Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic

This degree prepares you to offer pre-hospital care as a paramedic under structured guidelines in emergency situations.

This is a G3 program.  Students may qualify for free tuition, fees and books.  

EMS Program Ambulance

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Health and Life Sciences Division

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

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Program Information

The problem-solving process is used to direct care outcomes. The curriculum consists of both general studies and EMS courses.

National Registry Exam: EMS program graduates are eligible to sit for the national registry exam, which is offered throughout the year. Upon successful completion of this examination, candidates receive their National Registry Paramedic certification. This is required prior to applying for the reciprocity as a Virginia paramedic. The Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services will only grant certification as a paramedic in Virginia through initial certification and reciprocity afforded through the National Registry.

Occupational Objective: Employment opportunities for National Registry/Virginia-licensed paramedics include hospital emergency rooms, rescue squads, ambulance companies and other public and private agencies providing pre-hospital care.

Program Outcomes

Year NR Written Pass Rate NR Skills Exam Pass Rate Retention Positive Placement
2020 100% 100% 60.7% 88.2%
2019 100% 100% 77.3% 88.2%
2018 82% 100% 77% 100%
2017 88% 100% 78.6% 83%
2016 86% 100% 82% 100%

Admission Requirements



In addition to admission to the College, there are specific admission requirements for this program. These requirements may change on an annual basis, and students can find the most up-to-date information in a booklet on the program’s web page or in the Admission and Advising Center, and in the Health and Life Sciences Division office.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are provided each application cycle for prospective students. The purpose of these sessions is to help students to decide if this program and profession will be right for them, and to walk students through the application and admissions process. Attendees will also be able to ask the faculty questions about the program and the profession.

Attendance at an information session is strongly encouraged for all students. Refer to the current Admissions Information Book for information regarding whether your application will be ranked based on attendance.

You must register to attend an information session. 

Apply for Admission

Applications are accepted through the Health and Life Sciences Application Portal. Hardcopy applications and applications received outside of the portal will not be considered for admission. Applying to other health sciences programs has no impact on an applicant’s qualifications for this program. Applications for previous years are not valid for current or future application years.

All applicants must be current PVCC students to begin their health sciences application. If you are not a current PVCC student, please click the “Apply Now” link at the top of this page and complete a VCCS/PVCC application.

Applications for the Fall 2023 cohort open at 9:00am on February 1, 2023 and will close at 5:00pm on July 15, 2023.

Sign into the Health and Life Sciences Application Portal to begin your application.

Graduation Requirements

Students entering the Emergency Medical Services degree program are required to take one Writing Intensive Course (WIC) in order to graduate. The WIC for this program is EMS 212 which has a prerequisite of ENG 111 and ENG 112. Students who are awarded transfer credit for this course from another institution may fulfill the WIC requirement for this degree program by completing another WIC.

Students in all degree programs are required to take at least one Civic Engagement (CE) course to graduate.