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Author Title
  A study guide for Arundhati Roy's "the God of small things" /
  A study guide for Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.
  A study guide for Edwidge Danticat's "the farming of bones" /
  A study guide for Khaled Hosseini's "A thousand splendid suns" /
  Richard Yates and the flawed American dream : critical essays /
Apostolos-Cappadona, Diane  A Guide to Christian Art
Aral, Sinan The Hype Machine : How Social Media Disrupts Our Elections, Our Economy, and Our Health--and How We Must Adapt /
Bailey, Issac J. Why Didn't We Riot? : A Black Man in Trumpland.
Barkley, Russell A. Taking Charge of ADHD, Fourth Edition : The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents
Chevallier, Andrew Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
Clarke, Glen E. CompTIA PenTest+ Certification for Dummies
Das Sarkhel, Ranjana Critiquing the postcolonial construct in Chinua Achebe's novels /
Davis, Angela Y. Women, race & class
Douglass, Frederick My bondage and my freedom /
Dreunen, Joost van One up : creativity, competition, and the global business of video games /
Drew, Kimberly & Jenna Wortham Black futures /
Egan, Sophie How to Be a Conscious Eater : Making Food Choices That Are Good for You, Others, and the Planet
Egharevba, Stephen Police brutality, racial profiling, and discrimination in the criminal justice system /
Eskridge, William N., Jr. Marriage equality : from outlaws to in-laws /
Hammond, Zaretta Culturally responsive teaching and the brain : promoting authentic engagement and rigor among culturally and linguistically diverse students /
Hastings, Reed & Erin Meyer No Rules Rules : Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention
Herrera, Juan Felipe Every day we get more illegal
Hetherington, Marc J. Prius or pickup? : how the answers to four simple questions explain America's great divide /
Jefferson, Thomas The Jefferson Bible /
Larson, Heidi Stuck : how vaccine rumors start - and why they don't go away /
Leng, G. The matter of facts : skepticism, persuasion, and evidence in science /
Lister, Kate A Curious History of Sex
Liu, Eric You're more powerful than you think : a citizen's guide to making change happen /
Love, Bettina L. We want to do more than survive : abolitionist teaching and the pursuit of educational freedom /
Manseau, Peter The Jefferson Bible : a biography /
Masur, Louis P. The Civil War a concise history /
McHughen, Alan DNA demystified : unraveling the double helix /
Meleagrou-Hitchens, Alexander Homegrown : ISIS in America /
Mikovits, Judy Plague of corruption : restoring faith in the promise of science /
Morrison, Toni The Measure of Our Lives
Morrison, Toni. Playing in the dark : whiteness and the literary imagination /
Naparsteck, M. J.  Richard Yates up close the writer and his works /
Nazarenus, Christine Medical Cannabis handbook for healthcare professionals /
Ochiagha, Terri A short history of Chinua Achebe's Things fall Apart /
O'Connor, Cailin The misinformation age : how false beliefs spread /
Olson, Mancur The logic of collective action public goods and the theory of groups.
