Foundations of Criminal Justice

This certificate provides the basic knowledge necessary to prepare for entry-level jobs in the law enforcement system.

This is a G3 program.  Students may qualify for free tuition, fees, and books.

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Career Studies Certificate

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The Career Studies Certificate in Criminal Justice is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge necessary to prepare for a career in the criminal justice system. This program of study also provides students with the necessary foundation to proceed to the next level of education, the Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Occupational Objectives: Career development for individuals seeking positions such as commercial and industrial security officer; local, state, or federal law enforcement officer; police officer; private or government investigator; or corrections officer. Students should note that the following qualifications are prerequisites for employment with many law enforcement agencies: (1) excellent physical condition; (2) normal hearing, color vision, and eye function; (3) weight in proportion to height; (4) no convictions of any crime involving moral turpitude or any felony, and no excessive number of traffic citations. A background investigation is usually conducted by the employing agency prior to employment.