New Books List

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Caspar Henderson A new map of wonders: a journey in search of modern marvels AG244.H46 2017
Hans Rosling Factfulness: ten reasons we're wrong about the world - and why things are better than you think BF441.R673 2018
Andrew E. Clark The origins of happiness: the science of well-being over the life course BF575.H27 C577 2018
Tim Bono When likes aren't enough: a crash course in the science of happiness BF637.S4 B657 2018
Meg Jay Supernormal: the untold story of adversity and resilience BF698.35.R47 J39 2017
Paul Bloom Against empathy: the case for rational compassion BJ1475 .B56 2016
Lea Berman & Jeremy Bernard Treating people well: the extraordinary power of civility at work and in life BJ1853 .B46 2018
Philip Wilkinson The mythology book BL310.M935 2018
Miranda Aldhouse-Green Sacred Britannia: the gods and rituals of Roman Britain BL980.G7 A44 2018
Jay Sekulow Unholy alliance: the agenda Iran, Russia, and jihadists share for conquering the world  BP161.3 .S455 2016
David Thibodeau & Leon Whiteson Waco: a survivor's story BP605.B72 T48 2018c
Bart D. Ehrman The triumph of Christianity: how a forbidden religion swept the world  BR180 .E47 2018
John Fea Believe me: the evangelical road to Donald Trump BR516 .F425 2018
  ESV Archaeology Study Bible: English Standard Version. BS195 .E88 2007
Yuval Noah Harari 21 lessons for the 21st century CB428 .H36848 2018
Tara Westover Educated: a memoir CT3262.I2 W47 2018
Douglas Murray The strange death of Europe: immigration, identity, Islam D2021 .M87 2017
Odd Arne Westad The Cold War: a world history D843 .W445 2017
Lara Feigel The bitter taste of victory: life, love, and art in the ruins of the Reich DD257 .F454 2016
Lucy Shipley The Etruscans DG223.S52 2017
Masha Gessen The future is history: how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia DK510.763 .G48 2017
George J. Mitchell & Alon Sachar A path to peace: a brief history of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the Middle East DS119.7 .M585 2016
Geoffrey Parker The Persians: lost civilizations DS267.P36 2017
John Man Saladin: the sultan who vanquished the crusaders and built an Islamic empire  DS38.4.S2 M36 2016
Andrew Robinson The Indus DS425.R63 2015
Frank Dikötter The tragedy of liberation: a history of the Chinese revolution, 1945-1957 DS777.54 .D55 2013
John Campbell & Matthew T. Page Nigeria: what everyone needs to know DT515.22 .C35 2018
David McCullough The American spirit: who we are and what we stand for E169.1 .M1366 2017
D.J. Mulloy Enemies of the state: the radical right in America from FDR to Trump  E183 .M878 2018
Anja Manuel This brave new world: India, China and the United States E183.8.I4 M335 2016
Matthew Desmond & Mustafa Emirbayer. Race in America E184.A1 D36 2016
  Journeys: an American story E184.A1 J694 2018
Eli Saslow Rising out of hatred: the awakening of a former white nationalist E184.A1 S245 2018
Vegas Tenold Everything you love will burn: inside the rebirth of white nationalism in America E184.A1 T45 2018
Thi Bui The best we could do: an illustrated memoir E184.V53 B85 2017
Anders Walker The burning house: Jim Crow and the making of modern America E185.61 .W35 2018
Barbara Ransby Making all Black lives matter: reimagining freedom in the twenty-first century E185.615 .R26 2018
Debby Irving Waking up white: and finding myself in the story of race E185.615.I778 2014
Andrea Flynn The hidden rules of race: barriers to an inclusive economy E185.8 .F59 2017
Jason Sokol The heavens might crack: the death and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  E185.97.K5 S63 2018
Nathaniel Philbrick Valiant ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution E206 .P48 2016b
Joyce Lee Malcolm The tragedy of Benedict Arnold: an American life E278.A7 M35 2018
George Van Cleve We have not a government: the Articles of Confederation and the road to the Constitution E302.1.V363 2017
Carol Berkin A sovereign people: the crises of the 1790s and the birth of American nationalism E310 .B345 2017
