Personnel & Benefits Committee

The purpose of the Personnel and Benefits committee is:

  1. Works in conjunction with the Vice Presidents and the Human Resources Manager.
  2. Reviews policies and procedures and make recommendations to the Senate regarding
    1. Faculty multi-year appointments and promotions
    2. Administrative faculty promotions
    3. Educational/sabbatical leave
    4. Faculty and administrative searches
    5. Grievance hearings
    6. Part-time faculty
    7. Salary and benefits
    8. Professor Emeritus
    9. Retirement (college procedures, etc.)
  3. Selects a PVCC representative to the VCCS Hearing Panel.
  4. Appoints and charges ad hoc committees as needed.
  5. Oversees the following subcommittees
  6. Faculty Multi-Year Appointments and Promotions
  7. Administrative Faculty Promotions
  8. Educational/Sabbatical Leave
  9. Grievance Hearing Panel


  • 1 Dean
  • 3 faculty (1 from each division)
  • 3 classified staff
  • 1 counselor or librarian
  • 1 administrator
  • Human Resources Manager
  • 1 Senator
  • (chair and secretary elected by membership)

Personnel & Benefits Committee Minutes Archives
To access the Minutes Archives Folder on-campus, copy the link below, paste it into your browser's Address box and hit the Enter key.