New Books List

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Inwood, Brad Stoicism : a very short introduction / B528 .I596 2018
  Implicit bias and philosophy BF323.S8 I5 2016
Rolls, Edmund T. The brain, emotion, and depression BF531 .R65 2018
Hooks, Bell All about love : new visions / BF575.L8 H655 2000
  How psychology works : applied psychology visually explained / BF636 .H69 2018
Brodd, Jeffrey Invitation to world religions / BL80.3 .B754 2018
Ali, Muna  Young Muslim America : faith, community, and belonging / BP67.U6 A455 2018
Christian, David  Origin story : a big history of everything / CB19 .C478 2018
Nolan, Cathal J. The allure of battle : a history of how wars have been won and lost / D25 .N65 2017
Whaley, Joachim The Holy Roman Empire : a very short introduction / DD125 .W485 2018
Burman, Edward The terracotta warriors : exploring the most intriguing puzzle in Chinese history / DS747.9.Q254 B87 2018
Peel, Mark  A history of Australia / DU110 .P44 2018
Churchwell, Sarah Bartlett  Behold, America : the entangled history of "America first" and "the American dream" / E169.1 .C478 2018
Lepore, Jill These truths: a history of the United States E178 .L57 2018
Lew-Williams, Beth The Chinese must go : violence, exclusion, and the making of the alien in America / E184.C5 L564 2018
Brown, Austin Channing I'm still here: black dignity in a world made for whiteness E185.615 .B7335 2018
Yancy, George Backlash : what happens when we talk honestly about racism in America / E185.615 .Y36 2018
Belgrave, Faye Z. & Kevin W. Allison African American psychology: from Africa to America E185.625 .B425 2019
Dixon, Patricia African American relationships, marriages, and families : an introduction E185.86 .D56 2017
Laymon, Kiese Heavy: an American memoir E185.97.L394 A3 2018
Chozick, Amy Chasing Hillary : ten years, two presidential campaigns, and one intact glass ceiling / E887.C55 C486 2018
Harris, Kamala D. The truths we hold : an American journey / E901.1.H37 A3 2019
Woodward, Bob Fear: Trump in the White House E912 .W66 2018
Sedgwick, John  Blood moon : an American epic of war and splendor in the Cherokee Nation / E99.C5 S37 2018
Duany, Jorge Puerto Rico : what everyone needs to know / F1971 .D83 2017
Kilday, Bill Never lost again : the Google mapping revolution that sparked new industries and augmented our reality / G70.212 .K545 2018
Jones, Lucile M. The big ones : how natural disasters have shaped us (and what we can do about them) / GB5014 .J66 2018
Nesbit, Jeffrey Asher This is the way the world ends : how droughts and die-offs, heat waves and hurricanes are converging on America / GE149 .N47 2018
Woodhouse, Keith Mako The ecocentrists : a history of radical environmentalism / GE197 .W66 2018
Takeuchi, Naoko  Pretty guardian Sailor Moon eternal edition. Volume 1 Graphic Takeuchi vol. 1
Takeuchi, Naoko  Pretty guardian Sailor Moon eternal edition. Volume 2 Graphic Takeuchi vol. 2
Solarski, Chris Interactive stories and video game art : a storytelling framework for game design / GV1469.34.A97 S65 2017
Bryant, Howard  The heritage : black athletes, a divided America, and the politics of patriotism / GV583 .B735 2018
  Before Jackie Robinson : the transcendent role of Black sporting pioneers / GV697.A1 B434 2017
Bennett, Michael  Things that make white people uncomfortable / GV939.B46 A3 2018
Haerens, Margaret  The NFL national anthem protests GV955.5.N35 H33 2019
Williamson, John Harvey  Born on the links : a concise history of golf / GV963 .W55 2018
Tooze, J. Adam Crashed : how a decade of financial crises changed the world / HB3717 2008 .T625 2018
Abernathy, Penelope Muse & JoAnn Sciarrino The strategic digital media entrepreneur HB615 .A24 2019
Yang, Andrew  The war on normal people : the truth about America's disappearing jobs and why universal basic income is our future / HC79.I5 Y348 2018
Eubanks, Virginia  Automating inequality : how high-tech tools profile, police, and punish the poor / HC79.P6 E89 2018
Jefferson, Philip N. Poverty : a very short introduction / HC79.P6 J44 2018