O'Neill, Connor Towne Down along with that devil's bones : a reckoning with monuments, memory, and the legacy of white supremacy /
Pallua, Ulrich Africa's transition from colonisation to independence and decolonisation : Joseph Conrad's "Heart of darkness", Chinua Achebe's "Things fall apart", and Moses Isegawa's "Abyssinian chronicles" /
Pandey, Vipin Kumar Arundhati Roy's The God of small things : a critical exploration of realism & romance /
Petersen, Anne Helen Can't even : how millennials became the burnout generation /
Richardson, Heather Cox How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America
Rutherford, Adam How to argue with a racist : what our genes do (and don't) say about human difference /
Sagers, Chris United States v. Apple : Competition in America /
Saltz, Jerry How to be an artist /
Sawyer, Ethan College admission essentials : a step-by-step guide to showing colleges who you are and what matters to you /
Schenwar, Maya Prison by any other name : the harmful consequences of popular reforms /
Serdula, Donna LinkedIn profile optimization /
Stewart, Katherine The power worshippers  : inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism /
Stuhr, Rebecca. Reading Khaled Hosseini
Swalwell, Eric Endgame : inside the impeachment of Donald J. Trump /
Tickell, Alex. Arundhati Roy's The god of small things
Wadhia, Shoba Sivaprasad Banned : immigration enforcement in the time of Trump /
Wittenberg, Eric J. et al. Seceding From Secession: The Civil War, Politics, and the Creation of West Virginia
Wragg Sykes, Rebecca Kindred : Neanderthal life, love, death and art /

New Print Books

Author Title Call Number
Bassham, Gregory The philosophy book : from the Vedas to the New Atheists : 250 milestones in the history of philosophy / B104 .B37 2016
Gutting, Gary Foucault : a very short introduction / B2430.F724 G86 2019
Grayling, A. C. The history of philosophy / B72 .G73 2019
Allen, Ansgar Cynicism / B809.5 .A45 2020
Pritchard, Duncan Scepticism : a very short introduction / B837 .P755 2019
Greer, John Michael The occult book : a chronological journey, from alchemy to wicca / BF1411 .G74 2017
Vyse, Stuart A. Superstition : a very short introduction / BF1775 .V972 2019
Evans, Dylan Emotion : a very short introduction / BF531 .E78 2019
Maibom, Heidi Lene Empathy / BF575.E55 M34 2020
Wilson, Clare Manage your stress / BF575.S75 W55 2020
Benson, Buster Why are we yelling? : the art of productive disagreement / BF637.I48 B46 2019
Buss, David M. Evolutionary psychology : the new science of the mind / BF698.95 .H36 2019
Nanay, Bence Aesthetics : a very short introduction / BH39 .N265 2019
Boone, Brian Ethics 101 : from altruism and utilitarianism to bioethics and political ethics, an exploration of the concepts of right and wrong / BJ1012 .B58 2017
Keown, Damien Buddhist ethics : a very short introduction / BJ1289 .K438 2020
Shaw, Julia Evil : the science behind humanity's dark side / BJ1401 .S467 2019
Cohen, Charles L. The Abrahamic religions : a very short introduction / BL410 .C634 2020
McAuliffe, Jane Dammen The Qur'an : what everyone needs to know / BP130 .M396 2020
  The Islam book / BP161.3 .I75 2020
Louër, Laurence Sunnis and Shi'a : a political history of discord / BP194.16 .L6813 2020
Payne, Les The dead are arising : the life of Malcolm X / BP223.Z8 L57655 2020
  The practice of Islam in America : an introduction / BP67.U6 P73 2017
Oliver, Joan Duncan Buddhism : an introduction to the Buddha's life, teachings, and practices / BQ893 .O45 2019
  The desert fathers : sayings of the early Christian monks / BR1705.A2 V525 2003
Coogan, Michael David The Bible : what everyone needs to know / BS475.3 .C664 2021
Hall, David D. The Puritans : a transatlantic history / BX9323 .H35 2019
Cline, Eric H. Three stones make a wall : the story of archaeology / CC100 .C55 2018
Zakaria, Fareed Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world / D862 .Z35 2020
Caplan, Jane Nazi Germany : a very short introduction / DD256.5 .C33 2019
Seth, Michael J. Korea : a very short introduction / DS902 .S38 2020
Shapiro, Ben How to destroy America in three easy steps / E169.1 .S539 2020