Jeffrey Rosen William Howard Taft  E762 .R58 2018
Douglas Brinkley Rightful heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America  E807 .B755 2016
Desmond Morton A short history of Canada F1026 .M73 2017
Susan M. Deeds The course of Mexican history F1226 .M54 2018
Robert B. Kent Latin America: regions and people F1408.9 .K46 2016
Jeremy Adelman Sovereignty and revolution in the Iberian Atlantic F1412 .A34 2006
  The Maya: voices in stone F1435 .M4213 2015
Alan West-Durán Cuba: a cultural history F1776 .W47 2017
Clifford L. Staten The history of Cuba F1788 .S695 2015
  Charlottesville 2017: the legacy of race and inequity F232.A3 C537 2018
Hawes Spencer Summer of hate: Charlottesville, USA  F234.C47 S64 2018
Alex Borucki From shipmates to soldiers: emerging Black identities in the Río de la Plata F2799.N3 B68 2015
April R. Summitt Sacagawea: a biography F592.7.S123 S85 2008
Peter A. Burrough Principles of geographical information systems G70.212 .B87 2015
Paul A. Longley Geographic information science & systems G70.212 .L658 2015
Patrick L. Abbott Natural disasters GB5014 .A24 2017
Robert Muir-Wood The cure for catastrophe: how we can stop manufacturing natural disasters GB5014 .M85 2016
Hugh Aldersey-Williams The tide: the science and stories behind the greatest force on Earth GC301.2 .A54 2016
Edward S. Casey & Mary Watkins Up against the wall: re-imagining the U.S.-Mexico border GE160.M58 C37 2014
Walter A. Rosenbaum Environmental politics and policy  GE180 .R66 2017
Teri J. Walker Today's environmental issues: Democrats and Republicans GE180 .W35 2018
Kevin C. Armitage This green and growing land: environmental activism in American history GE197 .A75 2018
John Rennie Short Human geography: a short introduction GF41 .S488 2018
Conrad Phillip Kottak Window on humanity: a concise introduction to anthropology GN25 .K68 2018
Sang-Hee Lee & Shin-Young Yoon Close encounters with humankind: a paleoanthropologist investigates our evolving species GN281 .L4413 2018
  Dress like a woman: working women and what they wore GT1720 .D74 2018
Yasmin Heinz Elements: the art of make-up GT2340 .H44 2017
Marilyn Yalom The amorous heart: an unconventional history of love GT498.H45 Y35 2018
Beth Macy Truevine: two brothers, a kidnapping, and a mother's quest : a true story of the Jim Crow South GV1811.A1 M33 2016
Etan Thomas We matter: athletes and activism GV706.32 .T49 2018
C. Wright Mills The sociological imagination H61.M5 2000
Brian Alexander Glass house: the 1% economy and the shattering of the all-American town HC106.84 .A44 2017
Robert S. Rycroft The economics of inequality, discrimination, poverty, and mobility HC110.I5 R895 2018
Peter Temin The vanishing middle class: prejudice and power in a dual economy HC110.I5 T455 2017
Frank Dikötter Mao's great famine: the history of China's most devastating catastrophe, 1958-1962 HC430.F3 D55 2017
Nathaniel O. Keohane Markets and the environment HC79.E5 K422 2016
Annie Lowrey Give people money: how a universal basic income would end poverty, revolutionize work, and remake the world  HC79.I5 L69 2018
Viktor Mayer-Schönberger & Thomas Ramge Reinventing capitalism in the age of big data HC79.I55 M3725 2018
Benjamin W. Curtis Understanding global poverty: causes, capabilities, and human development HC79.P6 U525 2018
Jerry Z. Muller The tyranny of metrics HD58.9 .M84 2018
Bernice Yeung In a day's work: the fight to end sexual violence against America's most vulnerable workers HD6060.5.U5 Y48 2018
Kathleen Kelly Janus Social startup success: how the best nonprofits launch, scale up, and make a difference HD62.6 .J37 2018
Peter Bakewell Miners of the Red Mountain: Indian labor in Potosí, 1545-1650 HD8039.M732 B53 1984
Jason Hickel The divide: global inequality from conquest to free markets  HD82 .H4393 2018
Jessica Eise How to feed the world HD9000.5.H69 2018
Benjamin K. Sovacool Fact and fiction in global energy policy: fifteen contentious questions HD9502.A2 S67625 2016
Carey Gillam Whitewash: the story of a weed killer, cancer, and the corruption of science HD9651.9.M6 G45 2017