Schwab, Klaus  Shaping the fourth industrial revolution / HC79.T4 S39 2018
Hansen, Morten T. Great at work : how top performers do less, work better, and achieve more / HD57 .H356 2018
Smarsh, Sarah  Heartland: a memoir of working hard and being broke in the richest country on Earth HD8073.S637 A3 2018
Miller, Laura J. Building nature's market : the business and politics of natural foods / HD9005 .M46 2017
Fisher, Adam Valley of genius : the uncensored history of Silicon Valley, as told by the hackers, founders, and freaks who made it boom / HD9696.2.U63 C3542 2018
McKenzie, Hamish  Insane mode: how Elon Musk's Tesla sparked an electric revolution to end the age of oil  HD9710.U54 T4763 2018
  Net neutrality / HE7645 .N464 2019
Alon, Ilan  Global marketing: contemporary theory, practice, and cases HF1416 .A47 2017
  Soft skills for the workplace HF5381 .S644 2018
Wapnick, Emilie How to be everything : a guide for those who (still) don't know what they want to be when they grow up / HF5381 .W2138 2017
Helgesen, Sally  How women rise : break the 12 habits holding you back from your next raise, promotion, or job / HF5382.6 .H45 2018
Deal, Jennifer J. What millennials want from work : how to maximize engagement in today's workforce / HF5549.5.C75 D43 2016
Tuten, Tracy L.  Social media marketing / HF6146.I58 T883 2018
  The Oxford handbook of banking and financial history / HG1551 .O94 2018
Ammous, Saifedean  The Bitcoin standard : the decentralized alternative to central banking / HG1710 .A46 2018
Gordon, Chad  Wealth by virtue / HG179 .G67 2017
Kobliner, Beth  Make your kid a money genius (even if you're not): a parents' guide for kids 3 to 23  HG179 .K595 2017
Prins, Nomi Collusion : how central bankers rigged the world / HG1811 .P75 2018
Baradaran, Mehrsa How the other half banks : exclusion, exploitation, and the threat to democracy / HG2491 .B269 2015
Rice, Steven M.  Securities Industry Essentials exam with online practice  HG4928.5 .R529 2019
Hutchison, Elizabeth D.  Dimensions of human behavior: the changing life course HM1033 .D553 2019
Ball, James Post-truth : how bullshit conquered the world / HM1231 .B355 2017
Eglitis, Daina S.  & William J. Chambliss Discover sociology: core concepts HM585 .E438 2019
Newman, David M.  Sociology: exploring the architecture of everyday life HM585 .N48 2019
Ritzer, George Essentials of sociology / HM585 .R567 2019
  SAGE readings for introductory sociology  HM585 .S24 2018
Fuchs, Christian  Social media: a critical introduction HM742 .F83 2017
Lagorio-Chafkin, Christine We are the nerds : the birth and tumultuous life of Reddit, the internet's culture laboratory / HM743.R447 L34 2018
Lanier, Jaron Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now / HM851 .L3579 2018
Vaidhyanathan, Siva Antisocial media : how Facebook disconnects us and undermines democracy / HM851 .V345 2018
Ore, Tracy E.  The social construction of difference and inequality: race, class, gender, and sexuality HN59.2 .S585 2019
Salvanto, Anthony Where did you get this number? : a pollster's guide to making sense of the world / HN90.P8 S25 2018
Larabee, Ann The wrong hands : popular weapons manuals and their historic challenges to a democratic society / HN90.R3 L37 2015
Gilbert, Dennis L. The American class structure in an age of growing inequality / HN90.S6 G54 2018
Miller, Rowland S. Intimate relationships / HQ10 .B735 2018
Charen, Mona Sex matters : how modern feminism lost touch with science, love, and common sense / HQ1155 .C4186 2018
Fisher, Corinne  F*cked : being sexually explorative and self-confident in a world that's screwed / HQ21 .F6844 2017
Carr, Gwen  This stops today: Eric Garner's mother seeks justice after losing her son HQ759 .C289 2018
Garretson, Jeremiah J. The path to gay rights : how activism and coming out changed public opinion / HQ76.8.U5 G3575 2018
Lester, CN Trans like me: conversations for all of us HQ77.8.L48 A3 2018
Stein, Arlene Unbound : transgender men and the remaking of identity / HQ77.9 .S74 2018
Farrell, Warren The boy crisis : why our boys are struggling and what we can do about it / HQ775 .F37 2018
