Taylor Seibert

Major: Associate Degree in Business Administration ( PVCC '18); BA, Marketing and Management, McIntire School of Commerce (UVA '20)

How PVCC helped her reach her goals: "My goal was always to transfer to UVA's McIntire School. I knew that if I completed my degree at PVCC, I would be better set up financially for my future. Because of PVCC, I was able to graduate from my transfer school (UVA) debt-free."

What was her experience like at PVCC: "PVCC taught me that I can take control of my future, and that if I worked hard and made good decisions, I could be successful. Overall, PVCC provided an excellent foundation for transferring to my four-year college of choice and facilitated an easy assimilation."

Taylor was named to the 2020 Richmond Innos Under 25