Anne Allison

Anne Allison
Professor of Biology
Health & Life Sciences

Office Hours: 

12:45 pm-1:00 pm
12:45 pm-1:00 pm
12:45 pm-1:00 pm
Monday and Friday by appointment only. Additional availability on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment.
Keats Science Building: K221


  • BIO 206 - Cell Biology
    Introduces the ultrastructure and functions of cells. Emphasizes cell metabolism, cell division, and control of gene expression. Prerequisite one year of college biology or one year of college chemistry. Prerequisite: Completed BIO 101 AND one semester of college chemistry; corequisite: BIO 206 lab . Lecture 3 hours. Recitation and laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week.
  • BIO 101 - General Biology I
    Explores fundamental characteristics of living matter from the molecular level to the ecological community with emphasis on general biological principles. Introduces the diversity of living organisms, their structure, function and evolution. Prerequisite: Completed MTE 1 to 9 or math SAT score greater than or equal to 520 or math ACT score greater than or equal to 22 AND placement into ENF3/ENG 111. Lecture 3 hours. Recitation and laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week. Intended for AS of Physical & Natural Science majors. Credit will NOT be given for both BIO 101 and BIO 106.
  • BIO 199 - Independent Study
    Assignment of problems for independent study under the supervision of the instructor. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
  • BIO 106 - Life Science
    Provides a topical approach to basic biological principles. Includes the scientific process, characteristics of living organisms, molecular aspects of cells, bioenergetics, cellular and organismal reproduction genetics, evolution, some animal and plant systems, and ecology. Designed for the non-science major. This course will NOT meet science with lab requirement for the AS of Physical and Natural Science degree. Prerequisite: Placement into ENF 3 /ENG 111 AND completed MTE 1-5 or placement score equivalent within 2 years of enrollment; corequisite: BIO 106 lab. Credit toward graduation cannot be awarded for both Biology 106 and Biology 101. Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week.
  • BIO 299 - Supervised Study
    This is a capstone independent research course designed for science degree students. Prerequisite Successful completion of BIO 101 and either BIO 102, 200 level biology course or BIO 150 AND instructor permission. Variable hours.