Stadelmann, Marcus A. U. S. presidents for dummies / E176.1 .S6975 2020
Darby, Seyward Sisters in hate : American women on the front lines of white nationalism / E184.A1 D35 2020
Lee, Erika America for Americans : a history of xenophobia in the United States / E184.A1 L4135 2019
Sowell, Thomas Discrimination and disparities / E184.A1 S686 2019
Goldsby, Richard A. Thinking race : social myths and biological realities / E185.615 .G63 2019
Berry, Daina Ramey A Black women's history of the United States / E185.86 .B475 2020
Goodman, Alan H. Race : are we so different? / E185.86 .G637 2020
Stewart, Dianne M. Black women, Black love : America's war on African American marriage / E185.86 .S757 2020
  Women in the American Revolution : gender, politics, and the domestic world / E276 .W66 2019
McCurry, Stephanie Women's war : fighting and surviving the American Civil War / E628 .M35 2019
Guelzo, Allen C. Reconstruction : a very short introduction / E668 .G89 2020
McAndrews, Lawrence J.  The presidents and the poor : America battles poverty-2017 / E839.5 .M273 2018
Allen, Jonathan Lucky : how Joe Biden barely won the presidency / E840.8.B54 A44 2021
Osnos, Evan Joe Biden : the life, the run, and what matters now / E840.8.B54 O86 2020
Cummings, Elijah We're better than this : my fight for the future of our democracy / E840.8.C85 A3 2020
Meacham, Jon His truth is marching on : John Lewis and the power of hope / E840.8.L43 M43 2020
Bolton, John R. The room where it happened : a White House memoir / E901.1.B65 A3 2020
Omar, Ilhan This is what America looks like : my journey from refugee to Congresswoman / E901.1.O43 A3 2020
Zito, Salena The great revolt : inside the populist coalition reshaping American politics / E901.1.T78 Z57 2018
Obama, Barack A promised land / E908 .A3 2020
Lewis, Michael  The fifth risk / E912 .L48 2018
Lozada, Carlos What were we thinking : a brief intellectual history of the Trump era / E912 .L69 2020
Marti, Gerardo American blindspot : race, class, religion, and the Trump presidency / E912 .M388 2020
Wright, Donald A. Canada : a very short introduction / F1008 .W75 2020
Restall, Matthew The Maya : a very short introduction / F1435 .R4927 2020
Shekhar, Shashi Spatial computing / G70.212 .S538 2019
Bowers, David George Tides : a very short introduction / GC301.2 .B69 2019
Wallace-Wells, David The uninhabitable earth : life after warming / GF75 .W36 2019
  The monster theory reader / GR825 .M654 2020
Bendis, Brian Michael Superman. Phantom Earth / Graphic Bendis vol. 1
Brubaker, Ed Reckless / Graphic Brubaker
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther. Graphic Coates vol. 2
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther. Graphic Coates vol. 3
Johns, Geoff Batman. Graphic Johns
Johnson, Daniel Warren Wonder Woman. Graphic Johnson
Wexler, Barbara Genetics and genetic engineering / H1 .I55444 2017
Larraín B., Felipe Macroeconomics / HB172.5 .L37 2020
Shiller, Robert J. Narrative economics : how stories go viral & drive major economic events / HB74.P8 S47 2019
Schlossberg, Tatiana Inconspicuous consumption : the environmental impact you don't know you have / HC79.C6 S258 2019
  How management works : the concepts visually explained / HD31.2 .H69 2020
Land, Stephanie Maid : hard work, low pay, and a mother's will to survive / HD6072.2.U5 L36 2019
Susskind, Daniel A world without work : technology, automation, and how we should respond / HD6331 .S86 2020
Trotter, Joe William Workers on arrival : Black labor in the making of America / HD8081.A65 T77 2019
Little, Amanda The fate of food : what we'll eat in a bigger, hotter, smarter world / HD9000.5 .L57 2019
Eggers, Dave The monk of Mokha / HD9199.U48 E34 2018
Jenkins, Nick Energy systems : a very short introduction / HD9502.A2 J465 2019
Leonard, Christopher Kochland : the secret history of Koch Industries and corporate power in America / HD9569.K63 L46 2019
Lobato, Ramon Netflix nations : the geography of digital distribution / HD9697.V544 N48495 2019
Randolph, Marc That will never work : the birth of Netflix and the amazing life of an idea / HD9697.V544 N488 2019
