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This degree allows you to design a curriculum that meets particular transfer objectives that are not fulfilled by other PVCC transfer degree programs.

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Associate of Science Degree

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The program has advantages in cases in which other PVCC transfer programs do not correspond to the requirements of the transfer institution which the students has selected; (2) students enter with numerous transfer credits that may be applicable to completion of the general studies program rather than to other associate degree curricula; and (3) students have defined certain individual and occupational general education goals and wish to achieve them within the associate degree format. The student who selects general studies is making a commitment to design his or her course of study in consultation with an academic advisor and assumes responsibility for making the program relevant to his or her particular needs.

Since the program offers students a choice of general education course work in mathematics, laboratory science, social science, history, and also general electives, it is extremely important for the student to use care in course selection. If the primary goal is transfer, the student must learn in advance the particular general education requirements of the intended transfer college or university. If the primary goal involves other objectives, the student must carefully consult with an academic advisor before selecting courses.

This curriculum consists of required courses in college composition, and humanities as well as general education elective course work in history, mathematics, laboratory science, and social science. The general studies program offers students a number of elective courses each semester. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester program, the graduate will be awarded the associate of science in general studies degree.

Transfer Information

PVCC has guaranteed transfer agreements with top colleges and universities that guarantee admission to PVCC graduates who meet specific academic transfer criteria.

Graduation Requirements

Students in all degree programs are required to take at least one Civic Engagement course to graduate.