This is a G3 program.  Students may qualify for free tuition, fees, and books.

Plumber fixing pipes under sink


Workforce Training Program

Required Courses

  • Plumbing Level 1 with Core
  • Plumbing Level 2
  • Plumbing Level 3
  • Plumbing Level 4

Program Information


Plumbing Level 1 with Core

This first course in the plumbing program sequence introduces plumbing concepts. Topics include the plumbing profession, plumbing safety, tools of the trade, plumbing math, drawings, pipe and fitting types (plastic, copper, cast-iron and steel), fixtures, and an overview of drain, waste, and vent (DWV) systems, and water distribution systems. This plumbing course also includes the foundation skills for entry-level skilled trades workers. Topics include basic safety, construction math, introduction to hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, communication skills, employability skills and material handling.

Credentialing: The Plumbing Level 1 with Core course aligns with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) required knowledge and skills competencies and is designed to prepare students to complete two credentials: Core Craft and Plumbing-Level 1.