Thomas, Dana Fashionopolis : the price of fast fashion--and the future of clothes / HD9940.A2 T46 2019
Crouch, Colin The globalization backlash / HF1365 .C78 2019
Kondō, Marie Joy at work : organizing your professional life / HF5386 .K7655 2020
Charan, Ram The Amazon management system : the ultimate digital business engine that creates extraordinary value for both customers and shareholders / HF5548.32 .C4373 2019
Urofsky, Melvin I. The affirmative action puzzle : a living history from reconstruction to today / HF5549.5.A34 U76 2020
Williams, Stephen Blockchain : the next everything / HG1710 .W558 2019
Cagan, Michele Budgeting 101 : from getting out of debt and tracking expenses to setting financial goals and building your savings, your essential guide to budgeting / HG179 .C274 2018
Mezrich, Ben Bitcoin billionaires : a true story of genius, betrayal, and redemption / HG4751 .M499 2019
  Taxes and society's priorities / HJ2381 .T3954 2018
Bauman, Zygmunt Thinking sociologically / HM51 .B364 2019
Dillon, Michele Introduction to sociological theory : theorists, concepts, and their applicability to the twenty-first century / HM585 .D55 2020
Bristow, Jennie Stop mugging grandma : the 'generation wars' and why boomer-blaming won't solve anything / HM726 .B75 2019
Jemielniak, Dariusz Collaborative society / HM742 .J46 2020
Mezrich, Ben The accidental billionaires : the founding of Facebook : a tale of sex, money, genius, and betrayal / HM743.F33 M49 2010
Henry, Stuart Social deviance / HM811 .H467 2019
Cheney-Lippold, John We are data : algorithms and the making of our digital selves / HM851 .C4446 2019
Pomerantsev, Peter This is not propaganda : adventures in the war against reality / HM851 .P6556 2019
Smith, Brad  Tools and weapons : the promise and the peril of the digital age / HM851 .S594 2019
  Mass shootings / HM866 .M197 2021
Hallsworth, Michael Behavioral insights / HN28 .H28 2020
Marantz, Andrew Antisocial : online extremists, techno-utopians, and the hijacking of the American conversation / HN90.R3 M343 2019
Picciolini, Christian Breaking hate : confronting the new culture of extremism / HN90.R3 P53 2020
Ryle, Robyn Questioning gender : a sociological exploration / HQ1075 .R95 2021
Oluo, Ijeoma Mediocre : the dangerous legacy of white male America / HQ1090.3 .O58 2020
Orenstein, Peggy Boys & sex : young men on hookups, love, porn, consent, and navigating the new masculinity / HQ27.3 .O74 2020
Leonard, Suzanne Wife, Inc. : the business of marriage in the twenty-first century / HQ536 .L46 2018
Rosswood, Eric We make it better : the LGBTQ community and their positive contributions to society / HQ73 .R677 2019
Millwood, Molly To have and to hold : motherhood, marriage, and the modern dilemma / HQ759 .M6155 2019
Hill, Sarah E. This is your brain on birth control : the surprising science of women, hormones, and the law of unintended consequences / HQ766 .H485 2019
Doonan, Simon Drag : the complete story / HQ77 .D66 2019
  Transitions : the development of children of immigrants / HQ792.E8 T73 2015
Lavin, Talia Culture warlords : my journey into the dark web of white supremacy / HS2325 .L38 2020
  The great cities in history / HT111 .G733 2018
Wuthnow, Robert The left behind : decline and rage in rural America / HT421 .W875 2018
Wilkerson, Isabel Caste : the origins of our discontents / HT725.U6 W55 2020
Reese, Jacy The end of animal farming : how scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists are building an animal-free food system / HV4757 .R44 2018
Newton, David E. Youth substance abuse : a reference handbook / HV4999.Y68 N49 2016
Rorabaugh, W. J. Prohibition : a very short introduction / HV5089 .R667 2018
  The Oxford handbook of the history of crime and criminal justice / HV6021 .O94 2016
Haney, Craig Criminality in context : the psychological foundations of criminal justice reform / HV6080 .H3135 2020
  The Oxford handbook of gender, sex, and crime / HV6158 .O94 2019
Treadwell, James Criminological ethnography : an introduction / HV6191 .T75 2020
True, Jacqui Violence against women : what everyone needs to know / HV6250.4.W65 T784 2021
