make myself clear? : why writing well matters / PE1408 .E84 2017
Li, Dong  Tuttle learner's Chinese-English dictionary / PL1455 .L525 2015
Sol, Adam  How a poem moves : a field guide for readers of poetry / PN1042 .S66 2019
Dreyer, Benjamin Dreyer's English : an utterly correct guide to clarity and style / PN145 .D74 2019
Desilet, Gregory E. Screens of blood : a critical approach to film and television violence / PN1995.9.V5 D473 2014
  The Penguin book of migration literature : departures, arrivals, generations, returns / PN56.E59 P47 2019
  Manga : the Citi exhibition / PN6790.J3 M36 2019
García Márquez, Gabriel I'm not here to give a speech / PQ8180.17.A73 Y6 2019
Dudley, Marc K.  Understanding James Baldwin / PS3552.A45 Z648 2019
Sexton, Jared Yates The man they wanted me to be : toxic masculinity and a crisis of our own making / PS3619.E9835 Z46 2019
Levy-Hussen, Aida  How to read African American literature : post-Civil Rights fiction and the task of interpretation / PS374.N4 L49 2016
Alvarez, Julia Afterlife : a novel / Popular Alvarez
Danticat, Edwidge  Everything inside : stories / Popular Danticat
Grisham, John Camino winds / Popular Grisham
Gyasi, Yaa Transcendent kingdom / Popular Gyasi
Herbert, Frank Dune / Popular Herbert
Kidd, Sue Monk The book of longings / Popular Kidd
King, Stephen  If it bleeds : new fiction / Popular King
Leilani, Raven Luster / Popular Leilani
McMillan, Terry It's not all downhill from here : a novel / Popular McMillan
Morgan, Louisa  The age of witches / Popular Morgan
Moshfegh, Ottessa Death in her hands / Popular Moshfegh
Patterson, James  The 20th victim / Popular Patterson vol. 20
Ruff, Matt Lovecraft country : a novel / Popular Ruff
Steel, Danielle The wedding dress : a novel / Popular Steel
  Scientists who changed history. Q141 .S297 2019
Webb, Amy  The Big Nine : how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity / Q334.7 .W43 2019
Wigderson, Avi Mathematics and computation: a theory revolutionizing technology and science / QA267.7 .W54 2019
Day, Mark Stuart Bits to Bitcoin : how our digital stuff works / QA76 .D3333327 2018
Guthrie, Julian Alpha girls : the women upstarts who took on Silicon Valley's male culture and made the deals of a lifetime / QA76.2.A2 G88 2019
Crowder, T. J. JavaScript : the new toys / QA76.73.J395 C76 2020
Burd, Barry Flutter / QA76.76 .B873 2020
Burd, Barry Android application development all-in-one / QA76.76.A65 B863 2020
Tozzi, Christopher J.  For fun and profit : a history of the free and open source software revolution / QA76.76.O62 T69 2017
Keur, Christian iOS programming: the Big Nerd Ranch guide / QA76.774.I67 K48 2020
Negus, Chris  Linux bible / QA76.774.L46 N445 2020
Hughes, Bill  Samsung Galaxy S20 for dummies / QA76.8.S25 H844 2020
Greengard, Samuel Virtual reality / QA76.9.C65 G745 2019
  The math book / QA93 .M3435 2019
Goldsmith, Mike  Waves : a very short introduction / QC157 .G653 2018
Wignall, P. B. Extinction : a very short introduction / QE721.2.E97 W539 2019
Metzl, Jamie Frederic Hacking Darwin : genetic engineering and the future of humanity / QH442 .M487 2019
Albert, Bruce Trees / QK475.6 .A43 2019
Socha, Piotr Trees : a rooted history / QK475.8 .S6313 2019
Winegard, Timothy C.   The mosquito : a human history of our deadliest predator / QL536 .W56 2019
Kemp, T. S.  Reptiles : a very short introduction / QL644 .K466 2019
  Scientific foundations of zoos and aquariums : their role in conservation and research / QL76 .S35 2019
Martin, John H.  Neuroanatomy : text and atlas / QM451 .M27 2021
Church, Dawson  Mind to matter : the astonishing science of how your brain creates material reality / QP360 .C4848 2018
Costandi, Moheb Neuroplasticity / QP364.5 .C67 2016
LeDoux, Joseph E. The deep history of ourselves : the four-billion-year story of how we got conscious brains / QP411 .L43 2019
Jones, Lynette A. Haptics / QP451 .J66 2018
Breslaw, Elaine G.  Lotions, potions, pills, and magic : health care in early America / R152 .B725 2014
McBride, David  Caring for equality : a history of African American health and healthcare / RA448.5.N4 M33 2018
Aronson, Louise Elderhood : redefining aging, transforming medicine, reimagining life / RA564.8 .A76 2019
Siegel, Seth M.  Troubled water : what's wrong with what we drink / RA592.A1 S54 2019
