Staff Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

PVCC President and Award recipient

Congratulations to the October 2023 recipient of the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award, Riley Doherty. The Awards Committee selected Doherty because in the past three months he has been doing three jobs at once, working as a new Outreach & Admissions Coach, a Workforce Trainer, and as a Workforce Services Center Coach. Doherty has been instrumental in managing all these responsibilities with remarkable patience, professionalism, and positivity. Thanks to his expertise and willingness to manage so many essential tasks at once, many of our Workforce Services students are now comfortably placed in their programs of study and the training of our new Outreach & Admissions team has been enriched beyond measure. Doherty has absolutely gone above and beyond in the last months in terms of his efforts to serve where needed and support the greater mission of the College. This is an excellent example of college citizenship, and his efforts exemplify the purpose of the ABCD Award.

The ABCD award is for PVCC employees who undertake and complete work that goes beyond his/her normal job responsibilities. The employee must have gone above and beyond the call of duty (outside their standard job functions) one or more times and the action of the employee must have resulted in one or more of the following:

  1. Helped the college to better achieve some aspect of its mission.
  2. Helped promote student learning and development.
  3. Provided a service that would not have occurred or would have taken much longer to occur.
  4. Helped the college achieve the highest quality possible in some function, activity, or service.
  5. Performed a service that is exceptional, unusual, and generally not performed by others.