Simmons, Rachel  Enough as she is : how to help girls move beyond impossible standards of success to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives / HQ798 .S555 2018
Perel, Esther The state of affairs : rethinking infidelity / HQ806 .P474 2017
DiAngelo, Robin  White fragility: why it's so hard for White people to talk about racism HT1521 .D486 2018
  The Oxford handbook of philosophy and race  HT1521 .O94 2017
Roffman, Roger Marijuana nation: one man's chronicle of America getting high: from Vietnam to legalization HV5822.M3 R64 2014
Weinberg, Thomas S. The American drug culture / HV5825 .W38335 2019
Newburn, Tim Criminology : a very short introduction / HV6025 .N4943 2018
Roth, Alisa Insane : America's criminal treatment of mental illness / HV6133 .R68 2018
Laqueur, Walter The future of terrorism : ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the alt-right / HV6431 .L3476 2018
Thurston, Alexander Boko Haram : the history of an African jihadist movement / HV6433.N62 B68 2018
Antonopoulos, Georgios A. Organized crime : a very short introduction / HV6441 .A58 2018
  Encyclopedia of rape and sexual violence / HV6558 .E53 2018
Hillstrom, Laurie Collier  The #MeToo movement HV6625 .H55 2019
Williams, Angela L.  Domestic violence sourcebook HV6626.2 .D685 2018
Comey, James  A higher loyalty: truth, lies, and leadership HV8144.F43 C66 2018
Saltz, Gail The power of different : the link between disorder and genius / HV888 .S25 2017
Claeys, Gregory Marx and Marxism / HX39.5 .C5675 2018
Albright, Madeleine  Fascism: a warning JC481 .A44 2018
Lukianoff, Greg  & Jonathan Haidt The coddling of the American mind: how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure JC599.U5 L85 2018
Kakutani, Michiko The death of truth : notes on falsehood in the age of Trump / JK1726 .K355 2018
Thomas, Jeff, Jr. Virginia politics & government in a new century : the price of power / JK3951 .T45 2016
  An unprecedented election: media, communication, and the electorate in the 2016 campaign JK526 2016 .U67 2018
  Sanctuary cities / JV6483 .S27 2019
Chertoff, Michael  Exploding data : reclaiming our cyber security in the digital age / KF1263.C65 C44 2018
  Tough cases : judges tell the stories of some of the hardest decisions they've ever made / KF220 .T66 2018
Pozgar, George D.  Legal and ethical issues for health professionals KF3821 .P694 2020
Barnett, Randy E. Our republican Constitution : securing the liberty and sovereignty of We the people / KF4541 .B3128 2016
Bodenhamer, David J. The U.S. Constitution : a very short introduction / KF4541 .B635 2018
  Student services: a handbook for the profession LB2342.9 .K65 2017
  Schools and society : a sociological approach to education / LC191 .S268 2018
Moss, Haley  A freshman survival guide for college students with autism spectrum disorders: the stuff nobody tells you about LC4818.38 .M67 2014
Warner, Daniel  Live wires : a history of electronic music / ML1380 .W37 2017
Perry, Imani  May we forever stand : a history of the black national anthem / ML3561.L54 P37 2018
Finger, Brad. 50 contemporary artists you should know / N40 .F56 2011
Köster, Thomas  50 artists you should know / N40 .K6713 2016
Ormiston, Rosalind 50 art movements you should know : from Impressionism to Performance Art / N6447.5 .O76 2014
Gabriel, Mary  Ninth Street women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: five painters and the movement that changed modern art  N6494.A25 G33 2018
Mancoff, Debra N. 50 American artists you should know / N6536 .M36 2010
Picasso, Olivier Widmaier  Picasso: an intimate portrait N6853.P5 W5213 2018
  Michelangelo : divine draftsman & designer / N6923.B9 A4 2018
Herdrich, Stephanie L. Sargent : the masterworks / ND237.S3 H47 2018
Lozano, Luis-Martín Diego Rivera : the complete murals / ND259.R5 L75 2017
Gerber, Robin. Barbie and Ruth : the story of the world's most famous doll and the woman who created her / NK4894.2.H324 G47 2009
Acevedo, Elizabeth  The poet X: a novel Nook Acevedo
