Drama Club

Drama Club on Stage

Welcome to the Drama Club; we hope to hang out with you!  We play improv games, talk Shakespeare and musicals, watch movies, and so much more.  Bring your project to us!  Are you working on a movie or play?  We would love to help you with your work!   

Our Goals:

  • Grow together, learn together, be together!
  • Connect and grow a community of theater-loves everywhere.
  • Help one another with projects.
  • Connect with other clubs.
  • Confidence, Community, Creativity

End of Semester Performance!

At the end of the semester we want to put on a showcase performance with YOU!  More information soon....

Staff Advisor - Brad Stoller, bstoller@pvcc.edu

Student Contact - Emily ThomasClarke, eet25242@email.vccs.edu