New Books List

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Gottlieb, Anthony The dream of enlightenment: the rise of modern philosophy B791 .G68 2016
McKenna, Erin American philosophy: from Wounded Knee to the present B851 .M35 2015
Kleinman, Paul Philosophy 101: from Plato and Socrates to ethics and metaphysics, an essential primer on the history of thought BD21 .K586 2013
Lacan, Jacques Écrits: the first complete edition in English BF173 .L14213 2006
Weiss, Alan Lifestorming: creating meaning and achievement in your career and life  BF637.S4 W4445 2017
Slater, Alan An introduction to developmental psychology BF713 .I54 2017
Miller, Patricia H. Theories of developmental psychology BF713 .M55 2016
Merino, Noël Ethics BJ1012 .E8864 2015
Young, Kevin Bunk: the rise of hoaxes, humbug, plagiarists, phonies, post-facts, and fake news BJ1421 .Y68 2017
Nehamas, Alexander On friendship BJ1533.F8 N44 2016
Nadeau, Randall Laird Asian religions: a cultural perspective BL1033 .N33 2014
Johnson, Ian The souls of China: the return of religion after Mao BL1803 .J645 2017
Gorski, Philip S. American covenant: a history of civil religion from the Puritans to the present BL2525 .G667 2017
Richard, Carl J. The Founders and the Bible BL2525 .R53 2016
Sears, Kathleen Mythology 101: from gods and goddesses to monsters and mortals, your guide to ancient mythology BL723 .S2595 2014
Archer, Peter Religion 101: from Allah to Zen Buddhism, an exploration of the key people, practices, and beliefs that have shaped the religions of the world BL80.3 .A74 2014
Espejo, Roman Cults BP603 .C846 2012
Guinn, Jeff The road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple BP605.P46 G85 2017
FitzGerald, Frances The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America BR1642.U5 F565 2017
Rowe, Christopher Kavin One true life: the Stoics and early Christians as rival traditions BR165 .R84 2016
Redman, Samuel J. Bone rooms: from scientific racism to human prehistory in museums CC79.5.H85 R43 2016
Norwich, John Julius Four princes: Henry VIII, Francis I, Charles V, Suleiman the Magnificent and the obsessions that forged modern Europe D208 .N69 2016
Faulkner, Richard Shawn Pershing's Crusaders: the American soldier in World War I D570.9 .F38 2017
Rees, Laurence The Holocaust: a new history D804.3 .R433 2017
Geoffrey The history of the Kings of Britain DA140 .G353 1966
Riding, Jacqueline Jacobites: a new history of the '45 rebellion DA814.5 .R54 2016
Judson, Pieter M. The Habsburg empire: a new history DB36.3.H3 J83 2016
Blanning, T. C. W. Frederick the Great: King of Prussia DD404 .B63 2016
Spivey, Nigel Jonathan The classical world: the foundations of the West and the enduring legacy of antiquity DE59 .S66 2016
House, Karen Elliott On Saudi Arabia: its people, past, religion, fault lines--and future DS215 .H68 2013
Auslin, Michael R. The end of the Asian century: war, stagnation, and the risks to the world's most dynamic region DS35.2 .A875 2017
Hummer, Jill Abraham First ladies and American women: in politics and at home E176.2 .H86 2017
Guyatt, Nicholas Bind us apart: how enlightened Americans invented racial segregation E184.A1 G985 2016
Hawley, George Making sense of the alt-right E184.A1 H3377 2017
Neiwert, David A. Alt-America: the Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump E184.A1 N365 2017
Khan, Khizr An American family: a memoir of hope and sacrifice E184.P28 K53 2017
Coates, Ta-Nehisi We were eight years in power: an American tragedy E185.615 .C6336 2017
Lebron, Christopher J. The making of Black lives matter: a brief history of an idea E185.615 .L393 2017
Oller, John The Swamp Fox: how Francis Marion saved the American Revolution E207.M3 O45 2016
