Meet the Student Success Team


David LermanDavid Lerman

Director Student Success and Retention  | 434.961.5430


David enjoys working with students to help them reach their full potential through personal growth, development and the accomplishment of acquiring an excellent education. He has run the PVCC community garden since 2007 and enjoys talking about books, hiking, plants, and cooking. Once upon a time he dropped out of college to sell used cars during a recession - so he's very passionate about you staying in school!

Debbie Ashby

Debbie Ashby | 434.961.5360


Debbie has worked as a counselor in many different capacities from the West Coast to the East Coast, from high school to higher education. She is passionate about helping students find their goals and explore options to achieve them. Debbie is in her tenth year working at PVCC, including time as a Career Coach in Charlottesville High School. Being a first-generation student raised by a single mother with limited income, Debbie is in touch with many of the issues students face at PVCC. She loves helping others! Outside of work, Debbie is active in the community, enjoys local adventures and spends much of her time exercising, reading and playing with her dog, Boomer.

Nahali Patel

Nehali Patel | 434.961.5225


Nehali is passionate about helping college students succeed. She struggled a lot her first year of college- with mental health issues, pursuing a degree she didn't like, and learning how to belong. Her experiences shape the way she approaches students at PVCC now. She wants to give back the same support and encouragement she received from advisors and mentors when she was in college. When not in her office, Nehali is usually off training her rambunctious puppy Rajah, baking cakes for loved ones, and painting or reading in her comfy yellow chair. She's also very crafty- check out the bulletin boards in the 100 Wing and Bolick's Center!


Yuzelly RiosYuzelly Rios



Yuzelly is an intern in the Student Success office. She is completing a master's program in higher education with a concentration in student affairs at UVA. She is from California and is enjoying experiencing seasons for the first time. Her hope is to become an academic advisor to help students master their potential, set clear and realistic goals and succeed in their courses. Yuzelly deeply values education and though she is new to the field, she is excited about meeting students and working with them because she believes that everyone has potential and she wants to help students realize it. 

Stella RoweStella Rowe


Stella is a work-study intern who enjoys connecting students to Student Success advisors. She grew up in the Charlottesville area, and this is her second year attending PVCC. She plans to transfer to UVA after obtaining her associate degree, and her passions include music, psychology, running, and film. She also tutors part-time in the PVCC Writing Center. 


Elizabeth WachterElizabeth Wachter  

Boys and Girls Club Navigator | 434.961.6547


Liz is a fulltime PVCC employee that serves the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia. She is passionate about this work that prepares young people for great futures and supports students as they transition into college. Liz is often on the road, but not just for work. She enjoys traveling and takes a frisbee everywhere she goes. As a first generation student at UVA, Liz struggled to adjust to the college environment. It was her ultimate frisbee team that supported her through tough times, so she works hard to help students find their own support team at PVCC. 


Amy Floyd

Amy Floyd

Re-enrollment Coach | 434.961.5250


After nearly 15 years in the Testing Center, Amy joined the Student Success team in January 2023. She is excited to branch out and help students in ways that are new to her and looks forward to supporting them in their journey at PVCC.  Amy enjoys walking with her dog, Tiger Bear, listening to music and watching videos/shows about tiny houses. You can find her office by following the sound of music in the Student Services hallway. Walk by and you may hear 80's/90's R&B, country, acapella, or instrumental. But you will never, ever hear disco.