Bunn, Curtis  The secret lives of cheating wives: a novel Nook Bunn
Harris, Charlaine  Real murders Nook C. Harris vol. 1
Carriger, Gail  Imprudence  Nook Carriger vol. 2
Child, Lee  Past tense: a Jack Reacher novel Nook Child vol. 23
Han, Jenny  To all the boys I've loved before Nook Han vol. 1
Han, Jenny  P.S.I still love you Nook Han vol. 2
Han, Jenny  Always and forever, Lara Jean  Nook Han vol. 3
Lee, Mackenzi  The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue Nook Lee vol. 1
Lee, Mackenzi  The lady's guide to petticoats and piracy Nook Lee vol. 2
Mahnke, Aaron  The world of Lore. Dreadful places Nook Mahnke vol. 3
Murphy, Julie Dumplin' Nook Murphy vol. 1
Riggs, Ransom  A map of days Nook Riggs vol. 4
Taylor, Laini  Strange the dreamer Nook Taylor vol. 1
Zoboi, Ibi  Pride Nook Zoboi
Zoboi, Ibi  American Street Nook Zoboi
  Art in the age of the Internet : 1989 to today / NX180.I57 A77 2018
Gladstone, Brooke The trouble with reality : a rumination on moral panic in our time / P95.82.U6 G58 2017
Horobin, Simon The English language : a very short introduction / PE1075 .H67 2018
  Writings from ancient Egypt / PJ1943 .W75 2016
Nathan, John Mishima: a biography PL833.I7 Z6984 2000
King, Maxwell The good neighbor : the life and work of Fred Rogers / PN1992.4.R56 K56 2018
Lumet, Sidney Making movies PN1995.9.P7 L86 1996
Sutherland, John A little history of literature / PN511 .S746 2013
Albom, Mitch  The next person you meet in Heaven Popular Albom
Atkinson, Kate  Transcription Popular Atkinson
Evanovich, Janet  Look alive twenty-five: a Stephanie Plum novel Popular Evanovich vol. 25
Grisham, John  The reckoning Popular Grisham
King, Stephen  Elevation Popular King
Kingsolver, Barbara  Unsheltered: a novel Popular Kingsolver
Kondo, Marie Spark joy: an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up Popular Kondo
Obama, Michelle  Becoming Popular Obama
Owens, Delia  Where the crawdads sing Popular Owens
Picoult, Jodi  A spark of light: a novel Popular Picoult
See, Lisa  The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane: a novel  Popular See
McCann, Colum  Let the great world spin: a novel PR6063.C335 L47 2009
Ford, Richard  Let me be Frank with you / PS3556.O713 L48 2015
  Pseudoscience : the conspiracy against science / Q172.5.P77 P73 2018
Mueller, John  Artificial intelligence for dummies / Q334 .M84 2018
Farrell, Peter  Math adventures with Python: an illustrated guide to exploring math with code QA20.C65 F37 2019
Garfinkel, Simson L. & Rachel H. Grunspan The computer book: from the abacus to artificial intelligence, 250 milestones in the history of computer science QA76.17 .G37 2018
Rankin, Joy Lisi  A people's history of computing in the United States QA76.17 .R365 2018
Schildt, Herbert  Java: the complete reference QA76.73.J38 S334 2019
Urma, Raoul-Gabriel  & Mario Fusco Modern Java in action: lambdas, streams, functional and reactive programming  QA76.73.J38 U76 2019
Taylor, Allen G.  SQL QA76.73.S67 T39 2019
LeVitus, Bob MacOS Mojave QA76.774.M33 L48 2019
Gerrish, Sean  How smart machines think QA76.87 .G49 2018
Davis, Ashley  Data wrangling with JavaScript QA76.9.D343 D38 2019
Starkey, Natalie Catching stardust : comets, asteroids and the birth of the solar system / QB503 .S73 2018
Frank, Adam  Light of the stars : alien worlds and the fate of the Earth / QB982 .F73 2018
Heilbron, J. L. The history of physics : a very short introduction / QC7 .H438 2018
Revkin, Andrew Weather : an illustrated history : from cloud atlases to climate change / QC981.2 .R483 2018
Zalasiewicz, J. A. Geology : a very short introduction / QE26.3 .Z35 2018
Nielsen, Larry A.  Nature's allies : eight conservationists who changed our world / QH26 .N536 2017
Cockell, Charles The equations of life : how physics shapes evolution / QH360.5 .C63 2018
Quammen, David  The tangled tree: a radical new history of life QH367.5 .Q36 2018
Archibald, John M. Genomics : a very short introduction / QH447 .A74 2018
Magdalena, Carlos The plant messiah : adventures in search of the world's rarest species / QK86.A1 M34 2017