Uscinski, Joseph E. Conspiracy theories : a primer / HV6275 .U73 2020
  Domestic terrorism / HV6432 .D664 2021
Vronsky, Peter Sons of Cain : a history of serial killers from the stone age to the present / HV6505 .V76 2018
Smith, Jeremy N. Breaking and entering : the extraordinary story of a hacker called "Alien" / HV6772.A5 S55 2019
Hawes, Jennifer Grace will lead us home : the Charleston Church Massacre and the hard, inspiring journey to forgiveness / HV6773.54.C43 H39 2019
  Justice statistics : an extended look at crime in the United States / HV6787 .J87 2019
Comey, James B., Jr. Saving justice : truth, transparency, and trust / HV7432 .C56 2021
Fraser, James Curtis Forensic science : a very short introduction / HV8073 .F692 2020
Howard, Marc Morjé Unusually cruel : prisons, punishment, and the real American exceptionalism / HV8139 .H69 2017
  The Oxford handbook of police and policing / HV8139 .O94 2019
Stroud, Matt Thin blue lie : the failure of high-tech policing / HV8139 .S89 2019
Meyer, Stephen Social welfare : addressing poverty and homelessness / HV91 .M460 2018
Lempert, Lora Bex Women doing life : gender, punishment, and the struggle for identity / HV9471 .L436 2016
Skinner, Quentin Machiavelli : a very short introduction / JC143.M4 S57 2019
Duindam, Jeroen Frans Jozef Dynasty : a very short introduction / JC330 .D85 2019
Rozell, Mark J. Federalism : a very short introduction / JC355 .R69 2019
Goldberg, Jonah Suicide of the west : how the rebirth of tribalism, populism, nationalism, and identity politics is destroying American democracy / JC573.2.U6 G654 2018
Kochenov, Dimitry Citizenship / JF801 .K64 2019
Spiro, Peter J. Citizenship : what everyone needs to know / JF801 .S694 2020
Brown-Dean, Khalilah L. Identity politics in the United States / JK1764 .B77 2019
Wehle, Kim What you need to know about voting and why / JK1976 .W44 2020
Abrams, Stacey Our time is now : power, purpose, and the fight for a fair America / JK1994 .A37 2020
Mason, Lilliana Uncivil agreement : how politics became our identity / JK2271 .M312 2018
Jansen, Jan C. Decolonization : a short history / JV151 .J3613 2017
Schrag, Philip G. Baby jails : the fight to end the incarceration of refugee children in America / JV6483 .S37 2020
Susskind, Richard E. Online courts and the future of justice / K2100 .S87 2019
Gorsuch, Neil M.  A republic, if you can keep it / KF213 .G67 2019
Robertson, Cara The trial of Lizzie Borden : a true story / KF223.B6 R63 2019
  The law book / KF387 .C4757 2020
Dershowitz, Alan M. Cancel culture : the latest attack on free speech and due process / KF4772 .D465 2020
Thomas, Evan First : Sandra Day O'Connor / KF8745.O25 T46 2019
Feld, Barry C. The evolution of the juvenile court : race, politics, and the criminalizing of juvenile justice / KF9794 .F45 2017
Meyer, Stephen Education in America / LA217.2 .E36 2018
Geiger, Roger L. American higher education since World War II : a history / LA227.2 .G45 2019
Vega-Castaneda, Lillian Teaching and learning about difference through social media : reflection, engagement, and self-assessment / LB1044.87 .V43 2019
Aubrey, Karl Understanding & using educational theories / LB14.7 .A883 2019
Haber, Jonathan Critical thinking / LB1590.3 .H327 2020
Anderson, Lorraine Pass your exam / LB2343.32 .A5477 2020
Horn, Michael B. Choosing college : How to make better learning decisions throughout your life / LB2350.5 .H632 2019
Tough, Paul The years that matter most : how college makes or breaks us / LB2351 .T68 2019
Inoue, Asao B. Labor-based grading contracts : building equity and inclusion in the compassionate writing classroom / LB2368 .I66 2019
Jack, Anthony Abraham The privileged poor : how elite colleges are failing disadvantaged students / LC210.5 .J33 2019
Anderson, Ange Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence in special education : a practical guide to supporting students with learning differences / LC3969.5 .A53 2019
Bauer, Susan Wise The well-trained mind : a guide to classical education at home / LC40 .B39 2016
Busch, Lawrence Knowledge for sale : the neoliberal takeover of higher education / LC67.6 .B87 2017
