PVCC Testimonials

Chair of Visual & Performing Arts
Beryl Solla photo

Years at PVCC: 13 years; I currently teach art appreciation, art history, 2-D design and 3-D design classes.

Life Before PVCC: I taught art at JMU for 5 years and 18 years at Barry University in Miami, Fla.

Reasons to Teach at PVCC:...Read more

Liberal Arts Major | 2018 Distinguished Student Award Recipient
Brandi Rey

Hometown: Shawsville, Va.
Year She Began Attending PVCC: 2014
Campus Activities: President, French Club; President, Psychology Club; Vice President, Student Government Association; and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member.

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Associate Professor of Accounting Retires
Jane Kingston photo

Professor Emeritus Jane Kingston has retired from PVCC after 36 years of service. She began her tenure teaching business management at PVCC before teaching various accounting courses. Prior to PVCC, she worked as a financial analyst at Time, Inc. in New York City. 

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Nursing Major | Scholarship Recipient
Halima Sarah Walker with Albert Colville

Halima is pictured above with donor Albert Colville.

Hometown: Miramar, Fla.; Current Resident of Charlottesville
Year She Began Attending PVCC: 2015
PVCC Major: Nursing
Scholarships Received: Albert...Read more

Professor of Biology Retires
John Walsh photo

Professor Emeritus John Walsh has retired from PVCC after 42 years of service. During his time at PVCC, he has taught general biology, human anatomy and physiology, general ecology, tropical marine ecology, Darwinism and disease, and biological evolution classes. He began his tenure at PVCC in...Read more

Business Administration & Graphic Design Major
Kaneesha Lord

Age: 26
Hometown: Wilmington, N.C.; Currently lives in Schuyler, Va.

Why She Chose PVCC: “PVCC was a local, affordable school with a graphic design and business administrative program.”

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2015 PVCC Graduate
Jeremy Lacomis

Hometown: Pittston, Pa.; Currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Life After PVCC: Received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Virginia and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y.

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Engineering Major
Michael Apgar

Age: 20
Hometown: Palmyra, Va.
Campus Activities: President, Student Government Association and Member, Piedmont Student Launch Team

Why He Chose PVCC: “I chose to attend PVCC after graduating high school because I...Read more

Engineering Major | Air Force Cadet
Ivan Hernandez

Age: 21
Hometown: Watertown, Wis.; currently lives in Charlottesville
Campus Activities: President, Engineering Club and member of the Japan Club, the Student Government Association, Virginia21, Missions for Our Military (M2) Club, and the...Read more

Business Administration Major
Andrew Shannon

Age: 19
Hometown: Nelson County, Va.
Campus Activities: President, PVCC Investment Club
Scholarships Received: Julie Heyward Scholarship

How PVCC is helping him reach his goals: "PVCC is helping...Read more


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