Hanson, Thor Buzz : the nature and necessity of bees / QL565 .H36 2018
Jauhar, Sandeep  Heart : a history / QP111.4 .J38 2018
Harrell, Kelly & Ronald Dudek Anatomy QP34.5 .H377 2019
Cohen, Barbara Janson & Kerry L. Hull Memmler's the human body in health and disease QP34.5 .M48 2019
Preston, Robin R. & Thad E. Wilson Physiology QP38 .P7476 2020
Epstein, Randi Hutter Aroused : the history of hormones and how they control just about everything / QP571 .E67 2018
Storz, Jay F.  Hemoglobin: insights into protein structure, function, and evolution QP96.5 .S76 2019
Kurapati, Rajeev Physician : how science transformed the art of medicine / R690 .K87 2018
Offit, Paul A. Bad advice : or why celebrities, politicians, and activists aren't your best source of health information / RA423.2 .O34 2018
  Aging, technology and health RA564.8 .A433 2018
Clark, Anna  The poisoned city: Flint's water and the American urban tragedy RA591 .C53 2018
Quinn, Paul  Sexually transmitted diseases: your questions answered RA644.V4 Q87 2018
Lawless, Kristin Formerly known as food : how the industrial food system is changing our minds, bodies, and culture / RA784 .L39 2018
Sederer, Lloyd I.  The family guide to mental health care RA790.6 .S43 2013
  Principles of Rubin's pathology RB111 .E856 2019
  Nursing key topics review: pathophysiology RB113 .E47 2019
Newton, David E.  STDs in the United States: a reference handbook RC200.2 .N484 2018
  Cancer sourcebook RC263 .C294 2018
Greenhalgh, Trisha & Liz O'Riordan The complete guide to breast cancer: how to feel empowered and take control  RC280 .G7446 2018
  Guide to breast care for oncology nurses RC280.B8 G837 2018
  Cancer sourcebook for women RC280.G5 C34 2018
McLaughlin, Diane  Fast facts about neurocritical care: a quick reference for the advanced practice provider RC350.N49 M35 2019
  Movement disorders sourcebook RC376.5 .M693 2018
Murray, T. Jock  Multiple sclerosis: a guide for the newly diagnosed RC377 .H65 2017
  Primer on multiple sclerosis RC377 .P747 2016
Vine, John M.  A Parkinson's primer: an indispensable guide to Parkinson's disease for patients and their families  RC382 .V56 2017
Thomson, Helen Unthinkable : an extraordinary journey through the world's strangest brains / RC386.2 .T49 2018
  Chronic headache: a comprehensive guide to evaluation and management RC392 .G7446 2019
Franz, Carleen A clinician's guide to learning disabilities RC394.L37 F73 2018
Raskin, Jonathan D.  Abnormal psychology: contrasting perspectives RC437.5 .R37 2019
Gorman, Linda M. & Robynn F. Anwar Neeb's mental health nursing RC440 .G6763 2019
  Primary care psychiatry RC454.4 .L57 2019
Wester, Kelly L. & Heather C. Trepal Non-suicidal self-injury: wellness perspectives on behaviors, symptoms, and diagnosis RC480.5 .W48 2017
  Culturally responsive cognitive behavior therapy : practice and supervision RC489.C63 C85 2019
Wright, Jesse H.  Learning cognitive-behavior therapy: an illustrated guide RC489.C63 W74 2017
  Treatment response and resistance in schizophrenia RC514 .H6947 2018
Reddy, Ravinder  Understanding schizophrenia: a practical guide for patients, families, and health care professionals RC514 .R3858 2015
Pipich, Michael G.  Owning bipolar: how patients and families can take control of bipolar disorder RC516 .P59 2018
  Dementia: person-centered assessment and intervention RC521 .B68 2018
Pool, Jackie  Reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias: a guide to personal cognitive rehabilitation techniques RC523 .P66 2019
Stahl, Stephen M.  Alzheimer's disease and other dementias RC523 .S734 2019
  Alzheimer disease sourcebook RC523.2 .A45 2016
Drummond, Lynne M.  Obsessive compulsive disorder: all you want to know about OCD for people living with OCD, carers, and clinicians RC533 .D78 2018
  The obsessive mind: understanding and treating obsessive-compulsive disorder RC533 .M3635 2019
Zwillenberg, Daniel  Anxiety and panic attacks: your questions answered RC535 .Z85 2018
Noonan, Susan J.  Take control of your depression: strategies to help you feel better now RC537 .N6625 2018