Carter Cast The right--and wrong--stuff: how brilliant careers are made and unmade HF5381 .C3945 2018
George Anders You can do anything: the surprising power of a "useless" liberal arts education HF5382.5.U5 A7185 2017
John Henry Weiss Moving forward in mid-career: a guide to rebuilding your career after being fired or laid off  HF5382.7 .W4473 2018
Alex Banayan The third door: the wild quest to uncover how the world's most successful people launched their careers HF5386 .B2293 2018
  The marketing plan handbook HF5415.13 .C44 2018
Marty Cagan Inspired: how to create tech products customers love HF5415.157 .C34 2018
Natalie  Canavor Business writing today: a practical guide HF5718.3.C3655 2019
Michele Cagan & Elisabeth Lariviere The infographic guide to personal finance: a visual reference for everything you need to know HG179 .C28 2017
B. Evan Blaine & Kimberly J. McClure Brenchley Understanding the psychology of diversity HM1091 .B54 2018
Sebastian Junger Tribe: on homecoming and belonging HM554 .J87 2016
Niall Ferguson The square and the tower: networks and power, from the Freemasons to Facebook HM741 .F424 2018
Anand Giridharadas Winners take all: the elite charade of changing the world HM831 .G477 2018
Sherry Turkle Alone together: why we expect more from technology and less from each other HM851 .T86 2017
Gregg Easterbrook It's better than it looks: reasons for optimism in an age of fear  HM891 .E268 2018
Anu Partanen The Nordic theory of everything: in search of a better life HN540.A8 P37 2016
Steven Brill Tailspin: the people and forces behind America's fifty-year fall--and those fighting to reverse it HN59 .B75 2018
Stephen M. Caliendo Inequality in America: race, poverty, and fulfilling democracy's promise HN90.S6 C35 2018
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm Together we rise: behind the scenes at the protest heard around the world HQ1155.T64 2018
Donna Gehrke-White The face behind the veil: the extraordinary lives of Muslim women in America HQ1170 .G42 2018
Angela Saini Inferior: how science got women wrong and the new research that's rewriting the story HQ1180 .S25 2017
Nicole Else-Quest The psychology of women and gender: half the human experience HQ1206.E67 2018
Joanna Scutts The extra woman: how Marjorie Hillis led a generation of women to live alone and like it  HQ1413.R68 S395 2018
Joshua Gamson Modern families: stories of extraordinary journeys to kinship  HQ519 .G36 2015
Ann Hulbert Off the charts: the hidden lives and lessons of American child prodigies HQ773.5 .H85 2018
Alicia F. Lieberman The emotional life of the toddler  HQ774.5 .L54 2018
Tamara R. Mose The playdate: parents, children, and the new expectations of play HQ782 .M686 2016
Malcolm Harris Kids these days: human capital and the making of millennials HQ799.7 .H376 2017
Ryan Gravel Where we want to live: reclaiming infrastructure for a new generation of cities HT167 .G73 2016
Phoebe Maltz Bovy The perils of "privilege": why injustice can't be solved by accusing others of advantage  HT635 .B68 2017
Emily Dufton Grass roots: the rise and fall and rise of marijuana in America  HV5822.M3 D874 2017
Barry Meier Pain killer: an empire of deceit and the origin of America's opioid epidemic  HV5822.O99 M45 2018
Ann Wolbert Burgess Victimology: theories and applications HV6250.25 .B87 2019
Steven M. Gillon Separate and unequal: the Kerner Commission and the unraveling of American liberalism HV6477 .G56 2018
Elaine Tyler May Fortress America: how we embraced fear and abandoned democracy HV6789 .M359 2017
  The use and abuse of police power in America: historical milestones and current controversies  HV7921 .U84 2017
Lezley McSpadden Tell the truth & shame the devil: the life, legacy, and love of my son Michael Brown HV8148.F47 M395 2016
Anne Moody The children money can buy: stories from the frontlines of foster care and adoption HV875.55 .M65 2018
Shane Bauer American prison: a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment HV9471 .B384 2018
Jason Stanley How fascism works: the politics of us and them JC481 .S67 2018
