Transfer Success

Transfer success at PVCC is measured by enrollment at a four-year institution and subsequent success at a four-year institution.  In depth analysis is available in the 2017-18 Transfer Report.

Enrollment from PVCC to a Four-Year Institution

Goal:  PVCC will increase the number of students who transfer greater than the previous year.


Conclusion:    PVCC continues to have students enroll at four-year institutions one-year after attending PVCC.  Twenty-six percent (26%) of the students enrolled in the 2016-17 academic year subsequently enrolled at a four-year institution.

Subsequent Success at a Four-Year Institution

Goal: PVCC graduate transfers will have a minimum first semester GPA of 2.8 at the top three transfer institutions.


Conclusion:  For 2016, PVCC transfers at UVA had an average first semester GPA of 3.18. At VT, PVCC transfers had a first semester GPA of 3.05. At JMU, PVCC transfers had an average first semester GPA of 2.78.  Finally, at VCU, PVCC transfers had a first semester GPA of 2.50.   A minimum first-semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 was achieved 85% of the time at the top four institutions. Since 2007, PVCC has met the minimum GPA of 2.8, 100% of the time at the University of Virginia and 90% of the time at Virginia Tech.