Chernaik, Judith Schumann : the faces and the masks / ML410.S4 C37 2018
Hopkins, Owen Postmodern architecture : less is a bore / NA682.P67 H67 2020
Winslow, Valerie L. Classic human anatomy in motion : the artist's guide to the dynamics of figure drawing / NC760 .W535 2015
Thompson, Sarah E.  Hokusai's landscapes : the complete series / NE1325.K3 T463 2019
Green, Hank A beautifully foolish endeavor : a novel / Nook H. Green vol. 2
Souljah, Sister.  Life after death : a novel / Nook Souljah vol. 2
Stone, Nic Dear Justyce / Nook Stone vol. 2
Thomas, Angie Concrete rose / Nook Thomas
Yoon, Nicola The sun is also a star / Nook Yoon
McCulloch, Gretchen Because internet : understanding the new rules of language / P120.I6 M28 2019
Getty, Stuart How to they/them : a visual guide to nonbinary pronouns and the world of gender fluidity / P279 .G48 2020
McIlwain, Charlton D. Black software : the internet and racial justice, from the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter / P94.5.A37 M35 2020
Homer The odyssey : a new translation, contexts, criticism / PA4025.A5 W563 2020
Sears, Kathleen Grammar 101 : from split infinitives to dangling participles, an essential guide to understanding grammar / PE1112 .S3593 2017
Inoue, Asao B. Antiracist writing assessment ecologies : teaching and assessing writing for a socially just future / PE1404 .I47 2015
McWhorter, John H. Talking back, talking Black : truths about America's lingua franca / PE3102.N42 M39 2017
O'Donoghue, Bernard Poetry : a very short introduction / PN1031 .O36 2019
Trebek, Alex The answer is ... : reflections on my life / PN1992.4.T6325 A3 2020b
Field, Syd. Screenplay : the foundations of screenwriting / PN1996 .F43 2005
Wihbey, John P. The social fact : news and knowledge in a networked world / PN4888.S6 W55 2019
Wallace, David Geoffrey Chaucer : a very short introduction / PR1924 .W35 2019
Tolkien, J. R. R. Beren and Lúthien / PR6039.O32 B47 2017
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Herland, the yellow wall-paper, and selected writings / PS1744.G57 A6 1999a
Hearn, Lafcadio Japanese ghost stories / PS1916 .M87 2019
Bloom, Harold The American canon : literary genius from Emerson to Pynchon / PS201 .B566 2019
Fern, Fanny Ruth Hall and other writings / PS2523.P9 A6 1986
Travisano, Thomas Love unknown : the life and worlds of Elizabeth Bishop / PS3503.I785 Z89 2019
Ellis, Bret Easton White / PS3555.L5937 W48 2019
Morrison, Toni The source of self-regard : selected essays, speeches, and meditations / PS3563.O8749 A6 2019
Moser, Benjamin Sontag : her life and work / PS3569.O6547 Z767 2019
Clancy, Tom The hunt for Red October / Popular Clancy vol. 1
Clancy, Tom. Patriot games / Popular Clancy vol. 2
Clancy, Tom. The cardinal of the Kremlin / Popular Clancy vol. 3
Cline, Ernest Ready player two : a novel / Popular Cline
Coelho, Paulo The archer / Popular Coelho
French, Tana The searcher / Popular French
Hannah, Kristin The four winds / Popular Hannah
Hoffman, Alice Magic lessons / Popular Hoffman
Johnson, Jeremy Robert The loop / Popular Johnson
King, Stephen Later / Popular King
Koontz, Dean R. Elsewhere / Popular Koontz
McConaughey, Matthew Greenlights / Popular McConaughey
Kelleher, John D. Deep learning / Q325.5 .K454 2019
Strogatz, Steven H. Infinite powers : how calculus reveals the secrets of the universe / QA303.2 .S78 2019
Van Brummelen, Glen Trigonometry : a very short introduction / QA531 .V36 2020
Earl, Richard Topology : a very short introduction / QA611 .E27 2019
Thompson, Clive Coders : the making of a new tribe and the remaking of the world / QA76.6 .T4496 2019
Bergin, Joseph Karel J Robot : a gentle introduction to the art of object-oriented programming in Java / QA76.64 .K375 2005
Bergin, Joseph Monty Karel : a gentle introduction to the art of dynamic object-oriented programming in Python / QA76.73.P98 B4745 2013
Solomon, Michael  Blockchain data analytics / QA76.9.B56 S65 2020
Harris, Blake J. The history of the future : Oculus, Facebook, and the revolution that swept virtual reality / QA76.9.C65 H357 2019
  Virtual reality / QA76.9.C65 V57235 2017
