This degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a baccalaureate degree program in education.


Credit Hours


Required Courses

  • SDV 100: Orientation - 1 credits
  • ENG 111: College Composition I - 3 credits
  • ENG 112: College Composition II - 3 credits
  • ENG ___: Literature - 3 credits
  • HIS 121: U.S. History I - 3 credits
  • HIS 122: U.S. History II - 3 credits
  • HIS ___: History of World Civilization I or II - 3 credits
  • MTH ___: Mathematics Transfer Elective - 3 credits
  • BIO 101: General Biology I or BIO 106: Life Sciences - 4 credits
  • PLS 135: American National Politics or PLS 211: U.S. Government I or PLS 212: U.S. Government II
  • HLT/PED: Health or Physical Education Elective - 1 credits
  • ___ ___: Transfer Elective - 3 credits
  • CST 100: Principles of Public Speaking - 3 credits
  • PSY 230: Developmental Psychology or PSY 235: Child Psychology - 3 credits
  • EDU 200: Introduction to Teaching as Profession - 3 credits
  • ECO 201: Principles of Macroeconomics or ECO 202: Principals of Microeconomics - 3 credits
  • CHM 101: General Chemistry I or PHY 100: Elements of Physics I or BIO 102: General Biology II - 4 credits
  • GEO 210: Introduction to Cultural Geography - 3 credits
  • GOL 105: Physical Geology or GOL 106: Historical Geology - 4 credits
  • HUM ___: Humanities Elective - 3 credits
  • ___ ___: Transfer Elective - 3 credits

Admissions Requirements

There are no additional admission requirements for this program.

Program Information

The following high school units or equivalent are recommended: four units of English, two units of college preparatory mathematics, one unit of laboratory science, and one unit of social science. Students with deficiencies in reading, writing or math will be required to take developmental studies.

Program Requirements: The world of modern education demands that its teachers and staff be knowledgeable both in their teaching field and in general education. Thus, this curriculum requires courses in the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and health and physical education in addition to general course work usually required in the first two years of a baccalaureate teacher education curriculum. The student is urged to become familiar with the requirements of a major department in the college or university to which transfer is contemplated.


The student also is urged to check the mathematics requirement of the four-year institution to which transfer is planned to determine the proper mathematics courses to take at PVCC. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester program, the graduate will be awarded the associate of science in education degree.


Students who wish to transfer to the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia must fulfill entrance requirements that vary considerably from this program. These individuals must check with Admissions and Records and the dean of the Division of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences. In general, these students should enroll in the liberal arts program, not education.


Graduation Requirement: Students must take one Writing Intensive Course (WIC).