Boles, John B. Jefferson: architect of American liberty E332 .B64 2017
Thomas, Louisa Louisa: the extraordinary life of Mrs. Adams E377.2 .T48 2016b
Savage, Kirk Standing soldiers, kneeling slaves: race, war, and monument in nineteenth-century America E468.9 .S28 1997
Zott, Lynn M. Native Americans E77.4 .N3834 2012
Clinton, Hillary Rodham What happened E911 .C6 2017
Tur, Katy Unbelievable: my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history E911 .T87 2017
Bryce, Trevor Atlas of the ancient Near East: from prehistoric times to the Roman imperial period G2206.S1 B79 2016
Laprade, Pat Sisterhood of the squared circle: the history and rise of women's wrestling GV1195 .L37 2017
Kasparov, G. K. Deep thinking: where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins GV1449.3 .K37 2017
Ervin, Andrew Bit by bit: how video games transformed our world GV1469.3 .E78 2017
Kinni, Theodore B. Be our guest: perfecting the art of customer service GV1853.3.F62 W3417 2011
Haerens, Margaret Professional athletes GV706.55 .P76 2014
Windhorst, Brian, Return of the king: LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the greatest comeback in NBA history GV885.52.C57 W56 2017
Sharapova, Maria Unstoppable: my life so far GV994.S28 S53 2017
Westhead, Paul Entrepreneurship: a very short introduction HB615 .W472 2013
Raworth, Kate Doughnut economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist HB75 .R38 2017
Johnson, Heather Beth The American dream and the power of wealth: choosing schools and inheriting inequality in the land of opportunity HC110.W4 J64 2015
Lepenies, Philipp The power of a single number: a political history of GDP HC79.I5 L4613 2016
Cromie, Jenny Outsourcing HD3860 .O98 2013
D'Silva, Joyce The meat crisis: developing more sustainable and ethical production and consumption HD9410.5 .M43 2017
Williams, Mary E. Teen driving HE5620.J8 T4383 2014
Guillebeau, Chris Born for this: how to find the work you were meant to do HF5381 .G893 2016
Holiday, Ryan Trust me, I'm lying: confessions of a media manipulator HF5415 .H65 2013
Shankman, Peter Zombie loyalists: using great service to create rabid fans HF5415.5 .S51943 2015
Yate, Martin John Knock 'em dead hiring the best: proven tactics for successful employee selection HF5549.5.R44 Y37 2014
Einstein, Mara Black ops advertising: native ads, content marketing, and the covert world of the digital sell HF6146.I58 E36 2016
Gates, Susan Wharton Days of slaughter: inside the fall of Freddie Mac and why it could happen again HG2040.5.U5 G38 2017
Harzog, Beverly Blair How money works: the facts visually explained HG221 .H3155 2017
Taplin, Jonathan T. Move fast and break things: how Facebook, Google, and Amazon cornered culture and undermined democracy HM851 .T365 2017
White, Micah The end of protest: a new playbook for revolution HM881 .W48 2016
Wright, Erik Olin American society: how it really works HN90.M6 W75 2015
Crossley, Alison Dahl Finding feminism: millennial activists and the unfinished gender revolution HQ1155 .C76 2017
Filipovic, Jill The H-spot: the feminist pursuit of happiness HQ1206 .F4628 2017
Nelson, David Erik Online pornography HQ471 .O552 2012
Carbone, June Marriage markets: how inequality is remaking the American family HQ536 .C348 2014
Espejo, Roman Parenting HQ755.8 .P3787 2013
Langwith, Jacqueline Divorce HQ814 .D587 2012
Moskowitz, Peter How to kill a city: gentrification, inequality, and the fight for the neighborhood HT175 .M67 2017
Berlatsky, Noah Mental illness HV3004 .B46 2016
Watkins, Christine Addiction HV4998 .A319 2014
Williams, Mary E. Synthetic drugs HV5809.5 .S96 2014
Hogan, Shanna The crime book HV6251 .H58 2017
Williams, Mary E. Gangs HV6437 .G343 2012
