Karen Bloomfield

Karen Bloomfield
Associate Professor of Nursing
Health & Life Sciences

Office Hours: 

10:00 am-2:00 pm
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Monday: Skills Lab 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Wednesday: Clinical.
Keats Science Building: K128


  • NUR 135 - Drug Dosage Calculations
    Focuses on apothecary, metric, household conversion in medication dosage calculation for adult and pediatric clients. Provides a practical approach to learning to calculate and prepare medications and solutions. Includes calculating intravenous flow rates. Prerequisite: Complete MTE 1-5 Student Group placement score or Math 15#, 16#, 17#, 18#. Lecture 1 hour per week.
  • NUR 246 - Parent/Child Nursing
    Develops nursing skills in caring for both well and ill children in a variety of settings. Emphasizes theories of growth and development and the family as a unit. Prerequisite: Completed NUR 201, NUR 202 and PSY 230; corequisite: NUR 246 clinical. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 6 hours. Total 8 hours per week.
  • NSG 130 - Professional Nursing Concepts
    Introduces the role of the professional nurse and fundamental concepts in professional development. Focuses on professional identity, legal/ethical issues and contemporary trends in professional nursing.
  • NUR 201 - Psychiatric Nursing
    Teaches care of individuals families requiring clinical treatment. Uses all components of the nursing process with increasing degrees of skill. Includes math computational skills and basic computer instruction related to the delivery of nursing care. Provides supervised learning experiences in college nursing laboratories and or cooperating agencies. Prerequisite: Completed ITE 119 or ITE 115, NUR 112 or NUR 115, NUR 230, BIO 141, BIO 142 and ENG 112; corequisite: NUR 201 clinical. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 6 hours. Total 8 hours per week.