Zachary Beamer

Zachary Beamer
Instructor of Mathematics
Business, Mathematics & Technologies

Office Hours: 

2:00 pm-3:00 pm
2:00 pm-3:00 pm
Main Building: M164A


  • MTH 263 - Calculus I
    "Presents concepts of limits, derivatives, differentiation of various types of functions and use of differentiation rules, application of differentiation, antiderivatives, integrals and applications of integration. Lecture 4 hours. Total 4 hours per week. Prerequisite: Completion of the following with a grade of C or better: MTH 167, MTH 162, or MTH 164, or equivalent 4 credits"
  • MTH 265 - Calculus III
    Focuses on extending the concepts of function, limit, continuity, derivative, integral and vector from the plane to the three dimensional space. Covers topics including vector functions, multivariate functions, partial derivatives, multiple integrals and an introduction to vector calculus. Features instruction for mathematical, physical and engineering science programs. Prerequisite: Completion of MTH 264: Calculus II or equivalent with a grade of C or better
  • MCR 4 - Learning Support for Quant Reasoning
    Provides instruction for students who require minimum preparation for college- level Quantitative Reasoning. Students in this course will be co-enrolled in MTH 154. Credits are not applicable toward graduation and do not replace MTE courses waived. Successful completion of Quantitative Reasoning results in the prerequisite MTE modules being satisfied. Lecture 2 hours. Total 2 hours per week. Prerequisite(s): Completion of any three of the MTE modules 1-5 and Corequisite: MTH 154: Quantitative Reasoning or MTH 152: Math for the Liberal Arts II 2 credits
  • MTH 154 - Quantitative Reasoning
    "Presents topics in proportional reasoning, modeling, financial literacy and validity studies (logic and set theory). Focuses on the process of taking a real-world situation, identifying the mathematical foundation needed to address the problem, solving the problem and applying what is learned to the original situation. Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: Competency in MTE 1-5 as demonstrated through placement tests, or by completing the required MTE units or equivalent, or corequisite: MCR 4, or SAT test score greater than or equal to 510, or ACT test score greater than or equal to 19"