Gerdes, Louise I. Cybercrime HV6773 .C9123 2013
Scherer, Lauri S. Cyberbullying HV6773.15.C92 C935 2015
Reeves, Joshua Citizen spies: the long rise of America's surveillance society HV7431 .R454 2017
Langwith, Jacqueline Juvenile crime HV9104 .J83192 2014
  Home away from home: the forgotten history of orphanages HV978 .H66 2009
Caldwell, Laura Anatomy of innocence: testimonies of the wrongfully convicted HV9950 .A525 2017
Forman, James Locking up our own: crime and punishment in black America HV9950 .F655 2017
Fortner, Michael Javen Black silent majority: the Rockefeller drug laws and the politics of punishment HV9955.N7 F67 2015
Haugen, David M. Democracy JC423 .D381256 2012
Klaas, Brian P. The despot's accomplice: how the West is aiding and abetting the decline of democracy JC423 .K55 2016
Walsh, Matt The unholy trinity: blocking the left's assault on life, marriage, and gender JC573.2.U6 W35 2017
Bolling, Eric The Swamp: Washington's murky pool of corruption and cronyism and how Trump can drain it JK2249 .B65 2017
Sears, Kathleen American government 101: from the Continental Congress to the Iowa Caucus, everything you need to know about U.S. Politics JK275 .S42 2016
Ritter, Lois A. Medical law & professional ethics KF3821 .R58 2017
Black, Derek W. Ending zero tolerance: the crisis of absolute school discipline KF4159 .B57 2016
Abrams, Floyd The soul of the First Amendment KF4558 1st .A27 2017
Rhode, Deborah L. Adultery: infidelity and the law KF9435 .R48 2016
Urban, Wayne J. American education: a history LA205 .U73 2014
Merino, Noël School reform LA217.2 .S373 2015
Boettcher, Judith V. The online teaching survival guide: simple and practical pedagogical tips LB1044.87 .B64 2016
Lerner, Daniel U thrive: how to succeed in college (and life) LB1062.6 .L47 2017
Rose, Elizabeth R. The promise of preschool: from Head Start to universal pre-kindergarten LB1140.23 .R67 2009
O'Brien, Judith Grunert The course syllabus: a learning-centered approach LB2361 .G78 2008
Diamond, Robert M. Designing and assessing courses and curricula: a practical guide LB2361.5 .D5 2008
Shore, Zachary Grad school essentials: a crash course in scholarly skills LB2395 .S545 2016
Labanc, Brandi Hephner College in the crosshairs: an administrative perspective on prevention of gun violence LB2866 .L33 2015
Manning, M. Lee Multicultural education of children and adolescents LC1099.3 .B37 2017
Ramsey, Patricia G. Teaching and learning in a diverse world: multicultural education for young children LC1099.3 .R36 2015
Goss, C. Lee Dropout prevention LC146.6 .G67 2014
Spring, Joel H. American education LC191.4 .S684 2018
Steele, Dorothy M. Identity safe classrooms: places to belong and learn LC191.4 .S735 2013
Eyler, Janet A practitioner's guide to reflection in service-learning: student voices & reflections LC221 .E954 1996
Heffernan, Kerrissa Fundamentals of service-learning course construction LC238 .H43 2001
Prater, Mary Anne Teaching students with high-incidence disabilities: strategies for diverse classrooms LC3969.45 .P733 2017
Gargiulo, Richard M. Special education in contemporary society: an introduction to exceptionality LC3981 .G37 2018
Gross, Karen Breakaway learners: strategies for post-secondary success with at-risk students LC4069.6 .G76 2017
Gorski, Paul Reaching and teaching students in poverty: strategies for erasing the opportunity gap LC4091 .G595 2013
Berlatsky, Noah High school alternative programs LC46.4 .H54 2015
Flink, David Thinking differently: an inspiring guide for parents of children with learning disabilities LC4704 .F577 2014
Evans, Nancy J. Disability in higher education: a social justice approach LC4813 .E83 2017
