President Friedman's Update on Summer and Fall Semesters

May 19, 2020

Dear Students:

Now that the most unique spring semester any of us could have imagined is behind us, we turn our attention to summer and fall semesters. PVCC wants to return to traditional face-to-face classes as soon as possible, but only when the experts say it is safe. We recognize that some students prefer face-to-face classes over online classes and that it is very difficult or impossible to teach certain disciplines online (for example, welding). Nonetheless, the safety of our students, faculty and staff is our number one priority. 

Summer Semester
All PVCC summer classes will be delivered online. There is a 10-week session starting May 26 and, for those not quite ready to start classes in May, a seven-week online session starts June 15. All of the summer classes are Online Anytime, meaning there is no set schedule and you complete the coursework on your schedule, anytime day or night. Both of these sessions end August 3, 2020. PVCC online summer classes are a tremendous value at only one third the tuition you would pay elsewhere and PVCC faculty have been offering high-quality online courses for nearly 20 years. Summer and Fall classes will return to the normal grading policy; pass/no pass will not be an option.

For more information and to register for Summer classes go to Discover Opportunity

Fall Semester
PVCC plans to return to face-to-face classes but only when it is safe. We will follow the guidelines established by the experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Virginia Department of Health and the Governor's Office. Their guidance will determine when we return to campus. 

Until that time PVCC has developed a unique and innovative approach to fall semester classes. When you look at the fall semester class schedule you will see three types of classes.

  1. Online Anytime Classes have no set meeting time. You complete the classwork on your schedule, at whatever time of day is convenient for you. These classes will remain in that format the entire semester.
  2. Online Scheduled Time Classes will meet on the days and at the times listed. The class meeting will occur by ZOOM technology at the scheduled time until it is safe to shift to face-to-face in the classroom. When delivered by ZOOM you will be on ZOOM live with your faculty member and all of the students in your class. The advantage of these classes is that if the guidelines indicate that it is not safe to be face-to-face at the start of the semester but it becomes safe at any time during the semester, we can switch immediately to face-to-face with no disruption of your schedule. We could even switch back to online if there is a resurgence of the coronavirus. 
  3. Hybrid Classes require “hands-on” work which will be offered with small group in-person meetings along with online coursework (studio art classes, lab science classes, health sciences labs and clinicals, etc.).

For more information and to register for Fall classes go to PVCC’s Expect to Succeed web page. 

I have often said that PVCC is ready for you whenever you are ready to pursue your education. That is our commitment to you and our plans for summer and fall semesters demonstrate that commitment. I know that this pandemic has altered all of our lives. I urge you not to let this pandemic stop you from reaching your educational goals. Reaching those goals is just as important, maybe even more important, in a post-pandemic world. The more educated and credentialed one is, the more career options one has. Let PVCC help you to achieve your goals. Reach out to a PVCC advisor, contact the Financial Aid Office and utilize our vast array of tutoring and student support services. Your success is our success. Let us work together to prepare you for success in the future. 



Piedmont Virginia Community College