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Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic Certificate

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The Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic Career Studies Certificate at Piedmont Virginia Community College is for current NREMT-I and registered nurse students. The program prepares them to provide advanced pre-hospital care as an entry-level paramedic on city, county or private ambulance service or in hospital emergency rooms, under structured guidelines in emergency situations. 

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Program Requirements

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Required Courses: 

EMS 201 EMS Professional Development  - 3 Credit Hours
EMS 205 Advanced Pathophysiology
EMS 207 Advanced Patient Assessment
EMS 242 Advanced Life Support Clinical Internship III
EMS 243 ALS Field Internship III
EMS 209 Pharmacology  -  Credit Hours
EMS 211 Operations  -  Credit Hours
EMS 215 Registry Review  - 1 Credit Hours
EMS 244 ALS Clinical Internship IV  - 1 Credit Hours
EMS 245 ALS Field Internship IV  - 1 Credit Hours

Course Sequence: 

  • 3 Credit(s)
  • 3 Credit(s)
  • 3 Credit(s)
  • 3 Credit(s)

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After applying to PVCC, students must also Apply to the EMS - Intermediate to Paramedic Program.  

The application for the EMS Intermediate to Paramedic CSC Paramedic program is now open.

Graduation Requirement

Students entering the Emergency Medical Services degree program are required to take one Writing Intensive Course in order to graduate.  The Writing Intensive Course for this program is EMS 201, which has a prerequisite of ENG 111 and ENG 112.  Students who are awarded transfer academic credit for this course at another institution may fulfill the Writing Intensive Course (WIC) requirement for this program by completing another Writing Intensive Course (WIC).

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