Surgical Technology

This degree prepares students to perform selected activities in the operating room as an entry-level member of the surgical team. 

This is a G3 program. Students may qualify for free tuition, fees, and books.  

Surgical Technology students in lab

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

Credit Hours


Required Courses

  • SDV 100: College Success Skills - 1 credits
  • ENG 111: College Composition I - 3 credits
  • BIO 141: Human Anatomy & Physiology I - 4 credits
  • SUR 100: Introduction to Surgical Technology - 2 credits
  • HLT 141: Introduction to Medical Terminology - 2 credits
  • HLT 105: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - 1 credits

1st Semester (Fall)

  • BIO 142: Human Anatomy & Physiology II - 4 credits
  • SUR 140: Introduction to Surgical Care - 3 credits
  • SUR 145: Fundamentals of Surgical Care - 3 credits
  • SUR 150: Surgical Instrumentation - 2 credits

2nd Semester (Spring)

  • SUR 240: Surgical Care II - 3 credits
  • SUR 245: Surgical Care Skills II - 3 credits
  • ENG 112: College Composition II - 3 credits
  • SUR 250: Surgical Pharmacology - 2 credits
  • SUR 135: Infection Control - 2 credits

3rd Semester (Fall)

  • PHI ___: Ethics Elective - 3 credits
  • SUR 210: Surgical Procedures - 3 credits
  • SUR 260: Surgical Technology Clinical Practicum - 8 credits

4th Semester (Spring)

  • SUR 296: On-Site Training - 5 credits
  • SUR 298: Seminar and Project - 3 credits
  • SUR 254: Professional Issues in Surgical Tehcnology - 2 credits
  • SOC ___/PSY ___: Sociology or Psychology Elective - 3 credits

Admissions Requirements

In addition to admission to the College, there are specific admissions requirements for this program. These requirements may change on an annual basis, and students can find the most up-to- date information in a booklet, which can be found on the program’s web page, in the Admission and Advising Center and in the Health and Life Sciences Division Office.

Applications for the Fall 2021 cohort are now closed.

NEW Program Requirements for 2021:  The surgical technology program at PVCC will transition from a certificate program to Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree for the fall 2021 admission cohort.  New prerequisite requirements come with this change.  One of which is enrollment in "Introduction to Surgical Technology (SUR 100)" to meet admissions eligibility requirements.  This course will be offered in the Spring 2021 semester and will be an online course.  Please refer to admissions information booklet below for further details on prerequisite and general education requirements.

The Program of Surgical Technology at PVCC will treat P+ as a C+ (2.5) grade when determining GPA/points for competitive admissions decisions.
*Students are encouraged to ask for letter grades if planning to apply to the Surgical Tech program at PVCC.

Completion of general education courses and prerequisites is one of several criteria used to make admissions decisions. The Surgical Technology Admission Information Booklet for 2021 admissions is linked below.


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Program Information

This degree program is designed to provide the community with individuals who can function as surgical technologists. This program of study will provide students with an entrance into the health care field that is rewarding, in demand, and provides an opportunity for career advancement.

Occupational Objectives: The four-semester surgical technology degree program will prepare individuals to perform selected activities in the operating room as an entry-level member of the surgical team. The degree curriculum is designed to provide graduates the opportunity to become nationally certified as a surgical technologist.

Potential Careers