Roger Scruton Conservatism: an invitation to the great tradition JC573 .S26 2018
Edward Luce The retreat of western liberalism JC574.L84 2017
Norman G. Finkelstein Gaza: an inquest into its martyrdom JC599.G26 F55 2018
Elaine Weiss The woman's hour: the great fight to win the vote  JK1896 .W45 2018
John F. Kennedy A nation of immigrants JV6453 .K4 2008
Louis DeSipio US immigration in the twenty-first century: making Americans, remaking America JV6483 .D47 2015
Laura Wides-Munoz The making of a dream: how a group of young undocumented immigrants helped changed what it means to be an American JV6483.W528 2018
Francisco Cantú The line becomes a river: dispatches from the border  JV6565 .C37 2018
Peter Eichstaedt The dangerous divide: peril and promise on the US-Mexico border JV6565 .E43 2017
  The shadow of the wall: violence and migration on the U.S.-Mexico border JV7401 .H53 2018
Adam Winkler We the corporations: how American businesses won their civil rights KF1386.C58 W56 2018
Richard H. Chused Gendered law in American history KF478.C495 2016
Corey Brettschneider The oath and the office: a guide to the Constitution for future presidents KF5051 .B74 2018
Richard A. Posner The federal judiciary: strengths and weaknesses KF8700 .P674 2017
David A. Kaplan The most dangerous branch: inside the Supreme Court's assault on the Constitution KF8748 .K37 2018
Diane Engelhardt Intermediate English reading and comprehension LB1050.45 .E65 2013
Cathy N. Davidson The new education: how to revolutionize the university to prepare students for a world in flux  LB2322.2 .D39 2017
Christine Harrington Student success in college: doing what works! LB2395 .H365 2019
Daniel M. Koretz The testing charade: pretending to make schools better LB3051.K668 2017
Rachel Devlin A girl stands at the door: the generation of young women who desegregated America's schools LC212.52 .D48 2018
John Hechinger True gentlemen: the broken pledge of America's fraternities LJ75.S25 H43 2017
Zack O'Malley Greenburg 3 kings: Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, and hip-hop's multibillion-dollar rise ML3531 .G74 2018
David Hepworth Uncommon people: the rise and fall of the rock stars ML394 .H48 2017
  Artists: their lives and works N40 .A83 2017
Fiona Donovan Jasper Johns: pictures within pictures 1980-2015 N6537.J6 D66 2017
Andrianna Campbell Frank Stella N6537.S72 A4 2017
Neil Jackson Pierre Koenig NA712.J335 2017
  Bernini  NB623.B5 A4 2017b
Ilona van Tuinen Power and grace: drawings by Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaens NC264 .T85 2018
Martha H. Kennedy  Drawn to purpose: American women illustrators and cartoonists NC975 .K46 2018
Wayne Thiebaud Wayne Thiebaud: 1958-1968 ND237.T5515 A4 2018
Helga Prignitz-Poda Hidden Frida Kahlo: lost, destroyed or little-known works  ND259.K33 P75313 2017
Timothy Hilton Picasso ND553.P5 H54 1975b
Rossella Vodret Caravaggio: the complete works ND623.C26 V6313 2017
Margaret Kelly Trombly Fabergé and the Russian crafts tradition: an empire's legacy NK7401.B35 W35 2017
Eric Jerome Dickey Bad men and wicked women Nook  Dickey
Charlaine Harris A bone to pick Nook C. Harris
Hank Green An absolutely remarkable thing: a novel Nook H. Green
Elin Hilderbrand The perfect couple: a novel  Nook Hilderbrand
Kevin Kwan Crazy rich Asians Nook Kwan vol. 1
Kevin Kwan China rich girlfriend: a novel Nook Kwan vol. 2
Kevin Kwan Rich people problems : a novel Nook Kwan vol. 3
Debbie Macomber Cottage by the sea: a novel Nook Macomber
Aaron Mahnke The world of Lore: Monstrous creatures Nook Mahnke vol. 1
Aaron Mahnke The world of Lore: Wicked mortals Nook Mahnke vol. 2
  Dungeon master's guide Nook Mearls
  Monster manual Nook Mearls
  Player's handbook Nook Mearls
Laurie Anderson All the things I lost in the flood: essays on pictures, language, and code  NX512.A54 A36 2018
George Yule The study of language P107 .Y85 2017
Julie Lachance Basic English PE1128 .L335 2015
Ed Swick English grammar for ESL learners PE1128 .S9774 2018