Stahl, Stephen M.  Sleep and wake disorders RC547 .S68 2016
Gaudiani, Jennifer L.  Sick enough: a guide to the medical complications of eating disorders RC552.E18 2019
Reel, Justine J.  Eating disorders: your questions answered RC552.E18 R432 2018
Horwitz, Allan V.  PTSD: a short history RC552.P67 H67 2018
Vitelli, Romeo  Self-injury: your questions answered RC552.S4 V58 2018
Boucher, Jill  Autism spectrum disorder: characteristics, causes, and practical issues RC553.A88 B68 2017
Casanova, Emily L.  & Manuel F. Casanova Defining autism: a guide to brain, biology, and behavior RC553.A88 C378 2019
  The complexity of autism spectrum disorders RC553.A88 C68 2019
Cumo, Christopher M.  What you need to know about autism RC553.A88 C86 2019
Gaus, Valerie L.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy for adults with autism spectrum disorder RC553.A88 G38 2019
  Handbook of personality disorders: theory, research, and treatment RC554 .H36 2018
Svrakic, Dragan M. & Mirjana Divac-Jovanovic Fragmented personality: an integrative, dynamic, and personalized approach to personality disorder RC554 .S973 2019
  Alcoholism sourcebook RC565 .A4493 2018
Macy, Beth  Dopesick: dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America RC568.O45 M33 2018
McGreal, Chris  American overdose: the opioid tragedy in three acts RC568.O45 M46 2018
  Borderline personality disorder: a case-based approach RC569.5 .P356 2018
Zanarini, Mary C.  In the fullness of time: recovery from borderline personality disorder RC569.5.B67 Z36 2018
  Allergies sourcebook RC584 .A3443 2018
  Diabetes sourcebook RC660.4 .D56 2018
  Fast facts for the triage nurse: an orientation and care guide RC86.7 .F37 2019
  Wound care made incredibly visual! RD93.95 .W69 2019
  Everyday sports injuries RD97 .E94 2019
  OB/GYN hospital medicine: principles and practice RG103 .O23 2019
Owens, Cooper & Deirdre Benia  Medical bondage : race, gender, and the origins of American gynecology / RG67.U6 C66 2017
  Pediatric nursing: the critical components of nursing care RJ245 .P415 2019
  Physical assessment of the newborn: a comprehensive approach to the art of physical examination RJ255.5 .T377 2019
  Pediatric environmental health RJ383 .H36 2019
Riddle, Mark A.  Pediatric psychopharmacology for primary care RJ504.7 .R53 2019
Ellis, Michael A.  Caring for autism: practical advice from a parent and physician  RJ506.A9 E4445 2018
Crosby, Greg & Tonya K. Lippert Transforming ADHD: simple, effective attention & action regulation skills to help you focus & succeed RJ506.H9 C766 2016
Maniadaki, Katerina & Efthymios Kakouros The complete guide to ADHD: nature, diagnosis, and treatment RJ506.H9 M36 2018
Connolly, Cynthia A. Children and drug safety : balancing risk and protection in twentieth century America / RJ560 .C66 2018
Lynn, Pamela  Lippincott photo atlas of medication administration RM147 .L966 2019
Ritter, James M.  Rang and Dale's pharmacology RM300 .R588 2020
  Pharmacology RM301.14 .W4354 2019
  Pharmacology for nurses RM301.28 .P43 2020
Miller, Leann & Mary Jo Mirlenbrink Gerlach Assisting in long term care RT120.L64 H44 2020
Jensen, Sharon  Nursing health assessment : a best practice approach RT48 .C355 2019
Sewell, Jeanne  Informatics and nursing: opportunities and challenges RT50.5 .T483 2019
Sommers, Marilyn Sawyer  Davis's diseases and disorders: a nursing therapeutics manual  RT51 .S66 2019
  Adult health nursing RT62 .A38 2019
  The book of seeds : a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world / SB118 .S65 2018
Branson, Douglas M. The future of tech is female : how to achieve gender diversity / T36 .B73 2018
Boden, Margaret A.  Artificial intelligence: a very short introduction TA347.A78 B632 2018
Burns, Lawrence D. Autonomy : the quest to build the driverless car-- and how it will reshape our world / TL152.8 .B87 2018
Kitmacher, Gary Space stations : the art, science, and reality of working in space / TL797 .K5745 2018
Noble, Safiya Umoja Algorithms of oppression : how search engines reinforce racism / ZA4230 .N63 2018