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The Electronics Technology Career Studies Certificate is designed to meet the needs of regional employees with a need to gain or expand their skillsets in electronics. This two-semester Career Studies Certificate aligns with coursework in the Electronics and Computer Technology (AAS) program. Students will be able to apply credits from this program to AAS degree in order to obtain advanced technical knowledge and skills in the field.  Students will engage in coursework in the fields of electricity, electronics, industrial maintenance, and mathematics in order to gather the skills necessary for employment in electronics or a related field. Successful graduates will be able to secure entry-level employment or advanced employment in fields that require technical knowledge of electronics, computer repair, power, energy, and electronic systems.

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ETR 113 DC & AC Fundamentals I
ETR 114 DC & AC Fundamentals II - 4 Credit Hours
ETR 156 Digital Circuits and Microprocessor Fundamentals  - 4 Credit Hours
ETR 203 Electronic Devices I - 4 Credit Hours
ETR 237 Industrial Electronics I
ETR 238 Industrial Electronics II  - 3 Credit Hours
IND103 Industrial Methods - 1 Credit Hours
MTH 115 Technical Mathematics I  - 3 Credit Hours
SAF 130 Industrial Safety-OSHA 10
SDV 101 Orientation - 1 Credit Hours

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Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Mechanic
Industrial Maintenance Technician
Engineering Technician
Mechatronics/Manufacturing System Assistant