Paying for books with Financial Aid

Do you have more financial aid than you need to cover tuition and fees? If so, you may be able to purchase textbooks and supplies at the Follett Bookstore at PVCC, located on the main campus, in the main building.

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To determine if you have financial aid to charge books:

  • Login to MyPVCC in the upper right hand corner of the webpage to visit your SIS Student Center
  • Click "SIS Student Information"
  • Select "Student Center" then "Account Inquiry" to view a summary of your charges and pending aid.
  • Click the "CLICK HERE to see Pending Financial Aid Based on Actual Enrollment" button, to ensure aid is correctly adjusted for your current enrollment.

To calculate the amount of financial aid you have for books:

  • Subtract the Pending Financial Aid Value from the Outstanding Charges & Deposits.

Remaining funds can be used to charge books to your account. If you have a negative balance, you will not have financial aid funds to charge at the bookstore and may have a balance due to the college for tuition and fees. For assistance and questions, visit the Financial Aid Office.

Charge period

You may charge books to your financial aid account beginning 10 days before the start of the semester through 10 days into the semester. Please purchase all books and supplies for the term during this time frame, this includes books and supplies for late starting classes.

Purchase authorization

Complete the Book Charge Authorization Form once each academic year (fall, spring and summer) located in your To-Do List.

To locate the Book Charge Authorization Form:

  • Login to MyPVCC to access your SIS Student Center
  • Click "SIS Student Information"
  • Select "Student Center"
  • The sidebar to the right of the page will display your To-Do List items
  • Click on the Book Charge Authorization Form link to complete the form
  • If the form is unavailable and you are unsure whether you have completed the form for the academic year, visit the Financial Aid Office.

If you drop a course and no longer need the book, you MUST return your purchases before the last day to drop for the semester and you must return your books BEFORE you drop your classes.

If your financial aid eligibility is reduced or canceled due to a change in your enrollment status or eligibility and does not cover the amount you have charged, you will be responsible for paying the resulting balance.

Other Resources

If you need assistance paying for textbooks, you may qualify for help through the Follett Textbooks Assistance program or SGA Textbook Resource program. To apply for the Follett Textbooks Assistance program visit the Follett Bookstore.