Service Learning Information For Faculty

Call for Service Learning Proposals

Proposals from part-time and full-time faculty who are interested in implementing service learning into one or more classes are currently being accepted. All faculty who are interested in using service learning in the classroom are encouraged to submit a proposal. The timeline for proposals is ongoing, but it is wise to plan ahead. Submitting a proposal is as simple as sending a brief email to the Service Learning Coordinator ( with your idea. Please include the name of your class and any details. You do not need to have a community agency or service opportunity in mind to propose an idea. In fact, the best way to begin brainstorming about service learning projects is to start with a learning objective, skill, competence, or theme that might be more effectively taught and learned if combined with a real-world application.

Why Get Involved?

Service‐learning provides a number of tangible benefits for faculty, staff, and college administrators:

  • Service-learning provides an intentional strategy for addressing institutional goals for student learning, career, and personal development.
  • Service-learning can increase faculty levels of engagement, leadership capacity, and satisfaction with their work.
  • Implementing service-learning projects provides a way to revitalize frequently taught courses and reinforce learning objectives.
  • Participation in PARTNERS provides a formal avenue for the recognition of teaching excellence and opportunities for additional compensation.
  • Service-learning can cultivate connections between the college, other schools, civic organizations and other community groups.