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EMS Advanced certificate

Degree Type: 

Purpose: The PVCC Emergency Medical Services (EMS)-Advanced career studies certificate prepares current National Registry or Virginia Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to provide advanced pre-hospital care as an Advanced EMT under structured guidelines in emergency situations. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills necessary to function as entry-level Advanced EMTs (AEMT).

Occupational Objective: Employment opportunities for Nationally Registry/Virginia certified AEMT's include local emergency departments, rescue squads, ambulance companies and other public and private agencies providing pre-hospital care.

Admission Requirements: In addition to admission to the college, there are specific admissions requirements for this program. These requirements may change on an annual basis, and students can find the most up-to-date information for the Advanced EMT Program in a booklet in the admissions and advising center and in the Health and Life Sciences Division office.

PDF icon 2019-2020 EMS-Advanced Certificate Requirements

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Program Requirements

Minimum Total Credit Hours to Complete: 


Required Courses: 

BIO 145 Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences  -  Credit Hours
EMS 111 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic  -  Credit Hours
EMS 120 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Clinical  - 1 Credit Hours
EMS 151 Introduction to Advanced Life Support
EMS 152 Advanced EMT Completion
EMS 153 Basic ECG Interpretation  - 2 Credit Hours
EMS 170 ALS Internship I  - 1 Credit Hours

Course Sequence: 

  • 3 Credit(s)

Required Skills & Employment Outlook

Jobs this program prepares you for: 

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Emergency Medical Services Technician (EMS)