Virginia Internship Day

Happy Virginia Internship Day - July 28

PVCC salutes all interns and businesses supporting internships.


Jackson Sullivan

PVCC student Jackson Sullivan
Business Administration (Spring '23)
Internship: Community Investment Collaborative (CIC)

Jackson Sullivan is a current student in the PVCC business administration program. For Virginia Internship Day, we recognize Jackson for all the great work he is doing as a student intern. This summer, Jackson took an internship with Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) and shared his experiences.

Why did you choose to interview with this company for this position?
"I chose to interview for the Community Investment Collaborative internship because it offered me the opportunity to apply what I've learned in my business and accounting classes at PVCC in a real world environment and keep those skills sharp before I transfer to a four-year business program this fall to earn a bachelor's degree. I also found CIC's mission of empowering local entrepreneurs through education and microloans very admirable, an adjective rarely associated with lending."

What do you expect to gain from this internship and what are your work expectations?
"I have already gained a greater understanding of the lending process, including how lenders assess the risk of both individual loans and their portfolio as a whole, and how that changes over time due to macroeconomic factors. As far as expectations go, I figured I'd be a cog given that I'm just an intern, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the breadth of tasks CIC has put me to work on in the month or so I've been here, and it's been a rewarding experience. It helps that there's a very supportive work culture: everybody has been more than willing to sit down with me and explain not just the processes but the logic behind them."

How will your internship help meet your career goals?
"I have to admit that my career goals are pretty vague beyond a desire to work in finance, and I intend to keep them that way as long as I practically can. Even so, my internship is helping me develop a well-rounded blend of hard and soft skills I will take with me to any future positions, and CIC–due to its community focus and relatively small size–feels uniquely suited to providing the wide-ranging experience that will contribute to my professional development without pigeonholing me. This isn't to say there aren't opportunities for specialization, CIC is just flexible enough that I can pivot from client interactions to accounting to financial analysis and back again before lunch."

“Our current intern is Jackson Sullivan. Jack is continuing to work on a variety of projects and has been excellent; he works very efficiently and asks all the right questions while working relatively independently. He's been very helpful to several CIC employees. The process of hiring interns has gone smoothly as well. Sometimes it does take a while to get applications in but it's been very helpful to have PVCC market the position on our behalf, and we've gotten some great applications! PVCC has also been very communicative which is great, even checking in after the hiring process was complete. This recent pool makes us especially excited to work with more students.” –Hannah Deal with Community Investment Collaborative (CIC)

Maheswar Ghimire

PVCC student Maheswar Ghimire
Accounting (Summer '22)
Internship: UVAFinance

Maheswar Ghimire will graduate this summer from the PVCC accounting program. For Virginia Internship Day, we recognize Maheswar for all the great work he is doing as a student intern. This summer, Maheswar took an internship with UVAFinance and shared his experiences.

Why did you choose to interview with this company for this position?
"Since I am the student of Accounting at PVCC, my goal is to advance my career in business, finance or management filed. The internship at UVAFinance is ultimately the best place for me to peer through all three wings of the discipline in terms of size, exposure, culture and connection. I chose to interview with UVAFinance not only to add some credit on my academic requirement, but to gain in hand experiences, refine my previous experiences of different country and enhance the knowledge for best fitting myself in a potential field of account and finance in new context."

What do you expect to gain from this internship and what are your work expectations?
"By now, which is about 60% of the total internship period, I have accumulated knowledge in various disciplines of finance. By the time of completion of this internship I will have discovered myself as a competitive candidate for diving in real world to grab a job and becoming potential employee for adding value of that organization."

How will your internship help meet your career goals?
"My career goal is to contribute to an organization by proper management of finance and accounting discipline in an alignment with the goal of that organization complying the principle of subject matter as well as regulatory requirement. This internship is providing me in hand experience on various departments, opportunity to gain knowledge from department heads, understanding risk and prospective strategy to handle it in addition to direct involvement in regular transactions of daily works. All these in hand experiences and useful knowledge will help me to stand myself as a productive employee in my existing job as well as future career too."

He is a great resource and help to Payables. We are thankful for the internship program at UVA and how it positively impacted our team. Working with Maheshwar through his capacity as an intern has been a pleasure. He has a willingness to learn and is flexible in adjusting priorities. His participation in Payables was beneficial as we navigated the critical cutover days through FST.” –David Nelson Assistant Director, Payables