Vlahos, James Talk to me : how voice computing will transform the way we live, work, and think / QA76.9.V65 V54 2019
Dunkley, Jo Our universe : an astronomer's guide / QB461 .D86 2019
Judge, P. Gordon The sun : a very short introduction / QB521.4 .J834 2020
Roush, Wade Extraterrestrials / QB54 .R597 2020
Trefil, James Imagined life : a speculative scientific journey among the exoplanets in search of intelligent aliens, ice creatures, and supergravity animals / QB54 .T74 2019
Brody, Jed Quantum entanglement / QC174.17.E58 B76 2020
Steinhardt, Paul J. The second kind of impossible : the extraordinary quest for a new form of matter / QC176 .S76 2019
Kuhn, Karl F. Basic physics : a self-teaching guide / QC23 .K74 2020
  The physics book / QC24.5 .P593 2020
Gates, Bill How to avoid a climate disaster : the solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need / QC903 .G378 2021
Post, Richard Chemistry : a self-teaching guide / QD31.2 .H66 2020
Petrone, Chiara Maria Volcanoes and earthquakes : a guide to our unquiet earth / QE521.2 .P48 2019
Plotkin, Mark J. The Amazon : what everyone needs to know / QH112 .P56 2020
Garber, Steven D. Biology : a self-teaching guide / QH316 .G37 2020
Voit, Eberhard O. Systems biology : a very short introduction / QH324.2 .V65 2020
Ghazoul, Jaboury Ecology : a very short introduction / QH541 .G43 2020
Scott, Andrew C. Fire : a very short introduction / QH545.F5 S36 2020
Smith, Richard The world beneath : the life and times of unknown sea creatures and coral reefs / QH95.8 .S65 2019
Gagliano, Monica Thus spoke the plant : a remarkable journey of groundbreaking scientific discoveries and personal encounters with plants / QK46.5.H85 G34 2018
Bryson, Bill The body : a guide for occupants / QM23.2 .B79 2019
Waxman, Stephen G. Clinical neuroanatomy / QM451 .W38 2020
  The Oxford handbook of reproductive ethics / QP251 .O93 2017
  Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology for nursing and healthcare students / QP34.5 .P4384 2020
  How the brain works : the facts visually explained. QP376 .H758 2020
Robb, Alice Why we dream : the transformative power of our nightly journey / QP426 .R6292 2018
Cobb, Matthew Smell : a very short introduction / QP458 .C63 2020
Richtel, Matt An elegant defense : the extraordinary new science of the immune system : a tale in four lives / QR181.7 .R53 2019
Kaplan, Robert M. More than medicine : the broken promise of American health / RA395.A3 K353 2019
Hotez, Peter J. Preventing the next pandemic : vaccine diplomacy in a time of anti-science / RA566.27 .H6849 2021
Berman, Jonathan M. Anti-vaxxers : how to challenge a misinformed movement / RA638 .B47 2020
Christakis, Nicholas A. Apollo's arrow : the profound and enduring impact of coronavirus on the way we live / RA644.C67 C57 2020
Fang, Fang Wuhan diary : dispatches from a quarantined city / RA644.C67 F36413 2020
Haig, Matt Notes on a nervous planet / RA785 .H335 2019
Rosenberg, Kenneth Paul Bedlam : an intimate journey into America's mental health crisis / RA790.6 .R662 2019
Southwick, Frederick S. Infectious diseases : a clinical short course / RC111 .I51265 2020
Taylor, Kathleen E. Dementia : a very short introduction / RC521 .T39 2020
Lester, Rebecca J. Famished : eating disorders and failed care in America / RC552.E18 L473 2019
Walsh, B. Timothy Eating disorders : what everyone needs to know / RC552.E18 W35 2020
Rothbaum, Barbara Olasov PTSD : what everyone needs to know / RC552.P67 R68 2020
Viding, Essi Psychopathy : a very short introduction / RC555 .V53 2019
Westhoff, Ben Fentanyl, Inc. : how rogue chemists are creating the deadliest wave of the opioid epidemic / RC568.O45 W47 2019
Drucker, Donna J. Contraception : a concise history / RG136.2 .D78 2020
Field, Simon Gut reactions : the science of weight gain and loss / RM222 .F49 2019
Ahmad, Samoon Medical marijuana : clinical handbook / RM666.C266 A3633 2020
Michalsen, Andreas The nature cure : a doctor's guide to the science of natural medicine / RZ433 .M5313 2019
  Hunting and conservation / SK33 .H827 2021
Halegoua, Germaine R. Smart cities / TD159.4 .H35 2020
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