Work-Study Guidelines

For Students

Students must complete the following:

  1. View mandatory orientation. Adjust your speaker volume. Record your orientation number. You will need it to complete the work study packet.
  2. View work study positions on JobNet. See below in FAQ's below.
  3. Prepare your resume and contact depatments to schedule interview. View sample resume.
  4. Complete Work Study Packet after you have obtained the position. Submit to the Human Resources Office located in room 810 in the Technology Wing, 434.961.5221.

For Supervisors

Supervisors should read the guidelines below.

  1. Read the instructions for posting/viewing work-study positions.
  2. The student must be awarded Federal Work-Study and have received an official notification from the Financial Aid Office.
  3. Upon hiring, the student must view the mandatory Federal Work-Study orientation on the Career Services Web site.
  4. The student and supervisor will complete the Student Appointment Form and have the student return the form to the Financial Aid Office for signature.
  5. The student will take the Student Appointment Form to Human Resources and receive the necessary forms to begin the payroll process.
  6. Prepare the student by suggesting they have several forms of identification as well as a form for setting up direct deposit. They must complete all forms from Human Resources before starting work.

Important Reminder: Due to the confidential nature, work-study students are not allowed access to or use of the PVCC Student Information System (SIS).

  • false - Follow these instructions to post your position online. Contact Career Services to have your expired position activated or to reset your password.
  • false - Complete with student and return to the Financial Aid Office, before the student may begin working.
  • false - Complete and return to Human Resources when a student's employment has been terminated.