Jean Yates English vocabulary for beginning ESL learners PE1128 .Y35 2017
Mary Ellen Muñoz Page ESL, English as a second language: writing, intermediate & advanced PE1128.A2 .M85 2007
Jean Yates English conversation PE1131 .Y36 2016
Loretta Gray English verbs PE1271 .G69 2013
Ed Swick English sentence builder PE1441 .S95 2018
Haruo Shirane Japan and the culture of the four seasons: nature, literature, and the arts PL721.S4 S55 2012
Joy Press Stealing the show: how women are revolutionizing television PN1992.8.W65 P74 2018
John Dufresne Flash!: writing the very short story PN3373 .D76 2018
Donald A. Barclay Fake news, propaganda, and plain old lies: how to find trustworthy information in the digital age PN4784.F27 B37 2018
Mark Currie The invention of deconstruction PN49 .C785 2013
Ann B. Dobie Theory into practice: an introduction to literary criticism PN81 .D55 2015
Lois Tyson Critical theory today: a user-friendly guide PN81.T97 2015
Tomi Adeyemi Children of blood and bone Popular Adeyemi vol. 1
Stephen King The outsider: a novel Popular King
Dean Koontz The crooked staircase: a Jane Hawk novel Popular Koontz vol. 3
Min Jin Lee Pachinko Popular Lee
Tommy Orange There there Popular Orange
James Patterson & Maxine Paetro The 17th suspect Popular Patterson vol. 17
Jordan B. Peterson 12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos Popular Peterson
David Sedaris Calypso Popular Sedaris
Pablo Neruda Then come back: the lost Neruda poems PQ8097.N4 A2 2016
  Frankenstein: how a monster became an icon, the science and enduring allure of Mary Shelley's creation PR5397.F73 F72 2018
Kathryn Harkup Making the monster: the science behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein PR5397.F73 H37 2018
Laura Thompson Agatha Christie: a mysterious life PR6005.H66 Z884 2018
John Le Carré The pigeon tunnel: stories from my life PR6062.E33 Z46 2016
Zadie Smith Feel free: essays PR6069.M59 A6 2018
Margaret Atwood MaddAddam: a novel  PR9199.3.A8 M34 2013
Anne Boyd Rioux Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: the story of Little Women and why it still matters PS1017.L53 R58 2018
Allen Ginsberg Wait till I'm dead: uncollected poems PS3513.I74 A6 2016
Imani Perry Looking for Lorraine: the radiant and radical life of Lorraine Hansberry PS3515.A515 Z84 2018
  What the future looks like: scientists predict the next great discoveries and reveal how today's breakthroughs are already shaping our world Q175 .W546 2018
Sue L. T. McGregor Understanding and evaluating research: a critical guide Q180.55.E9 M34 2018
Talithia Williams Power in numbers: the rebel women of mathematics QA28 .W45 2018
Claire L. Evans Broad band: the untold story of the women who made the Internet  QA76.2.A2 E93 2018
Ellen Ullman Close to the machine: technophilia and its discontents QA76.2.U43 A3 2012
Lawrence C. Miller & Peter H. Gregory CISSP QA76.3 .M566 2018
Richard Blum PHP, MYSQL, & JavaScript all-in-one for dummies QA76.625 .B58 2018
John Sharp Microsoft Visual C# step by step QA76.73.C154 S53 2018
Steve Klabnik & Carol Nichols The Rust programming language QA76.73.R87 K53 2018
Bill Hughes Samsung Galaxy S9 QA76.8.S25 H844 2018
Dirk Schulze-Makuch & William Bains The cosmic zoo: complex life on many worlds QB54 .S295 2017
Adam Becker What is real?: the unfinished quest for the meaning of quantum physics QC173.98 .B43 2018
Bob Berman Zapped: from infrared to X-rays, the curious history of invisible light QC358.5 .B47 2017
Hans-Jorg Rheinberger The gene: from genetics to postgenomics QH428.M8513 2017
Elizabeth Blackburn & Elissa Epel The telomere effect: a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer QH600.3 .B53 2017
Tony Dove & Ginger Woolridge Essential native trees and shrubs for the eastern United States: the guide to creating a sustainable landscape QK115 .D68 2018
Sean P. Graham American snakes QL666.O6 G6815 2018
Nick Pyenson Spying on whales: the past, present, and future of earth's most awesome creatures QL737.C4 P94 2018
John Fowler A forest in the clouds: my year among the mountain gorillas in the remote enclave of Dian Fossey QL737.P94 F69 2018
