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The only one of its kind in Virginia, PVCC Workforce Services offers Certificate Programs in both Viticulture and Enology, (or grape growing and wine making) as well as Tasting Room Management. Led by Virginia-wine industry professionals, the program combines in-class instruction with hands-on learning in the local vineyards and wineries. Students range from current owners and operators looking to sharpen their skills, to novices looking to get involved in Virginia’s growing wine industry. Classes are non-credit and all classes are held on Saturdays.

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Viticulture Certificate
Course Requirements
Enology Certificate
Course Requirements
Tasting Room Management
Course Requirements
  • Introduction to Viticulture
  • Vineyard Site Selection
  • Soil Preparation & Planting
  • Dormant Pruning
  • Pest Control
  • Canopy Management
  • Harvesting & Basic Analysis of the Must
  • Vine Grafting & Propagation
  • Vineyard Management (Field Experience)–Part I
  • Vineyard Management (Field Experience)–Part II
  • Vineyard Spraying
  • Tractor Safety
  • Basic Tractor Repair
  • Pesticide Applicator’s License
  • Harvest Internship
  • Introduction to Enology
  • Wine Analysis & Tasting
  • Winery Design & Equipment
  • Legal Issues in the Wine Industry
  • Marketing Wine
  • Fermentation & Racking
  • Harvesting & Basic Analysis of the Must
  • Wine Bottling
  • Sparkling Winemaking
  • Introduction to Tasting Room Management
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Wine Marketing
  • TIPS® Training
  • Legal Issues for the Tasting Room
  • Wine Analysis & Tasting


  • Wow, What a Great Event!
  • Using Social Media in Business
  • Introduction to Enology
  • Pairing Food with Wine
  • Successful Wine Club Management
  • Sparkling Wine Making

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