Brockett, Ralph Grover Teaching adults: a practical guide for new teachers LC5215 .B658 2015
Means, Howard B. 67 shots: Kent State and the end of American innocence LD4191.O72 M43 2016
Beer, Anna R. Sounds and sweet airs: the forgotten women of classical music ML390 .B42 2016
Berlatsky, Noah Rap music ML3918.R37 R35 2013
Norman, Philip Paul McCartney: the life ML410.M115 N67 2016
Suchet, John Mozart: the man revealed ML410.M9 S92 2017
Swafford, Jan Language of the spirit: an introduction to classical music MT90 .S99 2017
Bugler, Caroline The art book N5300 .B93 2017
Leidy, Denise Patry Treasures of Asian art: The Asia Society Museum collection N7262 .T74 2016
Covey, Sylvie Modern printmaking: a guide to traditional and digital techniques NE850 .C68 2016
Buxbaum, Julie Tell me three things Nook Buxbaum
Child, Lee The midnight line: a Jack Reacher novel Nook Child vol. 22
DeMatteis, J. M. Spider-man webspinners: the complete collection Nook DeMatteis
  The Flash: a celebration of 75 years Nook Fox
Green, John Turtles all the way down Nook Green
Norris, Paul Aquaman: a celebration of 75 years Nook Norris
Smith, Amber The way I used to be Nook Smith
Straczynski, J. Michael Superman earth one volume 1 Nook Straczynski vol. 1
Straczynski, J. Michael Superman earth one volume 2 Nook Straczynski vol. 2
Thomas, Angie The hate u give Nook Thomas
Way, Daniel Deadpool: the complete collection. Vol. 1 Nook Way
Wolfe, Tom The kingdom of speech P35 .W65 2016
Cashmore, Ernest Celebrity culture P94.6 .C376 2014
Berlatsky, Noah Media violence P96.V5 M425 2012
Langan, John College writing skills with readings PE1408 .L3178 2014
Attkisson, Sharyl The smear: how shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, what you think, and how you vote PN4888.C6 A85 2017
Nicholson, Hope The spectacular sisterhood of superwomen: awesome female characters from comic book history PN6714 .N53 2017
Allende, Isabel In the midst of winter: a novel Popular Allende
Brown, Dan Origin: a novel Popular Brown
Coben, Harlan Don't let go Popular Coben
Grisham, John The Rooster Bar Popular Grisham
King, Stephen Sleeping beauties: a novel Popular King
Scott, Sophfronia Unforgivable love Popular Scott
Steel, Danielle Fairytale: a novel Popular Steel
Ward, Jesmyn Sing, unburied, sing: a novel Popular Ward
Weir, Andy Artemis: a novel Popular Weir
Santagata, Marco Dante: the story of his life PQ4339 .S2613 2016
Dickson, Andrew The Globe guide to Shakespeare: the plays, the productions, the life PR2987 .D52 2016
Punter, David A companion to the Gothic PR830.T3 C65 2000
Showalter, Elaine The civil wars of Julia Ward Howe: a biography PS2018 .S55 2016
Fitzgerald, F. Scott I'd die for you: and other lost stories PS3511.I9 A6 2017
Hutchisson, James M. Ernest Hemingway: a new life PS3515.E37 Z643 2016
Mariani, Paul L. The whole harmonium: the life of Wallace Stevens PS3537.T4753 Z67767 2016
Klein, Stefan We are all stardust: scientists who shaped our world talk about their work, their lives and what they still want to know Q141 .K64613 2015
Offit, Paul A. Pandora's lab: seven stories of science gone wrong Q172.5.E77 O34 2017
Du Sautoy, Marcus The great unknown: seven journeys to the frontiers of science Q180.55.D57 D85 2016
Burd, Barry Beginning programming with Java QA76.73.J38 B845 2017
Messier, Ric Network forensics QA76.9 .M477 2017
Summers, Michael E. Exoplanets: diamonds worlds, super-Earths, pulsar planets, and the new search for life beyond our solar system QB820 .S86 2017
Nahin, Paul J. In praise of simple physics: the science and mathematics behind everyday questions QC21.3 .N34 2016
Patrick, Graham L. Organic chemistry: a very short introduction QD251.3 .P38 2017
Jahren, Hope Lab girl QH31.J344 A3 2016