Matthew Walker Why we sleep: unlocking the power of sleep and dreams QP425 .W44 2017
Sylvia Tara The secret life of fat: the science behind the body's least understood organ and what it means for you QP752.F3 T37 2017
Eugenia Bone Microbia: a journey into the unseen world around you  QR41.2 .B64125 2018
Martie Haselton Hormonal: hidden intelligence of hormones : how they drive desire, shape relationships, influence our choices, and make us wiser RA778 .H37 2018
Mark Hyman Food: what the heck should I eat?  RA784 .H96 2018
Cherry Lewis The enlightened Mr. Parkinson: the pioneering life of a forgotten surgeon and the mysterious disease that bears his name RC339.52.P376 L49 2017
Lisa Mosconi Brain food: the surprising science of eating for cognitive power  RC386.2 .M67 2018
Kathy J. Morrison Fast facts for stroke care nursing: an expert care guide RC388.5 .M677125 2018
Joe Kort LGBTQ clients in therapy: clinical issues and treatment strategies RC451.4.G39 K68 2018
Kieran McNally A critical history of schizophrenia RC514.M42 2016
John J. Pitney, Jr. The politics of autism: navigating the contested spectrum  RC553.A88 P58 2017
Carlo C. DiClemente Addiction and change: how addictions develop and addicted people recover  RC564 .D536 2018
Lloyd I. Sederer The addiction solution: treating our dependence on opioids and other drugs  RC564.29 .S43 2018
Adam Bisaga Overcoming opioid addiction: the authoritative medical guide for patients, families, doctors, and therapists RC568.O45 B57 2018
Joyce Y. Johnson Fluids and electrolytes demystified RC630 .J64 2018
Norman Lavin Manual of endocrinology and metabolism RC648.M365 2019
Sam Kaddoura Echo made easy RC683.5.E5 .K33 2016
  Clinical echocardiography review: a self-assessment tool RC683.5.U5 C567 2017
Catherine M. Otto Textbook of clinical echocardiography RC683.5.U5 O886 2018
  The vascular system RC691.6.U47 D43 2018
Rose Knapp Respiratory care made incredibly easy! RC735.5.R4645 2019
John C. Cianca & Shounuck I. Patel Musculoskeletal ultrasound cross-sectional anatomy RC78.7 .C538 2018
Beryl R. Benacerraf Gynecologic ultrasound: a problem-based approach RG107.5.U4 B46 2014
Peter M. Doubilet Atlas of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology: a multimedia reference RG107.5.U4 D68 2019
Daphne Merkin This close to happy: a reckoning with depression RG852 .M47 2017
Thomas Cowan Vaccines, autoimmunity, and the changing nature of childhood illness RJ240 .C69 2018
Betty L. Gahart Intravenous medications: a handbook for nurses and health professionals RM170.G343 2019
Jason Fung The obesity code: unlocking the secrets of weight loss RM222.2.F855 2016
Jen Fisch The easy 5-ingredient ketogenic diet cookbook: low-carb, high-fat recipes for busy people on the keto diet  RM237.73 .F57 2018
Charles J. Ryan The virility paradox: the vast influence of testosterone on our bodies, our minds, and the world we live in RM296.5.T47 R93 2018
Lauren Slater Blue dreams: the science and the story of the drugs that changed our minds RM315 .S53 2018b
Helen Dutton & Jacqui Finch Acute and critical care nursing at a glance RT120.I5 A358 2018
Anne Griffin Perry Clinical nursing skills & techniques RT41 .P46 2018
Kate Stout Nursing documentation made incredibly easy! RT50.N87 2019
Pamela Lynn Taylor's clinical nursing skills: a nursing process approach RT51 .T39 2019
  Fundamentals of nursing: the art and science of person-centered nursing care RT51 .T395 2019
  Essential clinical skills for nurses: step by step RT51.D4584 2018
Mary A. Nies Community/public health nursing: promoting the health of populations RT98.N54 2019
Jeff Koehler Where the wild coffee grows: the untold story of coffee from the cloud forests of Ethiopia to your cup SB269 .K64 2017
Christopher J. Preston The synthetic age: outdesigning evolution, resurrecting species, and reengineering our world T14.5 .P75 2018
Thomas Rid Rise of the machines: a cybernetic history T14.5 .R535 2017
Paul R. Daugherty & H. James Wilson Human + machine: reimagining work in the age of AI T173.8 .D38 2018