Student Services Committee

The purpose of the Student Services Committee:

  1. Works in conjunction with and advises the Dean of Student Services, who is ex officio.
  2. Considers matters of student life which relate to conduct, student development, student organizations, student government, orientation, intramural athletics, the Window Series and other student areas.
  3. Makes recommendations to the Senate regarding policy and procedure in the following areas:
    1. Admissions and placement
    2. Student financial aid, including scholarships
    3. All areas of student affairs and their effect on the educational process and academic achievement
    4. Catalog and Student Handbook
  4. Considers appeals of financial aid decisions and admission decisions, as required; reviews and makes determination on applications for readmission, as required; and makes recommendations on admissions, records, registration, advising, mentoring and recruitment policies.
  5. Oversees the following subcommittees
    1. Enrollment Management
    2. Scholarship (a Foundation committee)
    3. Diversity


  • 6 teaching faculty (2 from each division)
  • Registrar
  • Business Office Accountant
  • Coordinator of Student Activities
  • 1 classified staff
  • 6 students (3 must be members of SGA)
  • Dean of Student Services, ex officio
  • (chair and secretary elected by membership)