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Financial Assistance for Noncredit Training (FANTIC) is a tuition assistance option for courses that lead to industry credentials. For qualified students who complete the application process and receive approval, this program will pay for the first one-third of FastForward program tuition.

To qualify for FANTIC, prospective students must provide appropriate proof of income, domicile in Virginia, and documentation of completed high school diploma or equivalency. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to attend a funding information session and/or individual coaching session. 

Funding priority is first come, first served while funds remain available. Funds may be paused with limited notice. Prospective students who appear to qualify for other funding assistance will be referred to those funding sources first as FANTIC is a last-dollar program.

Persons in Family/Household400 Percent of Poverty (2023)
(Poverty Guidelines x 2)
1 person$58,320
2 people$78,880
3 people$99,440
4 people$120,000
5 people$140,560
6 people$161,120
7 people$181,680
8 people $202,240

All funding assistance qualification begins with completing the Workforce Student Questionnaire - so submit today!

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