Section 2: Safety and Health Administration

2.1      Safety Orientation & Training

A.     Piedmont Virginia Community College shall provide appropriate safety training to individuals based on their job responsibilities.

B.     Under the guidance of human resources and the safety committee, general safety and health information training and refresher training shall be developed and delivered to all employees.

C.     Specific safety training requirements for the job will take place when the employee is oriented by his/her immediate supervisor. Annual training may be required for specific roles. Documentation for periodic and/or annual training is forwarded to the Human Resources Department as appropriate.

2.2      Safety Rules

A.     Safety rules are established to provide a basic understanding of the minimum requirements necessary to ensure a safe and healthful, work environment and protect employees from injuries and illnesses due to exposure to occupational hazards.

B.     Safety and health rules shall be enforced in accordance with the latest version of the “Standards of Conduct” Policy No. 1.60 of the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management Policies and Procedures Manual.

  1. This policy applies to positions covered by the Virginia Personnel Act, including full-time and part-time classified and restricted employees.
  2. This policy excludes employees who are serving probationary periods. However, it is understood that this policy shall be used as a guideline for excluded employee behavior as prescribed by the above-referenced policy.

2.3      Enforcement of Safety Procedures

Each supervisor shall ensure that all safety procedures are followed by his or her employees. Supervisors shall always encourage employees to work safely by complimenting them for safely performing tasks or bringing safety hazards to their attention.  Whenever a safety violation is noticed, the supervisor shall re-train the employee.

A.     If it becomes necessary to administer progressive discipline for safety rule violations, the disciplinary procedures shall be those contained in the “Standards of Conduct” Policy No. 1.60 for Group 1 Offenses.  Disciplinary action taken shall generally follow the progressive discipline process as defined in the Employee Handbook which may result in eventual removal from the job.  The only exception to this policy is behavior that could be characterized as “immediately dangerous to life and health.” Such egregious misconduct shall be considered a Group III Offense and may result in discharge upon the first offense.  Prior to any disciplinary action, the supervisor must consult with the Human Resources Office.

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