Sherice Paige

VCCA 2022 Staff Showcase Award Winner

Administrative Assistant, Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences Division
Administrative Assistant Sherice Paige has been named the 2022 VCCA Staff Showcase Award winner.

Sherice began her role at PVCC in 2012 as the Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences Division administrative assistant. "Sherice is the go-to person who is always willing to help or find a solution to any problem that might come up in the division office. Sherice not only continues to contribute to the division, but she also serves both PVCC and the VCCS, as a Search Advocate for the College and the main face of the VCCA on campus. Outside of work, she volunteers in our community and plays a large role in her church" shared Dean Leigh Keniston.

“Everyone in our division knows that Sherice is really the person that makes everything run so smoothly,” said Kim Hoosier, Professor of Sociology at PVCC.

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