Culinary Arts

This degree blends professional and technical courses in the culinary arts with hands-on training that provides graduates with the technical knowledge and hands-on skills to be successful in the food service industry.

Culinary Arts

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Associate of Applied Science Degree

Credit Hours


Required Courses

  • ENG 111: College Composition I - 3 credits
  • HRI 106: Principles of Culinary Arts I - 3 credits
  • HRI 158: Sanitation and Safety - 3 credits
  • HRI 107: Principles of Culinary Arts II - 3 credits
  • SDV 100: College Success Skills - 1 credits
  • ___ ___: Social Science Elective - 3 credits
  • HLT 100: First Aid and CPR - 2 credits
  • HRI 119: Applied Nutrition for Food Service - 3 credits
  • HRI 128: Principles of Baking - 3 credits
  • HRI 220: Meat, Seafood and Poultry Preparation - 3 credits
  • MTH 120: Introduction to Mathematics - 3 credits
  • HRI 159: Introduction to Hospitality Industry Computer Systems - 4 credits
  • HRI 218: Fruit, Vegetable and Starch Preparation - 3 credits
  • HRI 145: Garde Manger - 3 credits
  • HRI 206: International Cuisine - 3 credits
  • HRI 147: World Cuisines - 3 credits
  • HRI 251: Food and Beverage Cost Control I - 3 credits
  • ENG 112: College Composition II - 3 credits
  • HRI 134: Food and Beverage Service Management - 3 credits
  • HRI 190: Coordinated Internship - 3 credits
  • HRI 207: American Regional Cuisine - 3 credits
  • HRI 224: Recipe and Menu Management - 3 credits
  • ___ ___: Humanities Elective - 3 credits

Admissions Requirements

There are no additional admission requirements for this program.

    Program Information

    The restaurant and foodservice industry is one of the fastest growing occupational sectors with a need for well-trained and skilled professionals. The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts blends professional and technical courses in the culinary arts with general academic courses that provide graduates with the technical knowledge and hands on skills needed to be successful in the foodservice industry. The required internship provides students with the opportunity to apply and put into practice what they are learning in a real-time setting and to gain insight into their chosen field.

    Occupational Objectives: Career opportunities in the restaurant and foodservice industry include: chefs, sous chefs, pastry chefs, personal chefs and line cooks at casual and fast food restaurants as well as hotels, resorts and country clubs. The Associate of Applied Science Degree prepares students for immediate employment upon graduation.

    Graduation Requirement

    Students entering the Culinary Arts degree program are required to take one Writing Intensive Course in order to graduate. The Writing Intensive Course for this program is either HRI 206 or HRS 207, which has a prerequisite of ENG 111 and ENG 112. Students who are awarded transfer academic credit for this course at another institution may fulfill the Writing Intensive Course (WIC) requirement for this program by completing another Writing Intensive Course (WIC).


    Students may substitute a higher-level math course for HRI 154. Students take one three-credit  technical elective from the following approved list: BUS 116, HRI 205, HRI 280, HRI 281.
    Financial Requirements  
    In addition to regular college tuition and fees, the Culinary Arts AAS degree requires the following:

    Approved uniforms items: chef jacket with logo, b & w houndstooth chef pants, slip resistant black kitchen shoes, hat, bib apron $185.00 +/-          
    Supplies: medium black Sharpie marker, yellow highlighter, basic pocket calculator, pocket size notebook $25.00 +/-
    Textbook and other supplies (vary by class) $500.00 +/-
    Approved tool kit $425.00 +/-

    Required Uniform and Tool Kits 

    Students enrolled in HRI laboratory courses must wear the approved uniform and bring the  approved tool kit to class. Specifications will be presented at orientation sessions.  All required items are available through the campus bookstore, where financial aid may be used to assist with purchases.


    Attendance at an information session is required for entry into the Culinary Arts program. Sessions will be held in-person or can be scheduled virtually, via Zoom.  To participate in a Zoom meeting please contact Sarah Labensky. In-person information sessions will be held in room J120 at the Jefferson School City Center located at 233 4th St., NW, Charlottesville, VA  22903 and must be confirmed in advance.  

    For in-person sessions please note that strict social distancing measures will be in place. All attendees MUST wear a face mask and each session will be limited to 10 persons total per session. Please email Sarah Labensky to confirm your session time. You must include your phone number and identify the number of individuals who will be in attendance with you.    

    Information sessions last about two hours each and will cover class descriptions, success tips, student materials and supplies, and class registration. Please complete your PVCC student and FAFSA applications in advance of the session. There is no obligation for applying. If possible, please bring your unofficial transcripts with you to the information session if you have attended another college.  

    Upcoming 2021 sessions TBA.

    Enrollment into the culinary arts program will currently consist of on campus in-person laboratory meeting times, as well as online. For additional information, please contact Sarah Labensky.