Service Learning Information for Community Organizers


PVCC is dedicated to serving the local community and providing student students with top-notch educational experiences. Service learning combines these two commitments through connecting academic learning and meaningful community service. Service learning brings together students, faculty, and communities in mutually beneficial partnerships to solve shared and foster civic engagement.

Why Get Involved?

Service‐learning provides a number of tangible benefits for faculty, staff, and college administrators:
Benefits for Community Organizations

  • Service-leaning brings new energy, ideas, and enthusiasm as well as specialized skills to an organization.
  • Organizations can utilize the efforts of one or more college students under the direction of PVCC faculty to resolve organizational problems, challenges, and needs.
  • Because service-learning projects are tied to class grades and monitored by faculty members, student participants tend to be reliable and motivated.
  • Service-learning provides the opportunity to expand an organization’s mission and reach without substantially increasing cost.

Becoming a PARTNERS Community Organization

General Criteria for Participation

  • Is your organization a nonprofit, educational, government, healthcare, faith-based, or charitable organization?
  • Does your organization have a specific need or is your organization facing a problem that is complex enough to support the combined efforts of college students and faculty?
  • Can your organization designate a point person to work collaboratively with faculty and students throughout the duration of the project?

Building Successful Partnerships

While ongoing needs for volunteers can produce service learning opportunities, the best service learning projects are designed around discrete problems or challenges that require the use of class and career specific knowledge and skills. PVCC students might partner with a community organization to provide tutoring, design fitness education programs, conduct health screenings, conduct marketing and sales research, build a park, write a speech, design a distribution plan for a community garden, develop a website, launch a community education initiative, test well water, cater a fundraiser, or any number of other activities.

Opportunities for service learning partnerships are limited and selected via a rolling review process. The service learning coordinator is available to help identify appropriate short-term and semester-long activities, offer advice, and act as a liaison with faculty members. If you are interested in a service learning partnership with PVCC faculty and students, we would love to hear from you. Contact Todd K. Platts ( to get started.

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