Richard Seweryniak

Richard Seweryniak


  • M.S., Cybersecurity, UMUC
  • M.S., Information Technology with a specialization in Data Assurance, UMUC
  • B.S., Computer & Information Science, UMUC

What He Teaches:

Cybersecurity, Computer Forensics, and Information Tech Networking (ITN) 200-level courses

Work Experience Prior to Coming to PVCC:

Seweryniak worked as a computer scientist with the FBI; as a computer forensic examiner with the FBI and the Virginia State Police; and as a software engineer with Cisco Systems.

How He Got Involved in His Field:

"My father and I built our first computer from scratch – etching PC boards in the kitchen and soldering IC chips while I was still in elementary school. It even had a wooden box as a case! The cybersecurity specialization came later as my career progressed into this emerging field."

What He Likes Best About Teaching:

"Teaching at PVCC allows me to bring my experience into the classroom to inspire students who are curious about the career paths available in the cybersecurity and computer science fields. The opportunity to teach eager students who want to earn the valuable skills that are in high demand through practical, real-world examples provides job satisfaction not found anywhere else."

Why His Program is Important:

"Cybersecurity is critical in protecting yourself in a digital age from identity theft, financial fraud, and encroachments upon personal privacy. If you lose your cell phone, someone else could contact your parents posing as you, transfer money out of your bank account, buy things on Amazon/eBay through apps, and see all those secret pictures of fancy dinners you took in private."

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