Elaine Nichols

Elaine Nichols
Program Director/Associate Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Health & Life Sciences

Office Hours: 

9:00 am-2:00 pm
9:00 am-2:00 pm
Keats Science Building: K125


  • DMS 211 - Abdominal Sonography
    Examines the clinical applications within the specialty of abdominal sonography including interpretation of normal and abnormal sonographic patters, pathology, related clinical signs and symptoms, normal variants and clinical laboratory tests. Includes laboratory sessions on basic scanning techniques and protocols. Prerequisite: BIO 141 and BIO 142. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 5 hours per week.
  • DMS 231 - Clinical Education I
    Develops the students ultrasonic skills in a diagnostic environment; may include on campus labs, private office settings, as well as hospital rotations. May include experiences in abdominal, pelvic, obstetrical, and small parts scanning, as well as echocardiography and vascular sonography. Prerequisite: DMS 207; Corequisite: DMS 211. Laboratory 15 hours per week.
  • DMS 250 - Echocardiography II
    Presents advanced study of echocardiography with concentration on case study reviews of normal anatomy, physiology, and pathologic conditions of the adult heart.  Prerequisite:  Satisfactory completion of all previous sonography courses with a grade of "C" or better.
  • DMS 222 - Sonography Registry Review
    Reviews material covered throughout the sonography program to prepare the student for the ultrasound registry examination. Prerequisite: Completed ENG 112; must be enrolled in last semester of the diagnostic medical sonography program. Lecture 2 hours per week. 2 credits.
  • DMS 219 - Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation Laboratory II
    Presents advanced practice with instrumentation, hemodynamics, Doppler instrumentation and pulse echo technology. Prerequisite: Completed DMS 208; corequisite DMS 209. Laboratory 2 hours per week.
  • DMS 209 - Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation II
    Focuses on the areas of ultrasonic, instrumentation, image artifacts, biologic effects, quality control as well as Doppler principles and applications and basic types of equipment through lecture and laboratory exercises. Prerequisite: Completed DMS 208. Lecture 2 hours per week.