Carroll, Sean M. The big picture: on the origins of life, meaning, and the universe itself QH325 .C36 2016
Charlesworth, Brian Evolution: a very short introduction QH367 .C465 2003
Merino, Noël Genetic engineering QH442 .G4535 2013
Langwith, Jacqueline Cloning QH442.2 .C56475 2012
Heine, Steven J DNA is not destiny: the remarkable, completely misunderstood relationship between you and your genes QH447 .H45 2017
Slack, J. M. W. Stem cells: a very short introduction QH588.S83 S58 2012
Wilson, Edward O. Half-earth: our planet's fight for life QH75 .W536 2016
Balcombe, Jonathan P. What a fish knows: the inner lives of our underwater cousins QL639.3 .B35 2016
Lederer, Roger J. Beaks, bones, and bird songs: how the struggle for survival has shaped birds and their behavior QL677.3 .L43 2016
Ackerman, Jennifer The genius of birds QL698.3 .A285 2016
Wyatt, Tristram D. Animal behaviour: a very short introduction QL751 .W93 2017
Godfrey-Smith, Peter Other minds: the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness QM451 .G58 2016
Langford, Kevin Anatomy 101: from muscles and bones to organs and systems, your guide to how the human body works QP34.5 .L362 2015
Sapolsky, Robert M. Behave: the biology of humans at our best and worst QP351 .S27 2017
Rosenberg, Robin S. Abnormal psychology QP360 .R67 2014
Haerens, Margaret Euthanasia R726 .E77518 2015
Gehlbach, Stephen H. American plagues: lessons from our battles with disease RA650.5 .G445 2016
Di Maio, Vincent J. M. Morgue: a life in death RB17.D56 A3 2016
Coss, Stephen The fever of 1721 RC183.1 .C67 2016
Barker, Roger A. Neuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance RC341 .B326 2018
Rao, Vani The traumatized brain: a family guide to understanding mood, memory, and behavior after brain injury RC387.5 .R36 2015
Marshall, Brenda Fast facts for managing patients with a psychiatric disorder: what RNs, NPs, and new psych nurses need to know RC440 .M3774 2018
Sills, Charlotte An introduction to Gestalt RC489.G4 S537 2012
MacKillop, James Integrating psychological and pharmacological treatments for addictive disorders: an evidence-based guide RC533 .I58 2018
Mehler, Philip S. Eating disorders: a guide to medical care and complications RC552.E18 2017
Espejo, Roman Eating disorders RC552.E18 E28211 2012
Engdahl, Sylvia Obesity RC628 .O222 2015
Haerens, Margaret Prescription drug abuse RM146.7 .P74 2013
Kramer, Peter D. Ordinarily well: the case for antidepressants RM332 .K73 2016
Cronin, Anne Human development and performance throughout the life span RM930 .H85 2015
Giddens, Jean Concepts for nursing practice RT42 .C598 2017
Pilkey, Orrin H. Retreat from a rising sea: hard decisions in an age of climate change TC330 .P55 2016
Engdahl, Sylvia Energy alternatives TJ808 .E566 2015
Lasky, Jack The Internet TK5105.8855 .I58 2016
Denton, Tom Automobile mechanical and electrical systems TL152 .D3935 2018
White, Rowland Into the black: the extraordinary untold story of the first flight of the space shuttle Columbia and the Astronauts who flew her TL795.5 .W45 2016
Scherer, Lauri S. Fast food TX370 .F365 2013
Rombauer, Irma S. Joy of cooking TX715 .R75 2006
Child, Julia Mastering the art of French cooking TX719 .C454 2009
Moyar, Mark Oppose any foe: the rise of America's Special Operations Forces UA34.S64 M69 2017
Bell, Jerri It's my country too: women's military stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan UB418.W65 B448 2017
Chivers, C. J. The gun UD395.A16 C47 2011
Scahill, Jeremy The assassination complex: inside the government's secret drone warfare program UG1242.D7 S33 2016
Houston, Keith The book: a cover-to-cover exploration of the most powerful object of our time Z4 .H68 2016