Buch, Elana D. Inequalities of aging : paradoxes of independence in American home care / RA645.35 .B83 2018
Wexler, Barbara Weight in America : obesity, eating disorders, and other health risks / RA645.O23 W49 2016
Curtis, Susan Natural beauty / RA776.98 .C87 2015
  Fast facts about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) : a nurse's guide to expert patient care / RC200.2 .S3366 2021
Kinch, Michael S. The end of the beginning : cancer, immunity, and the future of a cure / RC271.I45 K56 2019
Snowling, Margaret J. Dyslexia : a very short introduction / RC394.W6 S56 2019
Morrison-Valfre, Michelle. Foundations of mental health care / RC440 .V354 2021
Harrington, Anne  Mind fixers : psychiatry's troubled search for the biology of mental illness / RC455.4.B5 H37 2019
  The disordered couple / RC488.5 .D59 2019
  Beyond the primal addiction : food, sex, gambling, internet, shopping and work / RC533 .B49 2019
Tarman, Vera Ingrid Food junkies : recovery from food addiction / RC552.E18 T37 2019
Petry, Nancy M. Pause and reset : a parent's guide to preventing and overcoming problems with gaming / RC569.5.V53 P47 2019
Dunning, Trisha Care of people with diabetes : a manual for healthcare practice / RC660 .D785 2020
  Hemodynamic monitoring made incredibly visual / RC670.5.H45 H46 2020
  ECG interpretation made incredibly easy! / RC683.5.E5 E256 2020
Cowie, Helen From birth to sixteen : children's health, social, emotional, and linguistic development / RJ131 .C69 2019
Reich, Jennifer A. Calling the shots : why parents reject vaccines / RJ240 .R45 2016
  Pediatric nurse practitioner certification review guide : primary care / RJ245 .S5534 2021
  Mayo Clinic guide to your baby's first years / RJ253 .M39 2020
Ruggiero, Kristine Fast facts handbook for pediatric primary care : a guide for nurse practitioners and physician assistants / RJ61 .R8445 2021
Wenk, Gary Lee Your brain on food : how chemicals control your thoughts and feelings / RM315 .W46 2019
Hager, Thomas Ten drugs : how plants, powders, and pills have shaped the history of medicine / RM45 .H34 2019
Smith, Gregory L. Fast facts about medical cannabis and opioids : minimizing opioid use through cannabis / RM666.C266 S65 2021
Burns, Suzanne M. AACN essentials of progressive care nursing / RT120.I5 A167 2019
  Introduction to critical care nursing / RT120.I5 I58 2020
Standing, Mooi Clinical judgement & decision making in nursing / RT42 .S67 2020
Ellis, Peter  Patient assessment & care planning in nursing. RT48 .E44 2020
Ignatavicius, Donna D. Developing clinical judgment for professional nursing and the next-generation NCLEX-RN examination / RT55 .I36 2021
Sommer, Rhoda L. NCLEX-RN / RT55 .S6664 2020
Timby, Barbara Kuhn Lippincott review for NCLEX-PN / RT62 .T56 2021
Aktan, Nadine M. Fast facts for nurse practitioners : practice essentials for clinical subspecialties / RT82.8 .A383 2021
Sorrentino, Sheila A. Mosby's textbook for nursing assistants / RT84 .S67 2021
  Transcultural nursing : assessment and intervention / RT86.54 .T73 2021
  Case studies in public health nursing : online practice and application / RT97 .C37 2020
Hyman, Frank Hentopia : create a hassle-free habitat for happy chickens : 21 innovative projects / SF494.5 .H96 2018
Hopkins, Diana Write your lab report / T11 .H675 2020
Farid, Hany Fake photos / TA1654 .F37 2019
  Design for advanced manufacturing : technologies and processes / TA174 .D47 2017
Clark, David D. Designing an internet / TK5105.87 .C63 2018
Ankerson, Megan Sapnar Dot-com design : the rise of a usable, social, commercial web / TK5105.888 .A54 2018
  Drive : the definitive history of driving / TL152.5 .D7495 2018
Lipson, Hod. Driverless : intelligent cars and the road ahead / TL152.8 .L57 2017
Launius, Roger D. The Smithsonian history of space exploration : from the ancient world to the extraterrestrial future / TL790 .L3275 2018
Farid, Hany Photo forensics / TR147 .F36 2016
Leibovitz, Annie Annie Leibovitz at work / TR680 .L376 2018
  Craft / TT145 .C77 2018
Parasecoli, Fabio Food / TX353 .P355 2019
Jack, Belinda Elizabeth Reading : a very short introduction / Z1003 .J118 2019
Luna, Paul Typography : a very short introduction / Z246 .L85 2018
Gehl, Robert W. Weaving the dark web : legitimacy on Freenet, Tor, and I2P / ZA4237 .G44 2018